Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Trends: Scalloped Edges

I was ecstatic to see the abundant amount of scallops incorporated into accessories and clothes this spring. They're dainty, feminine, and fun! Take a gander at some of my favorites -- I think you'll find these scalloped details subtle but splendid!
The inspiring look that got me excited! / A snazzy scalloped garland for your humble abode.
Oasis Scallop Shell / Illustration by Katie Evans / Scalloped Hem Dress / Clive Flats / Two-Toned Scallop Bracelet / Clutch
Illustration by Emily McDowell / Cutwork Ballerina / Scallop Collar / Francoise Top / Scalloped Shorts / Satchel / Bangle
Scalloped Belt / Statement Necklace / Pleat & Scallop Shell / Belt / Wallet / Raindrop Lace Top / Loafers  / Scallop Sateen Skirt
What's your favorite spring trend?
Have a lovely Wednesday!
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Staley Mc said...

I am loving the scallops! That blue dress is adorable!

Viviana said...

Love your picks! So funny that we both blogged about this today. Great minds, indeed...

Style Maniac said...

Now that you've posted it I realize I've been seeing scallops all over!

On my list -- finding one of the digitized floral prints I've been seeing in the mags, maybe in a skirt.

Charity Hall said...

Neon & Prints!! Loving these new trends...that garland is perfect

Jordon, The Messy One said...

I just bought a seer sucker (spelled wrong? maybe?) skirt and I keep thinking how I need you or Aub here to tell me what to wear with it.

Sandy a la Mode said...

cuuute! i have a scalloped skirt and top... but i think i need more now!