Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brushstrokes & Ballet Flats

Pie for Breakfast by Emily Rickard
Today's post has all the makings for a perfect Thursday. Are you intrigued? I just thought you could use a pick-me-up! After all, you deserve one. You've worked your tail off this week, and you're one day closer to Friday. Woop woop! Anywho, I thought we'd spend our time together and indulge in a little pie for breakfast, courtesy of the lovely Emily Rickard. While I love the culinary and carb-loaded kind, this canvas pop of color is divine and won't stretch the waistline. But since this is a "Treat Yo Self" kind of day, we might as well have a real slice of pie, too! A la mode? Of course! And after satisfying our sweet tooth and artistic eye, we might as well spend the rest of the day shoe shopping. We have a bevy of ballet flats to choose from, and they all coordinate with our latest abstract acquisition.

Thanks for joining me today.
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Blair Ritchey said...

These suede scrunch flats are amazing! I am thinking the green, or the red....maybe both :)

Faye said...

Darling post! I think I need the Kate Spate polka dot ones....I'll just wait patiently while they go on sale by, oh say, 80%. :)

lori christensen said...

I'm having a secret love affair with the orange flats. Who's knows what I'd wear them with...just want to have them!

Haley said...

So I'm basically in love with all of these flats shown above... they are all perfect, and with the walking in NYC flats just have to do because I can't make it very far in heels these days.. love these!

Charity Hall *Isle of View* said...

love those classics with the bows!!

Alison Dulaney said...

Such great colorful flats!