Friday, June 29, 2012


Just a few things spotted and hearted this week...
Love List Contents:
Skirt - How fabulous is this? It's the perfect shade o' green!
Love what you do! - Wise words, indeed.
Tickled Pink - Collecting paint swatches is the most fun.
Tiered Serving Tray - Does this darling dish come stocked with macarons?
Havana Clutch - It packs a punch!
Polka Dot Sandals - These are practically yelling at me. I need them!
Jump! by Philippe Halsman - This series makes me incredibly happy.
Mad love for Leif Shop - How about these Tassel Bracelets and bold Striped Taper Candles?
Puppy Love - This picture makes my heart smile.
Here's the scoop! - If I had an ice cream maker, I'd definitely try this recipe! It sounds like a keeper.
Super Duper - Just a friendly reminder by Marc Johns.
Heart Studs - Another adorable set of studs by Bauble Bar.
Pink Stripes & Dots - Be sure to check out Mogu Takahashi's Flickr site.
Have a fabulous weekend! 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tour de Puna: Part II

Wow, thanks for your kind words regarding yesterday's post. You're too good to me! Seriously. Now I want a tour of your house. Send me pictures of your favorite spot in your home. Perhaps you'd like to post a House Tour via Instagram. That would be so much fun! Do you have an impeccable collection of books or a well-curated gallery wall? I want to come over. Please invite me. We can talk fabric, wallpaper, and dog ear pages of West Elm together. Oh, if only it was that easy!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tour de Puna: Part I

So, here's the deal... I'm not a photographer, so bear with me! I wish I had a fancy schmancy camera and the shutterbug know-how to give you quality images you see in a fabulous shelter magazine. You know the photos I'm talking about that look clean and crisp with beautiful floods of white light. Oh well! In my dreams, this blog post looked uber professional.

And since I aim to be my truest self on here, I'll fill you in on a little secret. The perfectionist side of me wanted to cringe as I put this post together. In fact, it's probably the reason I didn't share Lil' Puna with you sooner. My house will never look finished to me. It's the sort of challenge I secretly love. I'll always be on the hunt for another great throw pillow, or devising a plan to save for a fluffy new rug for our bedroom and a pouf ottoman for the living room. That's terrible, isn't it? It almost sounds as though I'm not content with what I have. I assure you, that's not it at all. I love our house and I'm proud of what we've created. Our space is a true reflection of us as a couple, and I love that aspect about it. Like any great story or painting, when can you really say it's finished? Our style and interests grow and change. Each new place we move to becomes a part of us and should be reflected somewhere in the home. With time, our humble abode will inevitably evolve with us.

Can you tell how easily tickled I get by interior design and decor? I guess it reminds me of my mom, who taught me another valuable lesson. When your life is as mobile as ours, it's your "stuff" that makes a new place feel like home. Growing up, it didn't really matter where the Air Force sent us. I watched my mom work through the night to put our family's house together. It was her way of giving our family some sort of consistency. Her attention to detail added pops of personality to each place we lived and made any rental or base housing unit feel really special, as though we had roots somewhere. Here's my attempt at planting roots in Hawaii at our current rental -- a place I like to call Lil' Puna.

(See pictures after the jump.)
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tuesday Ten

This week's Tuesday Ten is brought to you by Caitlin Brennan from Weeknight Wandering.
Image Credits: Flats / Necklace / Polo Monograms / Nail Polish / Matchbook / Map / Camera / Necklace Charm / Cookbook / San Pellegrino
10 Random Things: Caitlin Brennan
1. I always wear flats to work! I hate dealing with heels in the city. 
2. My Home is Kansas! For now, I am loving Chicago. 
3. In high school, I had dozens of monogrammed polos that I had to have
4. A girl can never have too many nail polish colors, including me - I love painting my nails. It is almost therapeutic. 
5. My collection of matchbooks is growing and growing. 
6. One of my best girlfriends lives in Australia. It would be a dream to go visit her. 
7. I'm a rookie photographer, but I try to improve my skills by reading up and hopefully will invest in a class soon.
8. I'm a Leo! I would love to tout my zodiac symbol by wearing this pretty pendant on my neck. 
9. I have every Ina Garten cookbook out there, but I've rarely actually used them - I just love how they look. 
10A San Pellengrino Limonata is my favorite new treat these days. My fridge is stocked.

Thanks for sharing, Caitlin! I love a trusty pair of flats, classic monograms, and a can of fizzy Limonata!
Want to learn more about the blogger? Be sure to follow Weeknight Wandering
You'll be glad you added it to your list of daily reads!

Want to join in on the fun? 
It's not too late to email me your 10 Random Things
    Have a tremendous Tuesday!

    P.S. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Tour de Puna.
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      Monday, June 25, 2012

      Life's Little Details

      Life lately according to my Instagram photos...
      Hydrangeas & Hearts
      It's nice to come home to such a warm and friendly welcome! Beesly gives the best hugs. / Pink pants and green flats.
      Have courage. / Blue skies.
      Guilty pleasure courtesy of Bravo TV. / Weekend rewards -- new magazines, a fresh book, Julep polish, and hand cream.
      A picture I received from Flyboy goofing around on the plane. I missed that mug! / Bright work ensemble. 
      My future's so bright, I've got to wear shades. Actually, the sunrise at Puna is blinding. / Prinstagram photos spark creativity.
      Love this gnome -- a gift from my parents! / It doesn't look like she gets much attention at all.
      Sunday snacks and blogging. / Pink peonies = perfection.
      The highlight of my weekend? Photos of mom and dad at a Rascal Flatts concert. They are the best people I know! I miss them.
      Happy Monday, dearest friends! How was your weekend? Mine was busy -- so busy, I only sat down to watch Bravo once. That's typically how I measure my productivity level; it seems to be the most accurate. 'Twas a real shame to spend such a little amount of time in the Clubhouse with Andy and my BFF housewives, but I'm proud of what I accomplished. What was I doing? Well, thanks for asking! I was busy preparing for our guests. I went to the grocery store twice because I figured it would be easier to break my load into two trips. I'm saving my final trip for this afternoon -- I opted to hold off on buying produce and dairy products. Third time's a charm, right? In all honesty, I wanted everything to be super fresh -- things tend to go bad quickly at Lil' Puna.

      On the bright side, the house is officially stocked with gobs of snacks, bug spray, and SPF. The bedding and towels have been washed, the house is de-furred (is that a word?), the car sparkles, and the dogs have been bathed. Primping Beesly took 2.5 hours, and I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth the money to just get her groomed. Luckily, I scored major brownie points for giving her my undivided attention. Lately, she's been rather sassy and acts as though I've neglected her. She'll flash her sad eyes at me, and next thing I know I'm laying on the floor with a giant fur ball when I have a perfectly comfortable couch behind me. Oh, for the love of dogs! And by the the photos above and the way I'm writing, you've probably forgotten that I have a second dog, Tripp. He's been a real pill lately -- extra skittish, antisocial, and hoarding toys -- but that's par for the course. In fact, I tried to snap a quick photo of him to include in today's post and he went and hid. Thank goodness Flyboy got home last night! After a crazy busy weekend, I needed some relief.

      Alright, enough rambling for now! Even though I'll be busy with my in-laws, you can expect regular posts on the blog.

      Have a merry Monday!
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      Friday, June 22, 2012

      Weekly Round-Up

      Let's get right to it, shall we?

      What's on the weekend agenda? I'm glad you asked...
      • Today, I'm excited about everything! Flyboy is expected to return home this Sunday. Woo hoo!
      • Yes, a celebratory libation should hit the spot. I think I'll take a guzzlet of The Falero -- What's not to love about this refreshing drink? Framboise, limes, and berries. Sign me up!
      • I hope to wear this Ban.Do pom-pom flower pin with every outfit! I often plan my ensemble  around accessories. 
      • Oh, and I intend on wearing comfy espadrilles (similar to these). When I'm in business mode, they make transitioning from errands to house work a cinch!
      • We've got family coming into town, so I'll be a list-making fool. Groceries, meal planning, chores, etc. Sounds like my kind of heaven!
      • Not to worry, I plan to relax and unwind. I think I'll take some time to write a few Happy Notes.
      • With the next 1.5 weeks off from work, I can't wait to paint my fingernails a bright hue. Essie Clambake, I've missed you.
      • I'll probably spend some more time pinning Brahmin bags. I can't stop thinking about this one in particular!
      • Have you seen the video where Andy Cohen gets spooked by a bird at the filming of the OC Reunion? I die. Watch the clip here.
      • The remainder of my free time will be devoted to looking at fun finds like this bottle cap collection -- Yup is up!
      • If you have a free minute, be sure to check out Society Social's Magalog -- you're bound to find some great decor ideas! I must make that posh polka dot pillow mine. You've probably noticed that there's no shortage of spots and dots in today's post.

      via Society Social
      • I'm slightly obsessed with Inslee Haynes. She warmly welcomed summer with this adorable illustration of sunglasses!
      • Did you see that BaubleBar and Noble House Designs collaborated? This Hybrid Sailor Collar is my fave! I think my mom and I spent a good five minutes discussing this necklace yesterday. Can you say obsessed?
      • My ideal summer outfit. Contents courtesy of J.Crew -- but you already knew that!
      • This illustration by the ever-so-talented Katie Evans got me thinking about Gladys Hardy. What a gal. I don't think I'll ever forget her phone call on Ellen when she said, "I love Jesus, but I drink a little." It's such a classic moment. You know what I'm talking about, right? Sometimes I watch this clip because it's such a hoot. In fact, I think I'd like to move to Austin for Nana Gladys alone.

      Illustration via Katie Evans
      And on that note, Beesly, Tripp, and I wish you a Happy Friday!
      What do you have in store this weekend?
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      Thursday, June 21, 2012

      Drumroll Please...

      Image via Patric Shaw
      A special congrats to the giveaway winners! Please email me to claim your prize. I hope to compile addresses and get your gift boxes mailed NLT Saturday, June 23rd. I hope you're as excited as I am! I've got my address labels and Washi tape ready!

      And last but not least, a ginormous thank you to each and every one of you who participated in the giveaway. Once again, I truly wish I could send you all a Type-A curated box o' goodies. Maybe we can do something like this again really soon? I can't tell you how much fun I had reading your comments. You've given me a lot of great post ideas and feedback. First up -- a house tour! How's next week sound? My in-laws are island bound on Tuesday, so that means the house will be sparkly and camera ready.

      With family in town, I'd be more than happy to invite a few guest bloggers to post on One Fine Day. Let me know if you're interested! It's always nice to shake things up around here.

      Happy Thursday, my dears!

      P.S. Be sure to hop on over and congratulate the winners by visiting their blogs...
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      Wednesday, June 20, 2012


      Love List Contents:

      At this point in the week, I've got a lot of things that I'm lovin'...
      1. Tee Time at Anthro? Are you kidding me? A selection of tees under $20. This must be heaven sent. Not to mention, the shirt illustration in their email was quite darling. I just had to include it!
      2. How brilliant is the color in this flower brooch? It's quite a cute steal -- treat yo self!
      3. I've scoured the island in search of fresh Peonies, and I finally splurged and got myself a bouquet this past weekend at Whole Foods. They didn't last long, but they were beautiful while they lasted. Does color get much more brilliant than that shade of bright pink?
      4. Has anyone heard of Umba? I'm intrigued. I saw their ad in the latest issue of Rue Magazine. Similar to Birchbox, you subscribe monthly and receive a selection of 1-3 handmade surprises each month. Mama likes! If I sign up, I'll be sure to share with you.
      5. My passion for polka dots is nothing new to you, so you can only imagine how excited I was when I saw this adorable suitcase. It makes me wish I was traveling somewhere and soon. I could learn to pack light with something this cute!
      6. I was skimming through my favorite blogs yesterday, and I was introduced to Julep Maven via Fabulous K. Have you heard of it? It also reminds me of Birchbox. The best part? You can sign up and receive your first month of goodies for a penny (coupon code: PENNYINTRO). By signing up and paying a monthly fee, you'll receive hand-picked nail color just for you, in addition to other cult faves, and fun beauty products. As you're already aware, I'm typically a devout Essie girl, but I'm definitely excited to give this a whirl!
      7. Yes, the bandeau bikini is quite pricey for this broad. However, that shade of green and the bow detail are just too fabulous not to include in this week's Love List.
      8. A pillow that's not only posh, but precious! For $54, you get the cover and a down insert.
      9. All of your feedback from Monday's post got me excited to grab my notebook, jot down some notes, and brainstorm. Of course, I also celebrated Monday and the blogaversary with a donut. Don't judge. I never cared for donuts until recently, and I crave them like crazy! It's rather silly. Maybe I'm making up for lost time?
      10. Something about this painting by Tastes Orangey speaks to me. I've "hearted" it on Etsy a few different times. It takes me to a happy place and reminds me of that feeling I get when I'm sitting in front of a spectacular piece of art in absolute awe.
      11. When I'm not at work, you'll find me in my Soludos. They're so comfy; I wear them mostly as house slippers. I've found that they guard my feet from Hawaiian Centipedes (click for a photo). I was dusting our media console recently and I had my foot placed slightly underneath. A Centipede jumped onto my foot and latched on to my big toe. It stung for a few days -- not terribly, but you could feel it from time to time. It's nearly impossible to kill them, but I've found a trick that I swear by -- my Dyson vacuum. As long as I can isolate the Centipede (they're quick and they fight back), I'll suck it up with my vacuum and leave it running for a good minute or two. It's not the most humane, but that Centipede was never very kind to me in the first place.
      And there you have it, just a few things that make my heart go pitter patter this week!
      Be sure to check back tomorrow. I've got a list of giveaway winners, and I can't wait to reveal their names. 
      Oh, and it's not too late to enter! Click here for more details!

      Happy Wednesday!

      *Additional Image Credit: Watercolor strips via Petite Alma
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      Tuesday, June 19, 2012

      The Tuesday Ten

      Meet Jennifer Rosson, style expert and blogger behind Style Your Life.
      Images via: Strike A Pose / Home Economics (1, 2, 3) / Bubbly / We're Moving! / Rick Springfield /
      HeartHandwriting / Express Yourself / Teacher's Pet / Math Problems / Blog Love
      10 Random Things: Jennifer Rosson
      1. I love Chihuahua profiles!
      2. I was the" Home Economics Student of the Year" in 9th grade! Hehe.
      3. Ugh, my handwriting is awful. Thank goodness I don't have to use it much in this day and age. 
      4. I love Champagne and drink it as frequently as possible and socially acceptable!
      5. My first concert was Rick Springfield; I was 12. I have still have never been to a concert I enjoyed more! 
      6. I love to move.
      7. My face is very expressive; I can't hide my feelings. 
      8. Math stresses me out. 
      9. I am still friends with my 1st grade teacher.
      10. I love your blog, Ashley! 

      Aww, shucks! Thanks for the warm and fuzzies, Jennifer. The feeling is mutual!
      Be sure to follow Jennifer's blog, Style Your Life, and learn more about the amazing style expert here
      Her blog is absolutely adorable, and she has fabulous taste! 
      I especially love Jennifer's take on wardrobe essentials and organization tips.
      Now go on, add her to your Google Reader, subscribe, follow, etc. You'll thank me later!

      Want to join in on the fun? 
      It's not too late to email me your 10 Random Things.

      Happy Tuesday!

      P.S. Thanks for the overwhelming number of responses regarding the Blogaversary Giveaway. It's not too late to enter. For more details, click here. All five winners will be announced this Thursday, June 21st.
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      Monday, June 18, 2012

      A Blogaversary Giveaway

      Oh my! Where do I even begin? This past weekend marked the one-year anniversary of One Fine Day.  I promise I won't get overly sappy, but there's gobs to be grateful for -- especially you! It all started with this inaugural post. And since that lonely Friday at Lil' Puna, the header and fonts weren't the only things that changed -- I'm different as well. Just as I'd hoped, this was exactly the creative outlet I so desperately craved. I've created a forum to express myself, and in the process a tight-knit blog community has evolved. It's given me the opportunity to converse and connect with other creative types who've inspired me to dream a little bigger. I'm not sure what's in store for dear ol' bloggie, but I'm forever thankful for your support. You stop by often, occasionally comment, and drop a line via email -- you've been a snazzy and sparkly support system. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

      To show my appreciation, I thought I'd host a little giveaway. Eek, I just knew you'd be excited! What? You say your enthusiasm is through-the-roof. That's amazing, because I feel the same way. I'm squealing with giddy delight -- Sophia Grace and Rosie style. The blogaversary giveaway is just SO GOOD! Haven't a clue what I'm talking about? Watch this clip and stat. Stat means now!

      The "A-List": Baggu Bag / Pom-Pom Flower Pins (1, 2) / Stationery (1, 2, 3) / Pens / Nail Polish / Washi Tape / Coffee
      Now, back to the giveaway... Dorothy Parker once quipped, "I've never been a millionaire, but I just know I'd be darling at it." My sentiments exactly. I wish I was a millionaire, so I could gift each of my readers with something fabulous to say "Thanks." While I'm no Oprah, this is a chance for me to give away some of my favorite things -- just a few items that make the "A-List." Five lucky readers will win a Type-A(shley) gift box filled with all sorts of amazingness like a Baggu bag, pom-pom flower pin, oodles of stationery, nail polish, pens, washi tape, and a cup of coffee (my treat!). These are all little things that make this gal incredibly happy!

      You have a few different options...
      Entry 1.  
      Be (or become) a follower of One Fine Day and leave a comment below. Here are a few ways to follow -- get updates via @onefineA on Twitter, join via Google Friend Connect (look to your right), and Bloglovin.

      Entry 2.  
      Spread the word about this giveaway on your blog, Twitter, and/or Facebook, then come back and leave a comment. Don't forget to include a link to the giveaway!!

      Entry 3.  
      What's on your mind? Tell me what sorts of topics you would like to see discussed. What do you want more or less of around here? Share feedback in comment section below

      Complete all three entries, and you'll be entered three times. Yahoo! Each entry counts as one separate entry! All five winners will be announced on Thursday, June 21, 2012. Be sure to check back and see if you're one of the lucky recipients. If you're looking for an in to win, you'll have to sweet talk Best of luck! Now go get 'em!

      Happy Monday, my dears! 
      I hope your week is off to a swell start.

      *Note: This giveaway is not affiliated with any of the stores or brands listed above.
      The contents have been purchased solely by the blogger with the intent to be gifted to the giveaway winners.
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      Sunday, June 17, 2012

      Definitive Dad

      This post goes out to my amazing father -- the rock of our family.
      He's a bright and shining example of what a dad should be; he's the happy twinkling in my heart. 

      When I think about the word twinkle, I see this photo and can't help but look into my dad's eyes -- they smile. This is the way he's always doted on my mom, my sister, and me. Over the years, he's given us so much unconditional love, numerous reasons to laugh, and he's taught us valuable life lessons. I'm incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful father. Growing up, I always loved when family and friends would tell me how much I reminded them of my dad. These days, I can only hope I'm half the person he is. I admire so much about who he is -- his humility, integrity, strong faith, wit, and wisdom. He works hard, and he remains grateful for his blessings. 

      I will always look at my father and see the picture above. I obviously don't remember this particular moment, but I remember finding it in a shoebox of photos years ago. If this picture doesn't epitomize love, I don't know what does. I keep it hung in our office. From time to time, I stare at it, smile, and my heart twinkles. This photo is definitive dad.
      Happy Father's Day!
      I love you very very much.
      Thank you for always making us feel loved.
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      Friday, June 15, 2012

      Friday Favorites

      You must pardon me and my lack of creativity today. While I wanted to rush home from work and create a lavish blog post, I had no choice but to prioritize on Puna. You see, I spent yesterday evening doing yard work. It was starting to look rather sketch around the property in Flyboy's absence. He keeps the place looking oh-so snazzy whenever he's around; it's kinda his "thing." I, on the other hand, can think of about a gazillion different ways to procrastinate when it comes to pulling weeds and clipping blades of grass. I like to keep my productivity interesting, like fritter time away on Pinterest or watch hours of Pregnant in Heels. Side Note: Aren't these people ridiculous? Even Beesly gets annoyed by the awful couples bickering and the bounty of bratty children -- just another clue that this household isn't quite ready for kids. You know there's a problem when your dog buries her head in the carpet because she can't bear to watch the madness. I promise you, this happens EVERY time we watch the show. Anywho, I'll get back on track with the post and introduce you to a few of my favorite pieces from J.Crew's latest summer collection. I'm sure you saw this coming, but I get easily excited by the monthly Style Guide. Have you seen it? The layout, fresh looks, bright colors, classic pieces with a quirky twist -- what's not to love?

      Heart Me Tippi -- Why wear your heart on your sleeve?
      Tippi Cardigan -- I can't tell you how excited I am about this. The Tippi is my favorite sweater.
      Studs & Buds -- How gorgeous is this Flower Lattice necklace? 
      Pom-Pom Shell -- I will own this! It's such a versatile piece with a precious mod shape and adorable neckline.
      Polka-Dot Kicks -- I saw these and squealed a little.
      Awning Stripe Skirt -- It reminds me of Anne Cramer's boutique. I've been coveting her pieces for awhile.
      Wixon Purse -- Bright pop of color and sweet round shape. Have-to-have-it holdall, indeed!
      Hyacinth Necklace -- Hand crocheted by Orly Genger, it's nautical chic with a boho twist.

      Now that I got all of that Crew excitement out of my system, just a few notes to share with you...
      • Be sure to check back this weekend -- I've got a special tribute to my dad in the works for Father's Day. 
      • The blog turns one on June 17th! Eek! In honor of this momentous occasion, I've got a giveaway that will begin on Monday. What better way to jump start your week? There will be five winners. In the words of Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber -- "So you're telling me I've got a chance..."

      Any exciting plans for the weekend?
      Be You // Sugar Paper
      Happy Friday!
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