Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Things

Happy Friday, my dear friends! You could say that I'm tickled pink you stopped by today. Thank you for your constant support, comments, and sweet words of encouragement. You are precisely what makes this project so much fun for me! I started blogging for myself, because I wanted to focus on the good and share it with friends and family. When I post words of wisdom or some of my favorite quotes on here, I want to share them with you because I believe them 100 percent. One quote in particular makes me grin from ear to ear. I would like to think it's the closest thing to being a bloggie mission statement. You may be familiar with it already, as it's graced the pages of One Fine Day from time to time. I wanted to share it with you again because it's a fabulous reminder...

This week, I had a few situations that made my heart swell. I was so happy, I felt like I was filled with confetti -- I'm talking colorful bits of crepe paper and glitter -- ready to burst with joy and click my heels in utter delight! Despite the jovial imagery, I didn't click my heels. I'm really not that coordinated. I guess I finally realized that Vonnegut's quote is ingrained in my mind and my heart. I didn't just read the words, I believed them, and that's been my goal all along. I sat at a traffic light and said to myself -- wait for it -- "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is."

Here are five things that made me stop, smile, and feel incredibly blessed this week...
Happy Snippet #1: Sunday
My sister, Aubrey, works hard and it's time that someone noticed. I received a text from her on Sunday with a picture of a picture. Confused yet? She used to volunteer with a local rehabilitation center, and the director stopped by Aubrey's workplace and dropped off an old photo of my sister working with therapy patients. Attached was a sweet note filled with kind and encouraging words. In a time when her future seems a bit uncertain, this random act of kindness meant the world to her. It was a sign of hope. It also meant a lot to my family. By the time Aubrey's text had circulated, I think my parents and I were in tears. We are her biggest cheerleaders, but sometimes it's nice to be noticed by those who aren't as biased. I'm not sure she'll ever know how much this gesture meant to Aubrey. In some way, I believe it was divine intervention. I wish I could thank her! There's something to be said for people who take time out of their busy lives to do something so kind for someone else when it's least expected.

 Happy Snippet #2: Monday
At this point, you know a little about our quirky Golden Retriever, Tripp. It's taken almost four years to rehabilitate him, and he's still a work in process. His broken past as a stud at a puppy mill has left me in tears and frustration more times than I can count. He's an oddball, and I love him! At first, we simply coexisted. Then, he learned to accept love from us. This past week, he showed that he's able to give love in return. On Monday, I sat at the computer, checked emails, and ate my breakfast as usual. He sat next to me and started to pant excitedly. I looked down at him and smiled because this is the extent at which he shows love. I pet him a few times and went back to reading blogs. Suddenly, I felt a paw on my lap. I looked down and there he sat with smiling eyes. I couldn't help it, I was overcome with so much joy. I realize this isn't much. Most dogs do this all the time; however, this was a first for him. It was the sweetest and most uncoordinated gesture of love he's ever shown. I wanted to go for my camera, but I didn't want to push it -- he hates cameras! He also hates quick movements. I sat still for about 45 seconds and stroked his big furry paw. I don't expect for this to happen again any time soon, but it made me unbelievably happy. Even if it never happens again, it was a subtle reminder that our relationship has come a long way. He's no longer the dog that hid in our bedroom with a blank look in his eyes. He's happy and he's made our family whole.

Happy Snippet #3: Tuesday
This week's MoMA post was incredibly popular. Woo hoo! I try not to pay too much attention to my bloggie stats and whatnot, but Tuesday's hits were through the roof. It was just the kind of encouragement I needed. Greetings, new readers! (That sounds somewhat cult-like, doesn't it?)

Happy Snippet #4: Wednesday
I met my mini me at J.Crew this week. Approximately 10 years old, she walked through the store doors with an animated smiled and shrieked in delight. Her mom rolled her eyes and shared it was her favorite store -- "She can sniff one from miles away." My face lit up! I watched her buzz around Crewcuts, sifting through an assortment of stripes and polka dots. This little girl was on a mission. I learned that navy and coral are one of her favorite color combinations. Did I mention she has tremendous taste? Observing her moments of cheer was amusing. Is it any coincidence that her name starts with an A and ends in a Y? We are spirit animals. One day, I hope my daughter is just as excitable around cute cardigans and fun flats.

Happy Snippet #5: Thursday
I came home from work and checked my mailbox. I found a small mailer with my dad's handwriting. "This is interesting." I drove up the hill, parked the Black Flash, and rushed into the kitchen to get a knife. I love mail, especially unexpected packages! "What could it be?" A note from my dad with two DVDs. He'd been telling me about a project he was working on; he was going to convert all of our old family videos to DVDs. I received two of the completed discs. I promised myself I wasn't going to cry on Thursday. Every other day was filled with emotion for one reason or another. I couldn't help it. My eyes welled up, and I felt so blessed that he'd taken the time to do this. I'm not sure I should watch these videos unattended. I'm in a glass case of emotion. Thanks, Dad!

Well, that was a rather lengthy post. If you survived, congrats! If you bailed after Happy Snippet #1, I totally understand. I just have a lot to be grateful for, and I felt like sharing it. What made you happy this week?

Have a confetti-filled weekend!
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Amy said...

Makes me so happy to read about Tripp. He's definitely come a long way, that is awesome :)

MsSecAF said...

It makes my heart swell with joy at your news about Tripp! He always seemed like such a sweet guy when we lived across the street and when you told me about his past, it just broke my heart. So, hearing how far he has come is so awesome!!!

I'm so glad you had some joy filled moments this week!

Type-A(shley) said...

Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement regarding Tripp! He's come so far, and I'm really proud of him. I still wish we could master walking. Maybe at some point we'll find a route he feels comfortable with here!!! Have a great weekend:)

Truly Smitten said...

Great blog!! hope you enjoy that documentary as much as I did =) Happy weekend!

Faye said...

Love this post! I just called and read numbers 2 and 4 to my mother. She says she "loves your writing", as do I, of course.

Have a swell weekend!

Freedom with no 'om' said...

I totally started crying at the news of Tripp. He's a big hunk of love after all! We all knew he had it in just took 3 years. Love you guys!

Charity Hall said...

Thank you for the spirit lifting post...I needed it:)