Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Love

Lettering by Daniel Palacios
Puna is packed, and it's our last weekend in Hawaii. I guess that means we ought to whoop it up!

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Lurve Loave Luff

Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
  • Calm Your Mind Print via Note to Self // This is a no-brainer, as I'm a big fan of Sarah Tolzmann's work. However, it hits close to home at the moment because as I type today's post, I hear nothing but boxes shifting and tires screeching. I have a pit in my stomach because I can't help but get a little worried about our household goods. Pinning this print from the Note to Self print shop is a great reminder and eases my mind for the moment. Killing time on Pinterest really does pay off!
  • "Water Lilies" by L Verkler // Brush strokes of genius, I adore this painting. How about the lovely shades of green? I think I'll spend some time this weekend learning more about the artist.
  • Zip Pochette in Calf Hair // Oh, Madewell! I'm pretty sure you made this little clutch with me in mind. Didn't you? It will carry all of my essentials quite perfectly. And how about the built-in wallet? Genius!
  • Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat // Okay, I tried this while we were in Maui and it's a new favorite. I'm terrible when it comes to smudging my nails, but I managed to keep my manicure looking fancy with this high-gloss polish. Even better, the finish gives the appearance of a shellac treatment. I'm hooked!
  • Sea Map Wool-Silk Scarf // When I read the design resembled the shape of Iceland, I was smitten!
  • Gold Bow // There's no real rhyme or reason for this, but I thought today's post deserved some glitter.
  • Bad Taste Note Cards // Did you know these existed? As soon as I have a mailing address, I'm ordering these puppies. They're perfect! Well done, Furbish Studio. I'm a big fan!
  • Crispy Cinnamon Cornflake Squares // Well, don't you look tasty and simple?
  • Piped Suede Ballet Flats // The dark emerald has me drooling. What about the metallic piping? Swoon.

    Cheers to a swell weekend! I suppose this means I should probably polish off the bottle of Hendrick's.
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Moving Day

Yay, we made it! The day has finally arrived! Is it weird that part of me is excited? There comes a time when you get so fed up with every little detail of moving and you're just ready to be finished. That's where I'm at. I've stuffed every possible piece of clothing and accessory into my allotted duffels, and I've chucked the last of our random pantry items into the trash cans. Don't get me wrong, I will undoubtedly shed a tear —okay, let's be honest, I'll probably go to the ugly cry — as we drive down the hill the last time, but I'm more than ready for the next chapter.

When I'm not fielding questions from the packers and ruling Lil' Puna with my fancy clipboard, you'll find me at our laptop Pinning, emailing, etc. If it's anything like the day we moved in, there will be Samoans singing with pizza boxes and water bottles strewn across the house. I'll not-so-secretly listen in on conversations with Flyboy. If he's around, I let him do the talking. After all, he's the outgoing and fun guy. They'll probably mention his "southern drawl" and he'll tell them about his job. I'll probably hear the word "cool" a lot, in addition to laughter and the sound of packing tape. They might even ask him questions about the C-17 and what it's like to have grown up in Missouri. They really got a kick out of that a few years ago. You can bet they'll pick up various knick-knacks and look puzzled by their purpose — that one is usually a given! And if FB is lucky, they may try to convert him to another religion like they did when we moved in. Ha Ha! We'll hold our breath as they move our precious household goods up and down the hill in a small pickup truck. They'll make countless trips, and we'll get used to the sound of screeching tires and the smell of burning rubber. I can guarantee we'll never experience a pack-out quite like Lil' Puna. These details may seem silly, but they're worth noting because they make this adventure memorable and fun.

What about you? Do you have any packing tips? Favorite moving memories? Do tell.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Maui: From Shore to Summit

Hey, friends! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. I wanted to check in and let you know that I've  been thinking about you all. Over the past week, I've received a handful of emails and notes from sweet readers telling me they're thinking about Flyboy and me as we near our pack out. It's meant so much to me, and I'm hoping to touch base with each and every one of you whenever the movers arrive on Thursday to do their thing. I imagine it will be the best way for me to keep busy and stay out of their hair as they pack up Lil' Puna.

I really don't want to bore you with the details of moving, so I thought I'd share some photos from our trip to Maui this past weekend. You guys, it was an amazing four days! We had such a blast together. I'm forever grateful for this opportunity to just relax and unwind before it's time to say good-bye to Hawaii. A big part of me could come up with a gazillion excuses as to why we shouldn't have gone to Maui the weekend before our pack out because I'm a giant planning dork, but I'm so glad we went for it! 

After visiting the Valley Isle back in July, Flyboy decided he wanted to cycle up to the top of Mt. Haleakala. Riding up a big mountain by bike has always been on his bucket list, and he'd heard great things about this particular ride. From shore to summit (36 miles), the elevation reaches 10,023 feet with 32 switchbacks. Now, I've seen FB run a marathon and tackle a triathlon, but neither were quite as fun to watch as this. I drove our rental car and assumed the role of sag-wagon chauffeur. I carried the extra equipment and snacks, and I like to think that I excelled at it. There were lots of Baggus, water, granola, and PB&J sandwiches. I was prepared! When Flyboy started the ride, the weather was awful. It was a downpour, and I remember driving by him and praying the weather would pass. I just wasn't sure how he would survive and he'd been looking forward to this ride for a few months. After miles of driving, I pulled over to snag some pictures. I remember thinking about all the times we'd watched the Tour de France together and how I always wanted to wear a silly cape and clap excitedly like some of the super fans. The wheels started turning and I remembered there was a beach towel in the back seat. I could see Flyboy pedaling from a distance, so I hopped out of the car and started cheering with my makeshift cape. I only wish I would have done some preparation ahead of time and brought along a set of devil horns. Anywho, just as Flyboy would pass by, I'd start up the car and drive some more. The drive was gorgeous, but as I started to climb hills, I couldn't help but worry about FB. This ride would definitely be a struggle. As I waited (reading Glamour magazine and chatting with my dad), I'd see him cycle by the car smiling. I could tell he was in pain and there were moments when I knew he wanted to give up, but he didn't. At about 5,000 ft., I knew the idea of making it to the visitor center at 7,000 ft. had crossed his mind. But would it be enough? I didn't want to press too hard, but I knew he was too stubborn and would be upset with himself if he didn't make it to the top of the summit. I made him another sandwich at the Park Visitor Center, and he proclaimed he wanted to finish the ride. I was never so proud in my life. I knew he could do it, and I'd wait all day to see him finish. I'm so glad he decided to go for it because the ginormous smile that was painted on his face when he'd completed the ride was priceless.

After Haleakala, we spent some time enjoying our hotel in Wailea. We saw quite a bit of the island, and Flyboy deserved some time to recover. I didn't mind it at all, because I'd been dreaming about the idea of sitting poolside with a Tom Collins — not a care in the world. It was dreamy to not have any plans and sleep in air conditioning. While we missed the pups, we managed to not discuss any move-related details. It was a nice escape! With a Brownie Gelato Sandwich in hand, Paradise Ashley was in full swing, and I loved it. I'd be lying if I said coming home was easy. It was nice to have this trip to look forward to, and returning home made the pack out a little more real. After sifting through clothes and cleaning out closets on Tuesday, I think we're really ready for Thursday.     
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Lurve Loave Luff

Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
  • LOVE Desktop Background // I always look forward to Bri Emery's Dress Your Tech feature on her blog, but it's never been enough to make me squeal. That is, of course, until I saw these FABULOUS free desktop backgrounds designed by the uber-talented ladies of Sugar Paper.
  • 152 Insights... // Nothing makes me quite as happy as quoting lines from You've Got Mail, so when I stumbled upon this illustration by Matthew Taylor Wilson, I was certain I'd met my new BFF. "We'll be like George Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Campbell. We'll write letters our whole lives."
  • Kate Spade Charm Heels // This is the ultimate shoe, and that says a lot coming from a connoisseur of ballet flats. Upon seeing these beauties, I couldn't push that magic Pin button fast enough.
  • Mongrammed Sugar Cookies // If I ruled the world, I would insist that every cookie look like this. Okay, that's a bit much, but you must admit that's one undeniably adorable confection. Leave it to Martha!
  • Specs // After hours of blogging "research" on Monday, I can't stop thinking about Rob Hodgson's work.
  • Hydrating Face Cream // I hear this stuff is the bee's knees. Has anyone ever tried it? Of course, you can never go wrong with Bobbi Brown. I may have to give it a whirl, because my face has been angry with me for the past few weeks. I'm not sure if it's stress or the humidity, but I'll try just about anything.
  • Tiny Heart Studs // These are going on my wish list. They're so dainty and perfect. I just can't take it!
  • Matisse, 1930 // I'm a huge fan of Wayne Pate's work; we have two of his prints hanging up in our entryway. The fact that he's illustrated one of my favorite artists feels like it's meant to be.
  • Blythe Necklace is Electric Purple // I can't stop staring at this necklace. On its own, it's the perfect showstopper; however, it's also an amazing layering piece. 
  • Oh La La! // After further investigation, I learned this cute type is also the cover for an album. Oh, the things you learn when you go looking for image sources! It's one of the simple joys of blogging.

Thanks again for another swell week. Be sure to follow along on Instagram as we mingle in Maui.
Cheers to the weekend, sweet readers! Make this one the best yet.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday

How cute is this picture of Flyboy gearing up for a round of golf with his Gammy? At this time, I imagine my family was stationed somewhere in Nebraska or North Dakota. In fact, I should probably check with my dad on this one. He could probably tell me what we ate that very day — that's just the kind of copious note taker he is! Anywho, I'm fairly certain that I was also decked out in some sort of stripe. Foreshadowing, anyone?!? I was most likely toting around a Cabbage Patch doll to prepare for my big sister duties. With twenty plus years ahead of me, I had NO idea that I'd end up marrying this guy and we'd have a whole life of adventure ahead of us. Blessed is an understatement. Flyboy, today we celebrate YOU! Thanks for doing life with me. Here's to MANY more birthdays together. xo

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Need Read Greed

Today's Need Read Greed courtesy of Olya from the blog, Lunarka's Treasure Box:
  • NEED: I’m surprising myself that I’m not writing down a pair of shoes in this “need” section. Honestly, I’m much more excited about buying my first DSLR camera than any pair of shoes (says the shoe lover)! I really need this Nikon D5200 camera for a fun project I have on my blog called Stylish Scientists (yes, scientists can be stylish — find out for yourself).  I got into photography after taking a class my senior year of college, and after that I’ve been taking mental pictures wherever I go, framing the perfect shot in my mind and imagining how I could capture  situations with a camera. I’m so thrilled when I think about holding my new camera. Seriously, I can’t wait! Now I just have to make time to wander around NYC to capture its wonders, just like back in college.
  • READ: I’m a scientist (working on my PhD in genetics), and in general, I read tons of scientific articles every day and try to learn all of the smallest details about my area of research (trust me it’s super interesting to me!). It’s actually hard to make time to read something else. But reading about something other than science is my only source of gaining knowledge in a different fields. That’s why I love reading biographies and novels with historical background. Oftentimes, people I read about really inspire me, and novels with a historical component really add a nice description of certain events or era to my fading knowledge of history. I was delighted to read this book about Cleopatra recently. I always had a certain image of her from popular culture, and while it’s certainly true that she was a powerful and smart women ruling Egypt since her early twenties, a lot of mysterious things about Cleopatra (like her death by snakes) became a Hollywood invention.
  • GREED: This is a dangerous-to-my-wallet attraction of mine to all things made in France and Italy. Since I discovered this new brand of sunglasses called Illesteva — it’s a miracle that I haven’t splurged yet. While their quality is so amazing, and designs are hip and retro — I’m so afraid to damage a pair of $200 eyewear that this fear keeps me from making the jump. But fear is not a good emotion — maybe I’ll overcome it during my birthday month?

Thanks for sharing, Olya! I'm SO picking up a copy of that book for my upcoming travels, and I adore those sunnies.
Interested in sharing your Need Read GreedEmail me.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Life's Little Details

Here's a glimpse of what's been going on around Lil' Puna lately...
Finding a little inspiration from my gal pal, Ray.
Flyboy's Wardrobe Makeover // Beesly's Moving Sentiments // A Dose of Domino // Spotting Puna
Starbucks fixes everything. A sparkly sequin tank and leopard flats don't hurt either...
Making Time to Blog // Karaoke with Friends // The Cutest Envelope Ever // A Simple and Delicious Meal
"The details are not the details. They make the design." — Charles Eames
Happy Monday, my friends! I hope your weekend was one for the books. What sorts of fabulous things have you been up to? Not much has changed on Puna. Our landlord showed the rental to prospective tenants on Sunday, so we spent a good chunk of the weekend tending to the yard and tidying the house; however, we did make some time to do fun stuff like dig our toes in the sand at the beach. I know Lil' Puna isn't "our" place, but it felt weird to think that other people would be looking into our closets and seeing our most personal space without us being around. I know it's part of the renting process, but after 2.5 years on the hill, it's a little hard to say good-bye. We definitely feel a sense of ownership because we made so many memories here. I know whoever lives here next will learn to appreciate the nuances of Puna just as we have, and I'm certain they'll never tire of the bayside view. 

I promised myself that I would keep today's post short and sweet, as it's my last GSD Monday with our trusty Jetta (AKA the beloved Black Flash). I've got a long list of things I need to do to prepare for the action-packed week ahead, and you know a huge part of me is ecstatic to be this busy. I mean, seriously! Over the next few days, we'll celebrate Flyboy's and my father's birthday; I'll say good-bye to my sweet co-workers; we'll prep the Jetta to be sold; and then we'll jet off to Maui for a few days. Once we return, we'll have two days to get everything ready for our pack out. You guys, things are really happening! I'd be lying if I said I haven't lost it a handful of times, but I think we're finally getting to that stage where things start happening so quickly, there's no time to be a hot mess. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I hope to thrive under the pressure and maintain a smile and some humor through the process. Wish me luck! Blogging will be intermittent, but you can plan on regular-scheduled posts for the next few days.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Lurve Loave Luff

Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
  • New York Glasses // With all eyes on NYFW, I thought this stationery set from Dear Hancock couldn't be more appropriate. How adorable is this tribute to NYC?! I'm smitten, folks! Absolutely smitten.
  • Animal Print Ballet Flats // These are an absolute staple, and I love the reasonable price tag. I have some calf-hair flats from J.Crew that I'm obsessed with, but they're almost so dear that I'm afraid to wear them whenever I want. This pair from Gap would be a nice substitute.
  • The Duffel Bag // Let me preface by saying that this is most definitely an investment piece. However, the more I see Liz Schneider (Sequins & Stripes) use hers, I covet this bag more and more. The style is timeless, the shape is perfect, and that color leather is yummy. Oh, and how about the cute leather-covered studs? Right now, this piece is beyond my budget, but I'm keeping an eye out in case it ever goes on sale. Wishful thinking, right?!
  • Hair Accessories // You MUST check out the Frace Luxe website. There's every hair accessory you could possibly imagine. I'm especially keen on these colorful barrettes. Yes, I said barrettes.
  • World's Best Brownies // That's quite a bold statement, but from the look on this darling girl's face, I'm totally up for trying this recipe from The Little Red House.
  • Be Awesome // Just a little reminder as you venture into the weekend. Don't forget to be awesome!
  • Beer Sign // 1stdibs is a weakness. I've never actually purchased anything, but I love to scour the website and dream about an imaginary budget and how I'd incorporate these fabulous finds into my dream house decor. I also fell hard for this salvaged door from Paramount Studios. Totes Type-A(shley)!
  • Circles & Bars // I stumbled upon the work of Douglas Witmer and felt instantly inspired.
  • Calfskin Leash // Because the posh pooch deserves a little flair just like her aesthetically in-tune owner.
  • J.Crew Spring 2014 // I'm dying to hear your thoughts about the ready-to-wear collection. How about the amazing shoe collaboration with Sophia Webster?! Did you have a favorite look? See the complete slideshow here. I loved the pops of color, whimsical details, and glam-meets-casual feel. This sparkly skirt, this toggle coat, and this striped bag were my favorites!
Have a swell weekend, m' dears! Make it count.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

Are you familiar with the Proust Questionnaire? It's a series of questions devised by Marcel Proust — a French writer who believed that people must know and understand themselves before they can know or understand others. He developed a list of subjective questions that he felt would help reveal to people their true selves and the inner personalities of those around them. Today, it's one of the best-known interview devices used in the media. Similar adaptations can be found on Inside the Actors Studio and on the back page of Vanity Fair magazine. And since I spend so much time talking about myself on the ol' blog, I thought it might be fun for YOU to respond to some (or all) of the questions in any manner you choose in the comment section below!

IMAGE CREDITS: Proust Questionnaire // Peonies // Stationery // Matisse Paper Cut Out // Tags // Zinc Letter
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Need Read Greed

Today's Need Read Greed courtesy of Laura Marcus from the blog, Inglenook and Book:
  • NEEDI prefer running in cooler weather, but last winter I made the mistake of not buying a pair of quality running gloves. Cue frozen fingers (and shortened workouts). I want to go into fall prepared — especially since I have a race in mid-November! These gloves look fantastic because they're lightweight but warm, and best of all, the fingertips actually work on touch screens, so I don't have to take the gloves off to change songs on my iPod!
  • READAs an avid reader, it's always exciting to hear about a new book that sounds totally original. That's the case with this novel, written by Helene Wecker, which is a very different kind of immigrant tale — one revolving around two mystical creatures from Eastern Europe and the Middle East who settle in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. When summarized, the plot seems a little bonkers, but it's getting amazing reviews, and I can't wait to read it.
  • GREEDUnattainable price tag aside, this dress would be absolutely perfect for the wedding I'm attending in late fall. I love the ultra-feminine lace and deep jewel tone, and the keyhole back reminds me of my own wedding dress!
Thanks for sharing, Laura! That dress is to die for.
Interested in sharing your Need Read GreedEmail me.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What I'm looking forward to...

As our Hawaii chapter comes to a close, everything seems bittersweet. Flyboy and I find ourselves wondering WHY we have to leave. This is laughable because the last 2.5 years haven't been incredibly easy on us. Lately, we've spent a lot of time TOGETHER and he's been home every night for dinner. It's an insanely wonderful change of pace! He hasn't left for any trips and if he flies, it's local missions that last a few hours and he's home at the end of the day. I haven't had to work on the weekends, so we've had two full days to unwind and be TOGETHER. When we get all misty-eyed and wish we could turn back the clock, we have to remind ourselves that this wasn't the norm. While we're incredibly grateful for this time on the island, we know that life here was always the sweetest when we could spend time with each other. When we think about the change that's coming and leaving the routine we've grown to appreciate, it's hard to focus on the good that lies ahead. Over the next few weeks,  it will be crucial to soak up our final moments here and remind ourselves about all the good stuff that will come with the next adventure.

"Choose to see the good stuff."

  • Sweater Weather // Now, I realize Texas is still quite toasty, but I know we'll be making plenty of trips to Missouri, Virginia, and Iowa. I plan to get good use out of my coziest cardigans and crew necks. 
  • Buh-Bye Time Difference //  The 5 or 6-hour time difference between me and my family has been pesky. I'm looking forward to the day I don't have to do addition before I pick up the phone. I hate numbers!
  • Plan Trips // Flyboy's schedule should be a lot more reliable for the next few years. Huzzah! Hopefully, this means we'll (finally) be able to plan a Euro Trip, and see family and friends more often. 
  • Walk the Dogs // Our current living situation hasn't been the most conducive to walking our pups. It's been a major bummer, because it was always my favorite time together as a family. We've taken advantage of the hill and we've gotten used to climbing it for exercise, but it's not quite the same. When we go for walks, we have to load Tripp and Beesly into the car and by the time we're situated, they're already exhausted. It's a lot of work and not really worth the effort. I'm excited to make it part of our routine again. I just hope they still know the purpose of a leash!
  • Timely Arrival of Magazines // As someone who relishes her monthly periodicals, I can't stand receiving them late. The idea of finding them in my mailbox on time brings me so much delight.
  • More Time with Family // This makes me the happiest! When I was looking for a picture to include in today's post, I couldn't find a recent snapshot of me, my sister, and my parents. It's been 1.5 years since that happened, and that's entirely too much time for us to go without being together. Ticket prices to and from Hawaii are hefty, so I'm looking forward to being on the same continent again. That should help! I already know there will be plenty of road trips and shorter flights in our future.
  • Unpacking // This is a bit ludicrous because we haven't even packed up our household goods yet. However, we'll be living out of a suitcase for about 5-6 months while Flyboy undergoes training in San Antonio. The idea of not unpacking our stuff until next March blows my mind. I like to feel nested, so this ought to be interesting. Ha Ha! At least I'll be surrounded by my favorite people and fur kids. 
  • Marfa, TX // When I get overwhelmed by moving details, I close my eyes and plan our future trip to Marfa. I can't wait to visit the capital of quirkiness. Of course, I'll channel Beyonce and have my photo taken at Prada Marfa. I still need to decide on whether we should stay in a teepee or trailer. Decisions.
  • Treasure Hunting // I've missed antiquing. Lucky for me, there's plenty of that in MO and TX.
  • Jimmy John's // Freaky fast. Freaky good. We'll, it's been a freakin' long time since I've had a rendezvous with Pepe. That's about to change, and I couldn't be more excited. Yippee!
  • Chipotle // Love wrapped in silver foil with a side order of chips and guac. Please and thank you.
  • Anthropologie // Stroll through the store and smile at every clever and intricate detail. That's bliss!
  • TX Time // All of this "us" time that's occurred lately, well, I love that there's more of that in our future. 

As always, thanks for joining me on this ride, and for giving me a little place to share random thoughts!

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