Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Office Obsessed

Clip Board / Poppin Pens / OMG! Eraser / The Long List / Calling Cards / Bright Solids Ballpoint Pen / Address Labels
Kate Spade / Sarah Pinto / Persimmon / Dozi / Jessica Hische / Metallic Leather Desk Diary / Erin Condren / Sarah Pinto
Notebook Set / Bin / Ruler / WTF Stamp / Multi Tape Dispenser / Washi / Chevron Pens / Susy Jack Pencil Cup / The Seven Year Pen
Jess LC / Kate Spade / Target / Ric Rac Sleeve / Kenneth Cole / Kate Spade / Kate Spade

Semikolon Box / File Flags / Magnet Clips / Baggu Zipper Set / Airplane Clips / Sharpies / Push Pins / Pencils / Sweater Duct Tape
Have a Happy Weekend!
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Renee Sandoval said...

great gift suggestions! i lovee the WTF stamp, that make me lol :)
thanks for sharing! xx.

mary kate said...

love everything as always! my personal favorites were the WTF stamp and the magnetic clips from suzy jack.

Type-A(shley) said...

I know! I just adore the stamp too!

♪DeAr♪ said...

I've just got myself a kate spade 2012 planner too :)
These are such wonderful gift guides!

Tommy said...

This is crazy. You JUST commented on my blog as I was typing this comment on yours.

Two, three.
1. I love this gift guide and want most everything on it (of those items that I do not currently have, that is). :)

2. I have tried to follow you through Blogger about five times, but it never really takes. Tonight I tried manually adding the url. We'll see if it keeps!

3. When are we going to Skype? You're like my long-lost sister.

Type-A(shley) said...

Tommy, you make me beam! You're just too cute for words. I have got to meet you someday. We should definitely Skype sometime. I always wanted a brother. You'd be perfect at it:)

Also, how do I find you on Instagram? I want to follow your newfound iPhone madness.

Tommy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isle of View said...

Totally me!!!:) I pretty much could print this post and hand it to my mom as a wishlist, lol!!