Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pretty Paper

I'm absolutely smitten with Rifle Paper Co. Last year, I treated myself to a stationery splurge and purchased several of their note cards. Unfortunately, I get a little stingy with these paper goods and end up hoarding them instead. Woops! When I came across their new notepads, I knew they were a MUST. What desk wouldn't want to be adorned with a new nifty notepad? And since it comes with numerous tear-off sheets, I think I might actually consider using these for real this time.
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mary kate said...

I love that second pad with the flowers its so pretty! Have a great day :)

Staley Mc said...

So pretty! You always find the best pretty papers!

One Fine Day said...

Thanks, ladies! It's taking everything inside me to not buy the zebra notepad. It's just too cute for words! I think it's been in my cart for at least a week now. Ha ha! Actually, I really want them both!