Friday, November 21, 2014


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Whimsy Hearts Wool-Silk Scarf: After reorganizing my closet a few months ago, it's probably safe to say I don't NEED another scarf. That being said, I could totally make an exception for this gem. It's adorable!
  • Abstract 019 by Kindah Khalidy: A little over a year ago, I bought a clutch designed by Kindah and I'm obsessed. Naturally, I was ecstatic to see Furbish Studio is selling some of her amazing abstract beauties in their pop-up shop going on now.
  • LetmeSee Reading Glasses: I was secretly hoping that pregnancy would take some weird toll on my eyesight requiring me to finally wear glasses. Yeah, that didn't happen quite as I'd wished. 
  • Double-Cloth Patch-Pocket Cocoon Coat: Do you remember the TV show Ed? Carol Vessey (played by Julie Bowen) always had the most dreamy selection of coats. I'm certain this number would be a MUST in her colorful collection.
  • Place Your Bets Wristlet: This might just be a Christmas wish-list MUST. Now say that ten times fast...
  • Smile Matchbox: There's nothing like a glittery and sunny set of matches to remind you to smile. Am I right?!
  • Get Shit Done Notebook: I'm certain this notebook was made for me. The lack of sleep is starting to get to me, so I feel like I have to write everything down. It would come in handy whenever Max is napping or hanging out in his swing. The peace and quiet is almost so freaky, I find myself forgetting all the things I need to accomplish. 
  • Pink Staple Remover: Have you seen Poppin's new arrivals? Um, hello stocking stuffers! Check it out, m' dears!
  • BB Pointy Toe Pump: The dreamiest pair of heels I've ever laid eyes on. I believe this is the closest we'll ever come to polka-dot perfection. Okay, these shoes AND Julia Roberts' dress at the polo tournament in Pretty Woman.
  • Cashmere Gloves: Color lovers will agree that J.Crew kills it each Winter when they unveil classics in the brightest of hues.
  • Essie Polish in Double-Breasted Jacket: Much like scarves, I need another red or pink polish like I need a hole in my head. That being said, I could totally make an exception for this gem. Notice a trend here?? Hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem. I can't help that Essie continues to come up with the cheekiest names and cheerful shades.
  • Gold Merry Card: Sugar Paper's holiday collection is just fantastic! I think it's time I place an order and stat.
  • Misha and Puff Tall Day Hike Booties: I adore fuzzy things on Max's feet. These precious booties are calling his name.

Cheers to another snazzy week, m' dears! As always, thanks for stopping by.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014


THANKFUL FOR: In Disney's Peter Pan, Nana the Newfoundland doubles as a nursemaid that tends to the Darling children. Since we brought Max home, Beesly has assumed a similar role. She used to sleep exclusively in our bedroom, but these days you'll find her in the nursery. She never lets the little guy out of her sight. Whenever he cries, she likes to bring it to my attention. I had a feeling she'd be a sweetheart, but this takes adorable to a whole new level. Part of me wants to get her a fancy bonnet to complete the look. For now, my shower cap will have to do. I can't wait to see these two grow up together. As for Tripp, I'm not sure he knows Max exists.

EATING: When my parents visited, they brought along a few bags of Brookside's Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters. Have you ever tried this granola goodness? It's been weeks since we finished the last bag, and I can't stop thinking about the deliciousness. It's best that we no longer have it in the house because I'm trying to be really disciplined when it comes to sweets and snacking. On the bright side, it's nice to know that with Amazon Prime I'm just a click away. You know, just in case of an emergency...

LISTENING TO: Whenever Max and I are home alone, I tend to treat our house as though it's The Ellen Degeneres Show. I usually have iTunes radio streaming on the desktop. The love nugget is in his carrier or I'm holding him in my arms and we end up dancing. In my mind, I've got the moves like Jagger. In all actuality, I probably resemble one of the old broads in the audience. Yep, I've got the mom dance mastered at age 29. Truthfully, I had it nailed down way before I became a mom. In fact, I actually look more like a granny. Thankfully Max is too young to be embarrassed, so I've got that going for me.

FEELING: I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I'm exhausted and defeated most days. I know this will pass, so I try to focus on the little victories—like changing a diaper and not getting peed on. Winning! Some days Flyboy and I just look at each other and shake our heads. One of us usually says something like "This will get better, right? It has to." Ha! To be completely honest, the Type-A(shley) in me has spent most of my life striving to be proactive. With babies, everything is reactive. As much as I try to plan or get ahead, I'm still behind. What works one moment might not the next. I'm learning to accept this new norm. I'm certainly up to the challenge.

THINKING ABOUT: I can't believe Thanksgiving is NEXT week. How did we get here already? I'm elated to welcome the holiday season, but then I remember I haven't worked on our Christmas cards, blog gift guides, or purchased a single present. Maybe with enough tinsel and garland, it will magically come together?? I think I'll just browse Anthro's holiday section—that always does the trick!

WATCHING: The Bravo TV gods decided to throw me a bone with the return of m' favorite stories. Andy Cohen, you're too kind! The Real Housewives of Atlanta AND Beverly Hills are chock-full of drama. Go on and spill the tea, ladies—I'm all ears! To top things off, my besties of The People's Couch are baaaaaaaaack. They keep Max and me company whenever we take residence on the sofa. I can't wait for the day that we can eat snacks and dissect shows together. Will we be more like the Egber family or the Zeno family? I'm shooting for the latter. I mean, have you seen their snacks? The pressure is on for Max to learn to talk. C'mon kid, I'm waiting...

READING: Now that Max and I spend most of the day together, I try to make time to sit down in his room and read a book or two. I'm certain it means nothing to him right now. In fact, it feels more like me dodging spit up as I attempt to turn the pages of various board books. At least I'm getting good practice for the day he does enjoy it. I figure it gives me time to really perfect the characters'  voices. I've got a good feeling it's going to really pay off. This kid is going to be so impressed with my talent. Insert first bump here.

LOVING: Today I have my six-week postpartum appointment. Unfortunately, it's the last time I'll visit my nutty nurse. Sigh! While I'll miss the entertaining visits, I look forward to getting the green light to ride my spin bike again. Woo Hoo! Aside from the occasional Gimlet, blogging and spinning help me decompress. There's nothing like padded shorts, an uncomfortable seat, pedals, and raunchy lyrics to get you feeling like yourself again. Hey, whatever it takes for Stella to get her groove back! Don't judge.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
P.S. I realize this dose of Thursday's Thoughts is rather Max/mom-centric. It's kind of my life right now. Bear with me.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A sweet moment captured by my mom. It was taken one week after we brought Max home from the hospital.
The weather in Swell Rio has been divine. I've had the opportunity to bust out my favorite coats and cashmere.
Sleepless nights with Max make me relish quiet moments that consist of a cocktail and a beautiful book.
I decided some garden boxes might be nice. Just days after they were built and flowers/herbs were planted, it froze. But of course...
I'm absolutely smitten with this kid's feet. How could they possibly be so soft?!
I thought I had an impressive sweater collection, but Max's wardrobe is quickly putting mine to shame.
Sometimes Beesly likes to reminisce about the old days when she was the baby of the family.
This past week, I made my first trip to J.Crew since last March. Oh, the horror! I'm almost embarrassed to share that nugget of info with you.
Every day I strive to achieve balance. Type-A(shley) wants to be productive and make lists, but baby snuggles are pretty fantastic.
I hope Max never grows out of these fuzzy bear slippers. They're the epitome of adorable.
Howdy! My name is Ashley Fine, and I used to blog on a regular basis. Then Max, the time bandit, graced us with his presence and any free time I've had has consisted of sanitizing bottles and working pesky stains out of onesies. Yep, I'm talking about the glamorous life. Cue m' girl Fergie Ferg. "Ooh, the flossy flossy, the glamorous, the glamorous glamorous..." 

It's been almost six weeks since Max made his debut. Oddly enough, this is our first full week without visitors. Part of me feels nervous to do it on our own, but also a little relieved to get on with our new normal. We don't have a routine (if that's even possible with a newborn). We're learning what life's like as a family of five—I'm looking at you, Tripp and Beez! As I continue to navigate this new phase, please bear with me. As someone who likes to get it all figured out, I'm learning to set little goals for myself. This week I've decided I'm going to create and publish three blog posts. Having been out of the bloggie groove for almost a month, I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the idea of writing or designing content. Hitting the publish button again made me incredibly anxious. In an effort to get back into the creative swing of things, I figured I'd keep things simple today. You've got to start somewhere, right?!

Thanks for delighting in some of my favorite details from the past few weeks. 
Now, tell me what I've missed. What have you been up to?!
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Thursday, October 30, 2014


I never thought it would take me this long to pop in and update you on our sweet baby boy's arrival. Please forgive me. I guess you could say I'm under the spell of Max—also known as sleep deprived and smitten! Since he made his debut on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 3:40 pm, I've tried to find the right words to describe these past three weeks and what they've meant to me. I'm still not entirely sure I know what to say, but I suppose it's worth a shot. As a rambling insomniac with a case of mom brain, bear with me as I share a few random thoughts...

  • Approximately twelve hours after publishing my last blog post, my water broke. Yikes! We settled into bed to watch an episode of New Girl on the DVR. I exchanged a few texts with my sister, got up to get a drink of water, and BAM! I stared at Flyboy with a dumbfound look on my face and my entire body started to shake. At 9:05 pm, it was officially GO time. I had no idea it would be another 19 hours before we finally met our little love nugget.
  • Those who know my mom and dad know they go to bed really early and they rarely answer the phone. In the days leading up to Max's birthday, my mom kept telling me that she'd leave her phone on in case we were headed to the hospital. Well, her cell was downstairs charging and my dad's phone was in his gym bag. Flyboy and my sister tried calling, but neither one picked up their phone. I wasn't too concerned; I didn't want them to lose any sleep and it's hard to tell how long this whole process could take. My persistent sister (in Missouri) grew concerned and concocted a plan to wake up my parents (in Washington D.C.). I later found out that she called the police and asked if someone could swing by my parents' house to wake them up and tell them their oldest daughter (in Texas) was in labor. Ha Ha! God bless the officer who shared the news with my parents and props to Aubrey for her creative plan. She's one crafty gal! Hearing my family relive this scenario was a real hoot. I just adore them!
  • The admiration I have for my mother intensified when I became a mom. I honestly didn't think I could love her any more. Now I get it. Also, I had the help of an epidural. How did she give birth NATURALLY and twice?
  • As far as nurses go, we had a cast of memorable characters. I will forever be grateful to the group of women who helped us in the first few days of Max's life—even the old bitty who accused us of taking the wrong baby. Yes, THAT happened!! With hormones raging, I tearfully scrolled through photos on my iPhone to ensure it was indeed our baby. In case Max is ever really rotten, I might try to return him to the Swell Rio hospital. "Hey, you said this wasn't my baby!" Ha Ha!
  • I spent almost ten months fretting over how life would change as we welcomed a child into our life. Oddly enough, the moment we brought Max home and I walked him around the house, everything felt right. It all seemed to click, and I couldn't imagine our life any other way.
  • I'm convinced that one of life's greatest gifts is watching your parents hold your baby. Having my family around for the first two weeks of Max's life was a true blessing. I'm so thankful for the love and support they've shown us.
  • When your dad asks you where he can purchase matching cowboy hats in Swell Rio, don't ask any questions. The hunt may take a few hours and he'll end up visiting multiple stores in search for the perfect hat, but when he returns have your camera ready. A photo session is about to go down with Max and it's going to be epic.
  • It pays to purchase the same shirt in multiples. For instance, one day Max peed all over me three times in one day and my family had no idea I changed. We later learned that all of these accidents were a result of the Desitin and Vaseline that coated his diaper post-circumcision. It was like a giant oil slick causing everything to shoot out of the diaper.
  • This past week, Flyboy returned to work, so Max and I have spent some quality time together alone. It's been a combination of scary and fun. Once again, I'm reminded the only constant is change. It's thrown a real curve ball at my Type-A(shley) routine, but I think he's teaching me to live more in the moment and take things one day at a time. I don't have to figure it all out at once. Of course, this is easier said than done, but I'm willing to give it my best shot.
  • On days that are really hard (like this past Tuesday) and he won't stop sobbing, I think I'll remind myself of the way I felt in the delivery room when we experienced some complications and all I wanted was to hear him cry.
  • Everyone tells you that these first few weeks are brutal, and they're right. In an odd way, there's sort of a rush that comes with being a new parent. There are moments of exhilaration and other instances in which you feel hungover. I feel up to the challenge and eager to smother this new life with oodles of love, but there are also times in which I'm defeated and downright exhausted. The highs and lows that come with the territory can be awfully confusing. Then your baby smiles—a result of gas, I'm sure—and you're left with a glimmer of hope.  

Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement and for your patience as I attempt to adapt to our new normal. I appreciate it!

Blog posts will continue to be intermittent through Thanksgiving. We have family visiting Texas over the next few weeks, and I want to make sure I'm present. I want to capture every moment as we share Max with our favorite people.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As soon as I left the Emergency Room last night, I immediately worried about THE BLAHG! Gawd forbid there wasn't a post to be published and I might make everyone think that I was in labor. Oh, the horror! Flyboy assured me this was the least of my worries, and he was right. However, I thought I should check in and let you know what's gone down in the past 24 hours. For those of you who'd rather get to the point—there's NO baby. Max is still hanging out in m' belly on the corner of awesome and bomb diggity.

Here's the deal. I always imagined that if I had a boy, he'd be an ornery little guy. After marrying FB, I realize this was a given—I just didn't think Max would be scheming so soon! Yesterday's events had me referring to our baby as "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Was he going to make his entrance or not?! I just know that I never wanted to be that preggo who was alerting her family, only to take the exciting news back hours later. I guess I'm reminded once again that I have little to no control of the current sitch. That's pregnancy!

Yesterday started with an appointment to see my nurse. After a relaxing weekend cozied up on the chaise lounge, I figured my blood pressure had surely improved. With Flyboy by my side, they strapped the cuff on me and I was still registering around 160. WTF, mate?! After multiple attempts to try to get me to "relax", they opted to hook me up to a machine and monitor my heart rate, the baby's movement, and my contractions. Of course, Max decided it was nap time and I was ordered to eat a granola bar to wake the fella up. C'mon kid, work with me! After an hour of evaluations, they sent us home and told me that depending on the protein levels from my 24-hour "specimen" collection (sorry, that was the prettiest way to word it...), there was a good chance I would be induced as soon as Monday evening. Flyboy went back to work, and I hung out around the house waiting for their phone call. I tried my best to relax, but for me that usually entails cleaning. Naturally, I whipped out the ol' steam mop and scrubbed my worries away.

Around 2:30 pm, my nurse called and said I needed to report to the emergency room for more observation and to bring my hospital bag in preparation to be induced later that evening. Of course, my doctor was out of town, so I'd be seen by someone else. Hey, I guess that's a perk to only meeting the guy twice, right?! I called FB to fill him in on the news and immediately called the local kennel to see if they had any availability for Tripp and Beesly. I packed kibble and toys for the pups, laid some clothes out for FB, and within thirty minutes the four of us were headed into town. I couldn't help but be overcome with emotion; I thought D-Day was upon us.

Long story long, I changed into a hospital gown, they strapped a bunch of machines up to me, and monitored my BP for 1.5 hours. After a brief discussion with the nurse on duty, we bonded over our mutual white-coat syndrome. Finally, I felt as though someone understood what I was going through! I obviously didn't want to take the elevated BP lightly, but I also know that I'm a bundle of nerves. As soon as she advised me to lay on my side and started taking my blood pressure again, we were back down to 114. Phew! Before they could allow us to go home, we needed Max to start moving again. I downed some orange juice and sucked on a Werther's. C'mon kid, work with me! Finally his movements were regular and I didn't seem to be having any contractions, so they sent us home around 6:30 pm. Part of me felt a giant sense of relief (I was REALLY hungry!), but I think a tiny piece of me hoped we could get the show on the road already. I guess that's a good sign I'm ready—or as ready as one CAN be. For now, we continue to sit and wait. The pups are still at the kennel (just in case), and my hospital bag remains locked and loaded in the back of The Rig.

Thanks for hanging in there as blog posts are intermittent. When he does arrive, you'll know. I promise!
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