Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Cheers to a sparkly and snazzy holiday season. Let's catch up in 2016, shall we?

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's get straight to the details, shall we??

  • After a whirlwind weekend of packing, partying, and traveling, Max and I made it to DC. Hooray! The past 72 hours have been crazy eventful, so most of Monday was spent with my dad relaxing at my parents' house with Max. Being home has been such a treat. Now we just need Flyboy and my sister to arrive. Let the countdown begin!
  • And for those of you who might be interested, Flyboy and I had a fabulous time at his squadron Christmas party on Saturday night. Just as I hoped, it was a blast to get all gussied up and spend some time together as a couple. Max's experience at childcare went well for the first hour, but his babysitter said he faded quickly after the first hour. Yikes! In typical fashion, we forgot to snap a photo of the two of us until AFTER we got home from the holiday shindig. Arrgh! After several blurry selfie attempts with Max in tow, we decided to call it a night and hit the hay. Despite any visual documentation, our first "date" in fourteen months was equal parts festive and fun. Hey, we'll take it!
  • I'm not sure how much blogging will occur while I'm here, but I plan to share snippets on Instagram. Follow along here!

Enough about me. How the heck are YOU??
P.S. How sweet is our family's dog, Schatz? Max is smitten.

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Friday, December 11, 2015


 Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Felt Garland // Since we opted to not put up a Christmas tree, the house is smothered in every garland you can fathom.
  • Cheers Gift Tags // What's more festive than gold foil AND confetti? Not a darn thing. Slap one of these bad boys on any gift and you're golden. Let's face it, towards the end wrapping can get tedious. #realtalk
  • Presents Presents Everywhere // Mr. Boddington does it again! How precious is this gift wrap?? Gimme all the rolls.
  • Historical Color Range // Fellow color lovers, feast your eyes on these delicious paint swatches. Egyptian blue and green!
  • Christmas Baking // Our family always bakes cookies on Christmas Eve, and I'm so excited I get to join in on the fun this year. Not to mention, Max and Flyboy are going to be there to taste test!! Squee!!! Naturally, I've been pinning all sorts of confections so we have plenty of options come December 24th. These Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt and these Salted Caramel Chocolate Cups look scrumdiddlyumptious!
  • Chunky Alpaca Knit Stocking // How did I let that adorable pom-pom tassel slip through my fingers yet AGAIN??
  • Pencil Highlighter // While browsing gift guides, I was shocked to find out that pencil highlighters are a thing.
  • Pleated Wrap Skirt // You know how The Love List is synonymous with wishful thinking? Well, I'm just a tiny bit obsessed with this fuchsia silk shantung number. Oh, to be rich and tall enough to pull this off... I'll see you in my next life!
  • Lifeline Radio Print // Get that classic and whimsical Hugo Guinness vibe for a quarter of the cost. Winning!
  • Be Mixed Cocktail Mixer // Perhaps it has something to do with the packaging?? Alright, it has EVERYTHING to do with the packaging. I just can't help but wonder how tasty this cute little concoction might be. 
  • Idiom iPad Sleeve // There's most certainly a method to my madness. Now there's a tech case to prove it!
  • Yellow Bottle Brush Tree // Much like the garland situation mentioned above, I went a little bit crazy with these as well.
  • Feels Like Christmas // In the 7.5 years we've been married, we've never actually spent a Christmas with my family in DC. I think that's part of the reason I'm so giddy about the holidays this year.
  • Mint Candle Holder // They're both simple and elegant. These copper candlesticks would look perfect on our table.
  • Metallic Dot Gloves // I'm not entirely sure where I placed my gloves. I've searched high and low for them, but they're nowhere to be found. Since we're DC bound on Sunday, I may need to give my closet a second glance—otherwise, a pitstop at Old Navy may be in store. Then again, I wouldn't necessarily hate that either...
  • French Articulated Wall Lights // In my next life, I plan to sashay around the house in my fab silk skirt and stare at these.

Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears! Make it count. 

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Thursday, December 10, 2015


THINKING ABOUT: On Sunday, Max and I are DC bound. I couldn't be more elated to get a head start on the holidays before Flyboy and my sister show up. While I wish we could all arrive early, the thought of handing Max over to my dad while my mom and I do a little bit of shopping has me feeling all sorts of giddy. A break from our routine will be a gift in itself. Hooray! But with all of this excitement, I'm reminded that we need to get there first and that's the tricky part. Should I remind you about my Guardian Malaysian from our flight this summer?? I pray we're surrounded by that degree of kindness because this trip has a few new variables to consider. For instance, I'll be packing an umbrella stroller in lieu of the baby carrier and Max can walk. Insert Home Alone face here. In my mind I've practiced how we'll get through security with as few hiccups as possible, but we all know this stuff rarely goes as planned. I'd really like to pack one of those Carry On Cocktail Kits in case of an emergency, but I'll pack my sense of humor instead.

THANKFUL FOR: Have you tried Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee? I discovered it last year on a whim at Walmart and we're just a little bit obsessed around here. Not many places keep it in stock in Swell Rio and it sells out quickly, so it's important to stock up. Last week we ran out, which meant it was back to the old stuff. Womp womp. Thankfully, I found a few bags hiding behind the peppermint flavored coffee on my last trip to Wally World and it's made ALL the difference in the morning. I've never been a big Dunkin' fan, but I can't help but wonder how I'll ever quit this stuff? Do me a favor, and get yourself a bag stat.   

FEELING: With all of the holiday parties and baking, along with the endless to-dos that come with leaving town this weekend (ordering presents, packing, deadlines, etc.), I never got around to sending Christmas cards. You guys, I feel like a snail mail GRINCH! This is SO not like me and while I'm trying to keep my cool and accept that there's only so much I can accomplish, it's a hard pill to swallow. I want to do it all. I only wish I would have prioritized or planned a little better this year. Perhaps I should bring my address book with me to DC in the event there's some free time for Christmas correspondence?? You guys, this is SO embarrassing. I think this officially means it's time I hang up my washi tape crown and step down from my reign as snail mail queen. Sigh.

EATING: Ooooh, I've tried a handful of fabulous recipes since my last Thursday Thoughts post. I think you'll enjoy them! Here goes:

Soft & Thick Snickerdoodles — I've been baking up a storm. These are quick, easy, and delicious! Sally's recipes ALWAYS deliver.
Mexican Tortilla Casserole — A great meatless option that's flavorful and chock-full of veggies.
 Baked Thai Salmon — The Thai sweet chili sauce is simple and tastes incredible. You'll ask for seconds.
Chicken Tortilla Soup — I can't wait to whip up a batch of this goodness for my parents! Total game changer.

LISTENING TO: Every once in awhile, the reality of motherhood slaps me right in the face. Nay, every thirty seconds the reality of motherhood slaps me right in the face. For example, on Tuesday morning the sweet sound of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You filled the house. I immediately grabbed Max and decided it would be the perfect time for an impromptu dance sesh. While holding him in my arms and bopping around, I couldn't help but think, "THIS is what motherhood is all about. THIS is all I ever wanted." No sooner did these sweet thoughts race through my mind and Max killed the mood by grabbing my hair and yanking my earring AGAIN. "NO," I yelled and placed him on the ground. In that moment I was reminded THIS is what motherhood is all about. 

WATCHING: Shi shi shi! Who wants to talk Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, darling? I'm ecstatic the new season premiered last week, but I'm SO not impressed with Lisa and Ken. What gives, Vanderpumps? I used to be able to overlook their arrogance (to an extent) because they're so over-the-top and entertaining. However, coming down on Yolanda as they did in the first episode was rude and distasteful. I'm interested in how this season will play out among the ladies. It will be fun to watch Lisa talk her way out of this one...

READING: In the event you crave more of One Fine Day (and who doesn't??), then you'll want to pick up the latest copy of Adore Magazine. That's right, The Love List and yours truly will be making a regular appearance in the Aussie home decor and lifestyle glossy. Squee! For those interested in getting your hands on a copy, you can order one here. I'm pleased as punch.

LOVING: Max has started to blow kisses and give high fives recently—or at least that's how we're interpreting the hand gestures and movements. Ha Ha! Seeing the smile that's painted on his face when you ask him to do either turns me to mush. THIS is what motherhood is all about. Oh wait, as I type this he's pulling my hair again. I'm kidding, but only kind of.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I'm a little bit embarrassed to tell you that Flyboy and I have yet to go on a real date since Max was born. Gasp! To be completely honest, we're not really the "date night" sort of couple and Swell Rio doesn't necessarily have a lot of options in that department. Trust me on this one! While I wouldn't advise any couple to wait a whopping 14 months before arranging a date of some sort, we're making up for our new parent faux pas this Saturday evening. That's right, we've got childcare arrangements and a cocktail Christmas party to boot. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't kind of excited to get all gussied up and hang out with m' main squeeze sans Maxwell.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's get straight to the details, shall we??

  • Did I bore you to death with gift guide mania last week? I suppose there's just something about putting the colorful posts together that motivates me into get my shopping finished. With the exception of one or two recipients, things are looking pretty good around here. I hope you found them somewhat helpful as you continue to check friends and family from your naughty and nice list. As you can tell from the featured photos, I'm a big fan of this wooden toy camera (Max loves it, too!), this striped bow tee (a holiday uniform must), and these decorative paper trees (favorite festive purchase).
  • Since we'll be visiting my parents in DC soon, we opted NOT to put up a Christmas tree this year. I had every intention to do so, but after Max started walking in mid-November, we decided to be on the safe side and skip it. Watching him move around the house like a drunken sailor makes me think we made the right decision. Not to mention, we were able to make up for it with oodles of garland, stockings, and by sprinkling ornaments throughout the house.
  • And just in case you're worried that we're lacking in the festive department, have no fear! Flyboy and my father-in-law were hard at work over the Thanksgiving break. They dusted off the ol' T-6 cutout, added a flying banner, and covered every inch of our little nest with white twinkling lights. Eat your heart out, Clark Griswold!
  • Let's give a round of applause to Winter Peonies. The vase on my desk almost made me forget Max was teething again.
  • Speaking of chompers, Max showed his collection of pearly whites off at the kids' Christmas party this past Saturday. Despite the jolly nature of his sweatshirt, he did NOT fancy Santa. Ha ha! I know it might sound silly, but I really love how the pictures turned out. It's not that I enjoy seeing my child cry. I guess I've just gotten used to his disgruntled nature and this picture really delivers. I think it gives Mr. Claus an accurate idea of what this past year has been like for Max.

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start! What's happening with YOU?!

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