Thursday, June 30, 2016



THINKING ABOUT: If you've been hanging around m' blog long enough, you know that I am a Volkswagen devotee. But thanks to Dieselgate (AKA Vee Dubb's emissions ordeal), we learned on Tuesday that we can either modify The Rig or sell the family wagon back to the company this Fall for the amount we purchased it for in October 2013. We both love this vehicle A LOT (we brought Max home in it!) and we had every intention to keep it for the long haul, but when we weigh both options it would be silly to keep it. We still have a few more months to figure it all out, but you can guarantee the good-bye will be bittersweet

THANKFUL FOR: Last Friday Max brought his stuffed Berner to the park and it got filthy. I knew there was no way he would part with the plush version of Beesly for his nap, so I decided to intercept it after his siesta and throw it in the wash for a much-needed bath. Within seconds of me tossing it in the machine, Max was on to my tricks and Operation Sanitization was a total bust. On the verge of a meltdown, my dear tot watched his beloved toy get thrown around in a tub of sudsy water. I wish I could explain how pathetic it is to see tears squirting from your child's face as he points with confusion and stares longingly at his stuffed animal. Despite my best intentions, I felt TERRIBLE. There are only so many ways to reason with a toddler (is that really even possible?!), so I explained a gazillion times that "Bees had to take a bath. She'll be back!" and thanked my lucky starts for the speed dry option on our dryer.

EATING: Fridays mean "THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!" and who wants to eat salad for dinner to celebrate? Am I right?! I knew we were going to indulge on Saturday and Sunday, so I wanted to keep last Friday's meal on the lighter side. I'm always hesitant to do this because by the time Flyboy gets home from work on Fri-YAY, I usually just want pizza or nachos and hate the meal I had planned. Does anybody else get that way? Anywho, I stuck to our meal plan and whipped up these Egg Roll Lettuce Wraps. Whoa, baby! They tasted AMAZING and were simple to put together! In fact, we will more than likely be having them for dinner again tomorrow night because they were just that good. If you're looking for a healthy meal idea that's packed with flavor, I've got you covered.

WATCHING: On Flyboy's behalf, I'm going to publicly confess that I chose to watch the Real Housewives of Orange County WITHOUT him on Monday night. I'm sorry! In my defense, he had to work reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally late. I honestly didn't know it was going to be such a big ordeal, or that he even cared to see the women shun Vicki some more. Lucky for FB, it's not a Bravo series unless I watch and re-watch ALL the episodes, so I'll happily view this week's episode AGAIN. I'm sure I missed something.

LISTENING TO: Max is teething again. I believe it's another one of those pesky two-year molars. This, of course, means that nap time is not promised. Sigh. So while I sit at my desk and attempt to finish today's post, I can hear my son chucking all sorts of toys from his crib. I'm pretty sure I just heard his garbage truck hit the bedroom door. Yep, that'll leave a mark! I know there's no chance he'll fall back asleep and that I should probably go retrieve him, but a tiny part of me is terrified to see what he's been up to.

READING: February's hail storm led to A LOT of damage on base and while several months have passed since the storm hit, we're beginning to see progress. Hooray! Houses are getting new fences, roofs, siding, etc. In our case, we've had windows and our storm door replaced, but we're still waiting on the rest to be completed. Unfortunately, in typical Swell Rio fashion, we've found the quality of the work to be slightly questionable (at best). Then again, it's really no surprise when you're scrolling through Facebook and see the following "courtesy post" on the community spotlight page. Please keep in mind the random capitalization and phrasing. Hehe!

Needing workers to do siding on Base immediately.
Must have Hard hat, safety vest, work boots and tool belt.
The tools you need small snips, big snips for vinyl siding, measuring tape, razor blade,
pencil, hammer, a level that at least 6 inches, and any other tools you believe you
may need to do vinyl siding. Experience is a plus, but not a must. Need identification.
Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX, if I don't answer please text me.

LOVING: Last Saturday I stopped by HEB on a whim and they had the prettiest fuchsia Peonies just waiting to come home with me. I'm fairly certain the lady in the flower department thought I was being greedy when I grabbed four bundles, but this will more than likely be our last hurrah for awhile and I wanted to make it count. Farewell beloved blooms. Until we meet again next year...

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I know I mentioned this dress a few weeks ago in a Thursday's Thoughts post, but I thought it was worth sharing again because it's currently 30% off. What the what?! This piece is one of those simple wardrobe staples that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and it's incredibly comfortable to boot! I guess what I'm trying to say here is that it's a NO-BRAINER!

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Monday, June 27, 2016


If you told me two years ago that I'd spend so much time researching topics like teethers or sippy cups, I'd probably laugh and look at you with confusion. Being a parent means that you'll become an expert in baby and toddler gear, whether you want to believe it or not. What works for one child might be a complete flop for another, but I've found that when you DO find something that really works you want to share it with any parent that will listen. While I still can't decide whether we've purchased more teethers or bottle/cups over the past 20 months, I'm glad that the hunt for a great cup can finally end here. Woo hoo!

As a longtime fan of Boon products, I added a set of these SNUG Universal Silicone Lids to my Amazon cart last Fall BEFORE they were even available. Because I tend to add a lot of odds and ends to my ongoing Amazon wish-list, I kind of forgot about the Boon SNUG until I was approached by the company recently to review the product. I'm always a bit hesitant to jump into sponsored blog posts because I never want them to compromise the integrity of the space I've created on One Fine Day, but I felt it was silly to turn down this opportunity to try the SNUG because I had plans to purchase it on my own anyway. It must have been meant to be!

We've used Boon's SNUG nonstop for the past six weeks and I love that it makes mealtime so easy. Whether we're dining at a restaurant, eating at home, or having a picnic by the lake as we did this past Saturday, I've noticed there are less messes overall—which most parents can agree is a GOOD thing! For awhile Max was growing very attached to one sippy cup and I knew it was important to try to break that habit as quickly as possible. Let's face it, cups can break, get lost easily, and become bulky to tote around. The SNUG seems like a simple and innovative compromise for both parents and kids. What I love most about the SNUG is that it can transform any regular cup into a sippy or straw cup. As long as you have a lid and straw, you're set!

The Boon SNUG is available in-store and online at Babies R US (set of three for $11.99).
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Friday, June 24, 2016


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinet // Max is into everything these days. Gulp! My closet is currently his playground, which makes me think I need more storage bins and cubbies to keep my accessories AWAY from his scheming little hands.
  • Thea Crisscross Sandal in Spotdot // Madewell sold a similar spotted sandal this past Spring, but I missed my chance and the size I needed sold out. Womp womp! I'm thinking this might be a nice option that could transition several seasons.
  • Pink PAK Mini // As soon as I had Max I learned how important my PAK would become. The fact that Blair offers a pink version makes me think it may need to be one of my next purchases. The bag is just so versatile especially when you're out and about dealing with sticky toddler treasures. This piece definitely lives up to the bag lady hype!
  • Without A Doubt Part 2 // Some of my favorite children's books are illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, so I was giddy when I realized he's the creative brains behind these fabulous dipped portraits. Is there anything he can't do?
  • Linen Tank Top with Fringe // I snagged this top (in bold red) on promotion last week, but I need to get the straps altered so they don't slip. I'm SO eager to wear it! What's the chance I could sweet talk the seamstress into a speedy return?!
  • Rugby-Stripe Sequin Top // The only thing that keeps me from hitting the purchase button on this sparkly racerback is Max. Sigh. I just know he'd make it his mission to pick at all the sequins. It would be such a snazzy mom-semble addition.
  • Pantone Portal // In honor of Summer, I'm gravitating toward all the sunniest shades. This yellow swatch is lemony fresh!
  • Never Ending Love Story Pillow // I had my eye on this Kate Spade pillow, but then I realized I already have A LOT of striped throw pillows. Perhaps something with text and TEXTURE (look at the embroidered details) would shake it up?
  • French Press // I sound like a broken record, but THIS is great! Flyboy and I are so tickled by how good the coffee tastes.
  • The Curious Bartender's Gin Palace // How did they get my address? I'm certain this book was written about yours truly.
  • NARS Monoi Body Glow // When Summer rolls around, I'm that person that gets ALL the bug bites. This stuff is intriguing.
  • Frida Bracelet // I've been SO happy with the items I've purchased from Gaia. This collection of bracelets is adorable! 
  • Cantaloupe Cooler // This recipe sounds refreshing—with or without a splash of gin! Hey, I'm just throwing it out there.

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016



THINKING ABOUT: Last Sunday while taking a dip in Barton Springs Pool, Max showed his distaste for the water by howling and splashing in a very exaggerated manner. This toddleriffic performance led to lots of entertainment for those in our vicinity. Hey Austin, you're welcome for the laughs! While Flyboy did his best to woo our tot with the water, I hung out on the edge snapping pictures and cheering for my favorite duo. Because of our commotion, a woman stopped by and wished FB a happy Father's Day. Seconds later after he thanked her, she felt it was necessary to gift us with her maternal wisdom. Snore. "Why isn't he wearing a hat? He would like the water more if he was wearing one." I'm still not sure why I felt the need to respond, but I explained that he was all lathered in SPF and didn't like wearing his hat in the pool. "You do know that YOU are the parent, right?! YOU make the decisions. You are in control of your child. If you aren't, your husband needs to be." I was taken back by her blunt remarks and felt a lump in my throat. If only this woman knew the power struggle I face with Max on a daily basis and how hard I try navigate and nurture his strong-willed nature. I politely smiled and thought we were finished with our discussion when she decided to press on. "Just look at his ginger complexion. Where did he get that hair and eye color? He needs to have a hat." Once again, I responded and explained that I'm a natural blonde. She insisted I take off my sunglasses to take a look at my eye color and proceeded with more nagging feedback. "Why would you EVER dye your hair? That's ridiculous! Do you dye your eyebrows? You must. I just don't get it. Go back to being a blonde." At this point FB and Max were floating about in the water AWAY from me and the rude mother of two. When she finally decided to get on with her merry sanctimommy way, I couldn't help but tear up. I felt frazzled and weak. Now that a few days have passed, I realized that I never want to allow someone to treat me like that again. I should have shut her down with a simple response like "Why does any of this matter to you?" Because honestly, WHY did these details matter to this BRONZED and BRUNETTE broad?

THANKFUL FOR: Max and I stopped by Home Depot on Tuesday to replace the Pocket Hose in our front yard when I stumbled upon a set of white Adirondack chairs for the back yard. Flyboy and I were on the hunt for a quality pair and these were on sale. Squee! It's like it was meant to be! Without any hesitation I asked a helpful employee to pull the seats on display down from the top shelf. Of course I acted without ever thinking about how I was going to haul them home in The Rig, but with a little finesse I was able to fit both in the back. It's so nice to have a comfy spot to rest while Max buzzes around the backyard.

EATING: We brought a dozen macarons home with us from Elizabeth Street Cafe as a little memento from our weekend in Austin. Best idea EVER! I got an assortment of flavors, but Flyboy and I are beyond obsessed with the lemon and coconut. I would have never predicted that these two options would be our favorites out of the bunch, but I do know that we'll be bringing a lot more home with us next time. Some macarons can be rather bland, but the flavorful filling and texture on these bad boys really stood out. Wow!

WATCHING: You know it's not officially summer until Big Brother begins. Woop woop! Buckle up for weeknights filled with mindless entertainment, silly alliances, crazy characters, familiar competitions, and Julie's pageant-perfect poses. Flyboy and I are in HEAVEN!

LISTENING TO: A few weeks ago Max assumed his use of the phrase "uh-oh" meant he was granted amnesty for whatever mess or mistake he made. These days he likes to use it to point out all of his mother's wrongdoings. For instance, I pushed around a shopping cart with a bum wheel last week. As I threw the weight of my body into navigating the cart, I inevitably hit a few shelves and displays. It happens! With each snafu, his uh-oh got louder and more people started to look. Could the wily fella cut me some slack? 

READING: Whenever we're outside and Max is content running around the back yard, I can usually sneak in a few minutes to read an online article or sift through a magazine. Here are a few quick reads I thought I'd pass along to you lovely people...

LOVING: While visiting West Elm last Sunday, Flyboy and I snagged this cute copper French Press. It's been on our wish-list for awhile, so we went all Donna and Tom and said TREAT YO SELF! It's made sipping java in Swell Rio more delightful than ever.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! Let's get on with the details that make me dizzy with delight...

  • Visits to Austin just keep getting better and better! I swear that city has the best energy. It always leaves me craving MORE—mostly food and gin-spiked beverages. Ha ha! This year we were just happy we didn't have to take shifts eating at Perla's amid colicky meltdowns. While Max charmed strangers and noshed on saltine crackers, Flyboy and I guzzled down cocktails and devoured tasty snacks. Dining with my boys at our favorite restaurant sure beats eating a Lobster Roll in the company of a random pigeon, which is precisely what happened the last time we were there. 
  • In between eating, we buzzed around the city making pitstops at various shops. Max thought he was a hot shot at Mellow Johnny's because we let him walk around on his own. BIG mistake. HUGE! After being strapped in a carseat, stroller, and high chair, the taste of freedom got the best of our little guy and we worried his independent spirit might result in us buying a very expensive road bike (or 20). It was in that moment that I found myself uttering the same words my dad used to say to my sister and me whenever we'd be in a store with breakables. "No touchy touchy." I totally get it now, pops! And since this is one of Flyboy's favorite stores, I opted to take Max outside to preempt any sort of disastrous meltdown. Our colorful mother-son exit made a few heads turn but we didn't break anything. Hallelujah!
  • Before heading to Barton Springs Pool on Sunday morning, we had breakfast at Elizabeth Street Cafe. This is one of those places that has been on my Austin bucket list since I went to Blogshop in December 2013. Because there are so many amazing eateries in this city, I kept putting it off, and now I'm totally kicking myself. While Max and Flyboy opted for pastries, I ordered the French Toast and it was to die for. I even told FB that the meal ranked right up there with my beloved Mac Nut Pancakes (Gasp!) and that's when he knew I was NOT messing around.
  • In an effort to wear Max out, we spent a lot of time at Zilker Park swimming at the springs, playing at the playground with other kids, and letting our tot run free in the open fields. Swimming on Father's Day wasn't as big of a hit as we hoped, but there was a lot of hop on pop action while we lounged hillside in the sun. Last summer Max couldn't get enough of the water, but I think our tenacious toddler wants to feel in control these days, which has made him rather skeptical of swimming. Lucky for us, he looks pretty cute when he's screaming and splashing around. Hehe!
  • Despite numerous trips to the Texas capital (with shopping one of our primary goals—duh!), I never made time to squeeze in a visit to Katie Kime. What was I thinking?? I've been a longtime admirer of her work, so getting to see some of her gorgeous pieces in person made me giddy. From the custom armchairs and pillows to the fabulous kaftans and barcarts, I could hardly control my excitement. My heart was racing; I was in a state of polka-dot and tassel bliss.
  • Because no trip to ATX is complete without tacos, we made our last two meals in the city count. Since Zilker Park was such a hit with Max, we grabbed Fresa's for dinner on Sunday night (the best!!) and then grabbed a few breakfast tacos from Whole Foods the next morning on our way out of town. The wily tot was too busy to sit down and eat either meal, but it worked in our favor so we didn't mind one bit. While he ran amok, we dined al fresco in peace.
  • It's back to the grind in Swell Rio and I've found the only way to cure an Austin hangover is MORE Peonies. Excuse me while I go stare at them and pretend there aren't bags that need to be unpacked or laundry that needs to be tended to...

Enough about me. How was YOUR weekend? Go on and spill.
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Friday, June 17, 2016


A Friday without The Love List seems ludicrous, but due to a wicked migraine on Thursday afternoon I didn't get around to whipping up your favorite Friday post. Sorry! Perhaps a virtual bouquet of Peonies will fill the void instead?! Fresh blooms fix everything.

Since we'll be in Austin for an extended weekend, blog posts will commence next Wednesday.
Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears! Make it count.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016


THINKING ABOUT: My blog friend Mary (of Tulips and Flight Suits fame) wrote this beeeeeeeeeeautiful post regarding the Mary Oliver quote featured above. Ever since I read her words two weeks ago, they've stuck to me. In fact, I've gone back to read the post on three different occasions. It's just THAT good. If you have a free moment, please take a second or two to visit her blog (password: teamyonkman!!!!). With all that seems to have gone wrong in the world lately, it's a nice reminder to let the light shine in.

THANKFUL FOR: I'm delighted to tell you that we're getting the heck outta Dodge this weekend and we're headed to Austin. Can I get an AMEN?!? Every once in awhile the monotony of motherhood and living down here starts to get the best of me, but this is nothing you haven't heard already before. Sorry 'bout that! A change of scenery always seems to bring on a fresh outlook for me and if there's any city that gives me the warm and fuzzies, it's got to be Austin! Ready or not ATX, here we come!!!

EATING: I recently whipped up two new recipes and we're completely obsessed with them around here—like, I'm literally counting the days until it's acceptable for me to make each one again! THAT is how much I believe in both recipes. So, without further adieu, I need you to promise me you're going to get the ingredients for these Creamy Chicken and Kale Enchiladas (Thanks for the tip, Tatiana!) AND these Peanut Butter Balls. I rarely feel confident about some of the recipes I try, but these are sure to impress!

WATCHING: Every few years I fall victim to The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Sigh. The last time I got involved we lived in Hawaii and Flyboy was gone a lot. I'm not sure what my lame excuse is this time, but I went there and got sucked in. Maybe it's the freakishly fit villain Chad? And who could deny darling JoJo? I haven't watched this week's episodes, but I'm eager to catch up. Because I feel this dire need to make the most of my time when Max is asleep, I opt to watch this time suck whenever my boys have dozed off. It's only when my alarm goes off at 4:40 the next morning that I hate myself for being SO irresponsible. Hey, I'm committed to this season!

*Note: I realize that reading a good book or taking up a new hobby might be more fruitful ways to make the most of my time sans Maxwell, but after listening to so much Sesame Street each day The Bachelorette is about as intellectually stimulating as it gets.

LISTENING TO: Max knows that whenever we go on a walk we typically end up at the park. Baby genius, anyone?! While he hasn't mastered saying "park" or "walk" yet, he gives it his best college try. Unfortunately for him, this cough sound he blurts out makes me giggle uncontrollably, which royally ticks him off. His emphasis on the "k" at the end of each word is enough to take me back to German class. With his brows furrowed, he says it sternly with great authority. I kind of feel like he's bossing me around. Again. 

READING: I've featured Ellen Surrey's artwork on the blog in the past, so I was ecstatic when I learned about her latest book Mid-Century Modern Women in the Visual Arts. It's chock-full of breathtaking illustrations and beautiful quotes that highlight some of my very favorite art, fashion, and design heroines. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I definitely got misty-eyed when I flipped through the pages and found the lovely Helen Frankenthaler. Be still my heart. I wonder how long it will be before I stop poring over the pages with this level of dorky adoration?? I highly doubt that will happen any time soon, and I'm totally okay with that!

LOVING: Back in December I tried THIS sunless tanner (per the recommendation of my sister's friend). Six months have passed and I still swear by the stuff! From time to time I'll get asked if I have a favorite or not and with summer on the horizon, I figured it was worth sharing. I typically apply the tanner once a week (or twice if I remember...). I realize $24 isn't the cheapest option available, but I'm still using the same tube I bought last year, so I think that's worth the splurge! The color is consistent and it doesn't stink. Hallelujah! My only complaint is that I wish Beauty by Earth would create a face tanner too. I bet it would be A-MAZING!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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