Thursday, December 21, 2017


Just a friendly reminder (because things around here are nutty AF) that Max and I will be staying with my parents until we close on our house in mid-February. I'm not entirely sure what life is going to look like during this time and how long it will take us to get settled in Delaware, but I've packed my computer with me and hope to find a blogging rhythm while we're living out of our suitcases in DC. Thanks for being so patient with me and for stopping by this little space when you get the chance. It means so much to me! 

Let's make a pact to catch up in 2018, shall we?! Have a fabulous holiday season!!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017



The day has arrived and it's sayonara Swell Rio for the Fines! We've been going nonstop for the past four weeks trying to get everything together for this move and my mind is absolutely zapped. It's not often that I struggle to express what I'm feeling in writing, but when words fail me as they do right now, I'm so incredibly grateful for the photos we had taken a few weeks ago by the talented Eva Marie Smith. We'll treasure these images forever—as they're a precious reminder of our Texas adventure.

P.S. I was hesitant to get these taken and include Beesly because I always envisioned our "first family photo" would include Tripp too. If we were going to get pictures taken that symbolized our time here, it needed to include everyone. While we never got around to it and quite literally put it off until the final week (Oops!), I wanted to point out that the photos were taken at the same location where we spread Tripp's ashes and threw tennis balls in his honor this past February. It feels like we were all together in the end anyway.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! Catching up at this point seems a little pointless. My sincerest apologies for being absent from this colorful corner. It wasn't necessarily part of my master plan, but moving always forces you to flex as needed. So much has happened since we last touched base, but I won't submit you to that. There were times when we thought we were never going to make it out of Swell Rio (we seriously got Flyboy's orders the afternoon BEFORE he left for Oklahoma last Wednesday), but this Christmas miracle is FINALLY happening. In fact, the packers come to pick up all the boxes today and we'll bid this border town adieu tomorrow morning. Those of you that have been here for the long haul know that this farewell will be bittersweet. There were days when we cursed this snooze town and counted the days until we could get out of Dodge, but it's also the longest I've ever lived in one spot (7 out of my 32 years have been spent here) and a lot of growth has taken place while we've called Laughlin AFB home. Lucky for us, we get to take the sweetest souvenir from Swell Rio with us (Hey, Max!) and a piece of West Texas will stick with us forever.

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