Thursday, March 29, 2012

Art I Heart: Julia Denos

In my next life, I want to be a wildly talented illustrator like Julia Denos. Some of you may be familiar with her work, as her illustrations have graced numerous magazines (Anthology) and children's books (I Had a Favorite Dress and Just Being Audrey). There's a playful elegance to her art; each piece is packed with color and texture. Her youthful imagination and whimsy is bound to rub off on you. I dare you to look at the following delightful illustrations and not smile. In fact, I think her work is worth a double-barrel grin. Won't you agree?

images via Julia Denos
Please tell me your cheeks are hurting after scrolling through these darling images. I hope you're smiling like a buffoon. You deserve a quality smile today. It looks good on you! Don't you just love it when a splash of cheerful artwork instantly changes your outlook? The day already looks a little brighter.

Have a swell Thursday!

P.S. Can't get enough of Ms. Denos and her self-proclaimed love affair with color? 
Check out her Websiteblog, and shop.
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Charity Hall said...

lovin that sailor girl!:)

mary kate said...

love the the one with all the dresses and tutus as well as the one with the fruits and vegs. so cute!

Tommy said...

Very neat style!