Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat Yo Self!

The motto for this day of indulgence...
Fragrances: TREAT YO SELF!
Massages: TREAT YO SELF!
Fine leather goods: TREAT YO SELF!
It’s the best day of the year. 

Two years ago, I was introduced to the slogan "Treat Yo Self!I guess I have Parks & Recreation to thank, namely my favorite characters Tom Haverford and Donna MeagleI remember watching the Pawnee Rangers episode and being absolutely tickled by Donna and Tom's annual ritual — a day of pampering, fine leather goods, mimosas, and cupcakes. This day of complete and utter indulgence is referred to as Treat Yo Self. After that episode originally aired, I thought it might be clever, and blog worthy, to combine T-Mobile and Donna-tella's motto with the Hallow's Eve expression. Since then, it's become a One Fine Day tradition. I literally, nay litrilly,  (Chris Traeger, anyone?) wait all year to get to create this post, so in honor of this glorious occasion I've assembled another batch of fabulous finds. Go on and Treat Yo Self! 

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Need Read Greed

Today's Need Read Greed courtesy of the lovely Lori Christensen of Carde Blanche:
  • NEEDWhile the price tag of this beauty would certainly put it in the Greed category, the time spent using it would qualify for the Need category.  As a pen enthusiast (often called one who pilfers pens along the way), I fiend, crave, and covet fine writing instruments. Don't get me wrong…I've been known to protect an inexpensive Bic Writer because it wrote so well, never skipped, bled or smeared. I don't judge by price or packaging. All points go toward comfort and performance. Currently living a monochromatic life — I'm drawn to all things black and white. In particular, white…as it's pure, clean, sophisticated and timeless. I need this pen. I write more letters than anyone I know. I love all things paper and this would certainly be the icing on my pen collection cake.
  • READThis book will grab you from the first page. You won't want to put it down. You will laugh and cry and have a love-hate relationship with the author. But most importantly, you will cherish every moment reading this book…and many moments after. You will not want it to end. You will recommend it to everyone you know. Go get it now. Right now. Kindle. Hardcover. Library. Don't waste another moment on what you're reading.
  • GREEDThere is something so incredibly fantastic about these patent leather ankle boots. I can't decide whether they make me want to run away from home for a few days in rebel form, jump on my Harley Davidson, or grab my Derby and head out on the town. They exude style, beg for the perfect Boyfriend Jean and are made with Patent Leather…which I promise to wear all year round. The fact that these designer nuggets don't scream their name brand make me want them all the more. I'm collecting coins, looking for dollars in the dryer and pondering an early winter Lemonade stand to start saving. These have my name all over them!

Thanks for sharing, Lori! I would totally frequent your lemonade stand in an effort to help you get those boots.

Interested in sharing your Need Read GreedEmail me.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Afternoon at...

When I get giddy, I act silly. My brain turns to mush, I can't put a comprehensible sentence together, and I begin to stand on my tippy toes out of excitement. Naturally, this occurred  when I met Beth Snyder and Carrie Shyrock — the amazingly talented creators of One Canoe Two Letterpress. I honestly wish I could have kept my composure, but this was a total pinch-me moment. Allow me to fill you in on these stationery rockstars:
Carrie and Beth are childhood friends who always loved to draw. Now the two are all grown-up and work together as professional illustrators, designers, and printers. The name 1canoe2 comes from years of the two dreaming up big ideas around a campfire and floating down a spring-fed Missouri river in a canoe. One canoe, two girls. One canoe, two. Carrie and Beth were just beginning their journey as a letterpress company when they asked Carrie’s sister-in-law Karen to join the team. Now three women strong, 1canoe2 is chasing bigger dreams and creating letterpress art that makes people happy.
Back in April, I professed my love for 1Canoe2 in this Etsy-related post. If you're familiar with One Fine Day, you might be rolling your eyes because I have a tendency to coo over all kinds of card stock. I guess I just feel a certain kinship to 1Canoe2 because the letterpress company hails from my favorite college town, Columbia, Missouri. I remember the first time I stumbled upon their note cards in a local store — it felt like I'd struck gold — and the look on my mom's face when she unwrapped one of their prints on Christmas morning. Eventually, I'd see their work pop up in magazines and blogs, and sold in some of my favorite stores (Anthropologie and Trohv, to name a few). It's just SO nice to watch a small company grow and reach such well-deserved success!

Not long after that post had published, I learned my sister is good friends with the shipping manager, Zach. Um, hello Kevin Bacon! How's that for six degrees of separation? I guess that tidbit of knowledge made it feel like 1Canoe2 was part of our family or something. We had this vested interest. Our connection to the beloved shop was even more personal, without ever personally connecting with either Beth or Carrie. Ha Ha! Our adoration turned into pride when we began to see more and more of their recognizable work displayed in stores across the country. Fantastic!

Fast forward a few months to October. Flyboy and I departed Hawaii and we were headed to Missouri for some time off with family. Zach sent me an unexpected message and asked if I'd be interested in visiting the 1Canoe2 studio. Say what!?! I called my sister to make sure I read it correctly. I was ecstatic! It was one of those opportunities that seemed too good to be true. It was Bucket List worthy!! We set up a time and ventured out into the country.

Now, picture the Richardson-Fine clan piled into a rental car with my dad hauling tail down gravel roads outside the city. This was a group on a mission, and we were busting at the seams with excitement. Amid acres of corn fields and a nearby maze, a charming red barn caught our attention. That's the studio! We parked, jumped out of the vehicle, and we were ready to start our tour of the space. It was hard to stay focused because every detail was just so rustic and perfect. I could see how this workspace could lend itself to creativity — it's peaceful and oozes with character! I loved the idea that the same barn Carrie played in as a kid became the place where she'd work and fulfill a dream alongside her childhood friend and the support of her family. 

While we made our way through the barn, Zach answered questions and allowed this snap happy fan to take pictures. The barn felt like a dream; I never wanted to leave. In fact, I could see my stuff in there. Would it be too much if I moved in? There was just the right balance of modern and traditional elements — large windows, giant beams, colorful pendant lamps, galvanized metal, and the most gorgeous original wood floors. I could definitely get used to this cheerful and resourceful space. In true Type-A fashion, I drew a bead on the organized shelves stocked with the most delightful inventory and other fun stuff like personalized stickers and baker's twine. 

I thought I was in heaven until I made my way into Carrie's office. I was so happy they'd yet to arrive at the barn because I know I would've been too nervous, and I probably wouldn't have taken it all in. I took my time, smiled like a buffoon, and absorbed all of the details. One thing I've always loved is a good office space, and it was my chance to get a glimpse inside these creative minds I adore. I was in awe of the paintbrushes, pens, and tubes of gouache paint. It was evident that art was in progress. This is one of those work spaces that has been loved. From the kind smiles of the people who work at 1Canoe2 to the random pieces of paper with test patches of paint color and a corner filled with globes for an upcoming project — loving what you do is contagious in this 100-year-old barn.

For more about 1Canoe2, visit their website, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
P.S. Can't get enough of 1Canoe2? You'll want to check out this interview on The Etsy Blog where Carrie, Karen, and Beth share some insight on running a business and more about the idea behind their shop!
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Style Files

I'm constantly inspired by Black & Spiro's eclectic mix of color, pattern, and tchotchkes. When I see Anna Spiro's wildly imaginative spaces, I want to decorate a little bolder and take some risks. Actually, it makes me want to hop on a plane to Australia and see if she could adopt me! Maybe for just a week?! Anywho, I laid eyes on that delicious chartreuse couch and was instantly giddy. The delightful sofa shade and punchy pillows are brilliant on their own, but then I did a little happy jig when my eyes started to dance around the photo and focus on every magazine tear sheet, framed pieces of artwork, and vintage photographs. This room seems to epitomize the idea of living in an imperfectly perfect way. I constantly battle with the amount of color I incorporate into our home. I usually go full force and then I wonder if I should have pulled back in some way. If anything, Spiro's work makes me feel as though I could use a little more color, and that's exactly the kind of styling advice I can live with!

Decorative Accents of the Day:

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start.
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hurrah, Mizzou!

Why such fabulous amounts of black and gold to welcome the weekend? 
Well, it's Homecoming Weekend at Mizzou, and this is my way of saying GO TIGERS with some sparkle.
Image Source: Toast Flats via Kate Spade (Who else?)
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Lurve Loave Luff

Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
  • Pointed Toe Flats // I ADORE this image from Sole Society's Lookbook. This is a definite Ashley ensemble.
  • Best Foot Forward Door Mat // Of course I have house stuff on my mind at all times right now. I'm trying my darndest to make this temporary apartment feel cozy and as much like home as possible. I'm hoping a few little updates will give this rental furniture some personality that screams the Fines live here! 
  • What do your pins say about you? // I loved this article on Design Sponge, The Pinnable Life, that analyzed what your pins say about you. The article also asks the reader why s/he pins. It got me thinking about my personal motive to push that little pin button so frequently. While it's mindless and fun, I pin to learn new recipes/DIYs, to be visually stimulated by images that bring me joy, as a resource for my blog, and to be surrounded/inspired by other creative types. My mom makes fun of me, but I'm very picky about the images I pin (especially recipes). If there's crappy lighting and the image lacks composition, I won't add it to my board. I want my Pinterest boards to be colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Pin snob alert! 
  • A completely different perspective on Pinterest according to Emily McDowell, which a strange part of me agrees with. Hmm, it looks like I'm conflicted... Anyone, anyone? Bueller?
  • Etsy Illustrations // I featured Roaring Softly's work in Monday's post, but I can't get enough of her drawings. I'm pretty smitten with this "Nailed It" print. Oh, and how fabulous is this "Limonata" illustration by Amy Walters? Everyday items are so much cuter when they're sketched in a whimsical drawing.
  • Brass Change Catcher // Flyboy has a tendency to leave his loose change sprinkled throughout the house. This might be a nice catchall and would hopefully encourage him to keep it in one place. Nice try, Ash!
  • Suede Studded Kiki Flats // In instances like this, I kinda maybe sorta wish I still had that J.Crew discount.
  • Home Chic: Decorating with Style // If India Mahdavi's style tips and tricks inside the book are half as chic as the cover, then we're all in for a treat with some sparkle and serious flair.
  • J.Crew New Arrivals // I'm hoping to pop into my local store this weekend and see the new arrivals in person. Two little things I'm loving include these Note Cards and these Cyrstal Button Earrings. You can count on me sharing some more of my faves in an upcoming post. Twist my arm and make me talk about the Crew, will you?! Thoughts on the latest rollout? Don't forget it's 25% off purchases $150 or more!
  • Worked for Dorothy // This print had me grinning BIG time. Check out the Skoope Home Shop and stat!
  • Large Dot Socks // This post was lacking in the polka-dot department, and that's not like The Love List.
  • Reese's and Nutella Cake // This week, Laura rocked my world when she featured this sinful delight. Would it be gluttonous to have two birthday cakes in one week? Didn't think so.

Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears!
Thank you SO much for welcoming me back to Bloggieville this week with such love. xo
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall, Family, & Reflections

This week has been heavy on the photos. I'm sorry, I'm not sorry. It's just SO much fun to relive some of the moments from the past few weeks. As evident from the slew of images, Missouri was good for my soul. Time spent with family has the ability to make wherever you're at feel like home. I think we needed a reboot before making our way to Texas. We needed to be surrounded by the people we love the most. We needed the fall air, wide open spaces, a reason to put on a sweater, and we needed to laugh so much our sides hurt (possibly even snort, oops!). It's not often that we get to have all of our favorite people in the same state, so we divvied up the days and made the most of our time together. It was wonderful, and I hope now that we're back on the Mainland we do it often. 

There was a lot of eating and imbibing. I got to brag about having a leisurely lunch with my sister on Facebook — we always dream about the day we get to do that more often and we're envious of those who see one another regularly. Her boyfriend made me the most DELICIOUS gin cocktail called The Lovelady. In fact, I think I need to get him to come up with an original Type-A(shley) concoction. Perhaps it could be a blog exclusive? See, now I'm getting giddy again! We did a little shopping in Kansas City (Hello, Anthropologie!) with my in-laws. We enlisted the help of my father-in-law when we set out to buy the Jettawagen. Can you believe they made me promise to not say anything about my love for VW? I played it coy and never said a peep about my past with The Black Flash. Victory car-nitas, anyone? I apologize, sometimes I'm too corny for my own good, but we did celebrate with Chipotle! I got to hug my mom and dad; I mean REALLY hug them. It's funny how change can make you feel so vulnerable again, like a kid on her first day of school. I honestly don't know what this next chapter entails, but their embrace and big smiles said they believed in me and reminded me that everything would be okay. My Grandma even made a pit stop in Missouri from Iowa and attended a Taylor Swift themed birthday party for my dad and Flyboy, all organized by my sister and her beau. Who knew that buzzing like cheap speakers with Grams might just be the highlight of the trip?!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hawaii to Texas

Our last morning in Hawaii was perfect. We ate Mac Nut Pancakes and went to our favorite beach.
The morning started out a little cloudy, but the sun joined us for one last rendezvous. Classic Windward side!
We dropped off our postcard and said "A Hui Hou" to the islands.
Flyboy's moving blues. His cuteness masked his PCS sadness.
A new glossy and fun flats to ease the pain of leaving.
The new Jettawagen. I like to call it my "rig" because she's a diesel. Seems legit, am I right?
We managed to cram everything into the wagon and began our journey to Texas. Beesly looks terribly comfortable!
It rained the ENTIRE trip from Missouri to Texas. I was wishing I had my wellies with me!
Trips to Target and IKEA made our credit card work overtime.
Making this temporary apartment feel like a home by welcoming a Fiddle Leaf Fig into the mix. I call him Big Tex.
Now we have a reason to send cute moving announcements!
I woke up Sunday morning, and I think it finally hit me — we're not going back to Lil' Puna. I cried just a little bit. Okay, a lot. I'd seen our beloved rental empty and weeks had passed since we left Oahu, but Sundays together were always spent at the beach. It was "our" time to do nothing and just be. It was the one place we could both go together and just shut off our brains for awhile. I looked outside our apartment and saw nothing but a parking lot full of cars and heard the sound of a nearby train. Gah, I hate the sound of that stinking train! Our time in Missouri felt like a vacation and the first few days in Texas were a blur. We were making lists, unpacking our suitcases, running to Target, etc. In terms of accessories and stationery, I was set, but if you asked me for a roll of toilet paper, I couldn't help you! We literally needed all the essentials, and I guess a set of glitter and calf-hair flats aren't necessarily paramount, but to my credit they certainly come in handy. It was nice to keep busy, but I hadn't yet faced our new reality. It was finally time to create the new routine (hate new, love routine) I'd been envisioning for months. Later that evening after a lot of intermittent sniffles, I found myself setting up Monday's blog post on our laptop. It was my first night cooking dinner at our new digs, I was back to blogging, and Bravo TV was blaring in the background. Oh, hello routine, my old friend, you're back! I felt a sense of peace and my eyes lit up at the realization that this current season of our life is different, but it's okay. Post-epiphany, I looked into our bedroom to find Flyboy on the floor with Tripp and Beesly. It all became clear that we were exactly where we are supposed to be right now. Our Sunday Fun Day may no longer be seaside, but maybe "our" time to do nothing and just be will now take place with our dogs on the floor. For the first time in a long time, we get to be together and that's a gift in itself! 

Have you ever felt this way about moving? The highs and lows? Any tips to ease into the new?
P.S. As I penned this Debbie Downer to Pollyanna post, the train went by twice. TWICE. I still hate the train!
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Tripp!
Happy 10th Birthday, sweet boy! In a few short weeks, you will have been with our family for FIVE years. Can you believe it? I remember that Saturday in November so vividly. Your dad and I were newly married and we set out looking for plates and silverware at Target. We never made it inside to look at kitchenware, because we saw you sitting outside the Petco next door. Your big beautiful head looked down as people passed by. I drew a bead on you and immediately fell hard for your Eeyore-like personality, and I was certain you would make our new family whole. As your dad walked you around the shopping mall, I filled out paperwork and tried my hardest to convince the adoption agency that we were in this for the long haul. They were hesitant to adopt you to a young military couple, but we won them over with my persistence and your dad's winning personality. Once they finally agreed to let us keep you, they handed over your birth certificate and I knew it was meant to be. I got chills when I realized that we shared the same birthday. Any part of me that questioned whether this was the right (impulsive) decision went away. The answer was right there in front of me. I looked into your eyes and saw a blank stare; all 75 pounds of you shook because you were scared. You carried on like this for a long time; we grew frustrated. While we were aware of your rough past, we honestly thought love, long walks, and throwing a tennis ball would be enough. Boy, were we wrong! You didn't like any of that stuff. We were bamboozled! I watched countless episodes of The Dog Whisperer and spent hours online researching ways to "fix" you. Thanks for teaching me a thing or two about patience!

After six months of failing miserably, we introduced Beesly to our family. You were less than keen on her, but we saw signs of a "real" dog come to life. We'd never envisioned there was an alpha side to you, but she learned quickly that you were the boss around the house and you still are! It made your dad smile; it made me kind of nervous. Did we do the right thing? Eventually, you allowed yourself to love her. You've grown dependent on one another. Today, you're inseparable and livelier than ever. A once painfully submissive Retriever now has a boisterous and loving side. You were clueless about the purpose of dog toys and you didn't bark. These days, you can't get enough of a Frisbee and whenever your dad comes home from work, you exercise your voice with barks of excitement. You hated any form of affection, but now you walk into a room and seek it out on your own. I smile when I think about how far we've come. You made me sob incessantly, and you make me laugh hysterically. You'll always be a little awkward and quirky, but that's just the tune our family sings. You're one of a kind, and I love that about you! 

Tripp, you have so much life in you. I'm only grateful that we get to be around to witness your second wind!
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Moodboard

After a long break (sorry 'bout that!), I'd typically kick off a new blog week with a personal life update; however, I needed a little escape — a reason to play with images and spend some quality time with my BFF, Photoshop. It's amazing how a little copy and paste action along with rearranging colorful images can make you feel like yourself again! I'll fill you in on our Hawaii to Texas details later. For now, it's important to set the tone for the week with some visual sunshine. Who's with me? Oh, and in case you weren't aware, I missed you dearly!

Happy Monday, m' dears! I hope your week is off to a swell start. xo
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