Friday, October 11, 2019


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Circus Tent Stripe Wallpaper // Ever since Mackenzie used this in her baby's closet, I've been obsessed.
  • Clear Bookstand // Talk about a super chic way to display your favorite books!! Bravo Assouline!
  • Dutch Orange // This Farrow & Ball shade is aptly named. Wooden shoes and cheese wheels, anyone?
  • Veja Sneakers // Okay, are these spendy sneakers really worth the steep price tag? They're awfully cute.
  • Warhol Sconce // Swoon! I love all of the color combinations, but the pink and red duo reigns supreme.
  • Matisse Leaf Print Poster // A simple print that speaks to my soul. Henri Matisse, you have my heart.
  • Leather Tool Box // Slightly ridiculous, but fun to look at—I'm digging Industry West's leather trinkets.
  • Danielle Kroll's Blog // In this week's corner of Internet happy, I encourage you to visit the artist's blog.
  • Painted Dot Ruffle Top // I was hoping to try this on at the store a few weeks ago. It's dainty and darling.
  • Lodge Coat in Naples Yellow // I'd be happy if it stayed in the 60s forever, but when it does get colder I look forward to dusting off my beloved sunny Winter jacket. Afterall, J.Crew does YELLOW very well.
  • Red Ramya // This bag is a real stunner, but its size is kind of a big setback for me. Oh, but the lining... 
  • So Glad I Found You Card // Max saw this on my computer screen and asked, "Is mommy a detective?"
  • Lila Pillow // Of course you had me at hello with the color duo, but then you go and add fun poms. Sigh.
  • Francis Eyeglasses // I tried these on at the store just for fun and it was a dork's dream come true.
  • Cheetah Dots Apple Watch Band // Now THIS is an adorable watch strap. I've been in the market for one!
  • Dreamscape IV by Kathleen Jones // I love when Furbish has online pop-ups featuring new-to-me artists.
  • Color Story Bulb Set // I try to stick to white lights, but can we talk about the charming packaging?? Gulp!

Have a fabulous weekend, m' dears! Make it count.
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Thursday, October 10, 2019



FEELING: Max got a ton of new Lego sets for his birthday. It's great until you realize that you'll be the one actually building them. I spent almost two hours creating an arctic helicopter on Tuesday morning only to be reminded that there were four more boxes to go. No, thank you! Needless to say, I told Max he'd need to wait for his dad to come home to join in on the fun because I had zero interest in working with any more plastic bricks. Thankfully, I found out that Flyboy finds the activity to be incredibly relaxing, so I'll be letting him tend to all future Lego duties. 

THANKFUL FOR: I was sitting at Starbucks yesterday working on my blog and overheard two widows talking about the loss of their spouses. From what I gather, they're part of a support group. I had no intention of being nosy, but their conversation hit me like a ton of bricks. Sometimes you get so used to having your person there or proving your independence in their coming and going that it's easy to forget to treasure it ALL (the good, the bad, the routine and the monotonous, etc.). I've known Flyboy for over 19 years and I couldn't imagine a day without him. He's my constant. Immediately after leaving the coffee shop, I sat in the car and sent him a simple text to tell him how much I cherish him. My heart goes out to those two women. They were so strong and probably had no clue how their stories impacted me, but I'm grateful for the subtle reminder to hold the ones you love a little tighter. 

We're taking our FIVE-year-old to his annual wellness check today and he's oddly jazzed about getting shots. Last year he witnessed a little girl screaming at the top of her lungs when she went to get her vaccinations and because Max was chill about the whole thing, he ended up getting to take two lollipops home. Every now and then he likes to remind me of this act of bravery, and I suppose he's eager to prove himself again. In fact, I should probably consider slipping a few Dum Dums into my purse in the event the nurse this year isn't feeling as generous as the one last October. Lord knows the kid is betting on two lollipops!

WATCHING: I love me some Gwyneth Paltrow. As a devoted fan, I'm slightly embarrassed it's taken me so long to watch her new series, The Politician, on Netflix. Have you tuned in? What are your thoughts? The reviews are pretty mixed, but the chic wardrobe and Wes Anderson vibes make me think the critics have it all wrong. Oh, and if GP is triggering for you, listen to Dax Shepard's podcast with her as the guest. You'll get it over it almost instantly, I promise!

EATING: The past two times I visited Terrain's cafe, my beloved cauliflower sandwich has been MIA from the menu. What the what?! I've inquired about the topic and have received two different responses. It's time I get to the bottom of this mystery because its cruciferous whereabouts cross my mind at least once a week. If it's gone for good, I need to move on and get some closure. I know it probably sounds like I'm talking about the end of a relationship, but things got pretty serious between us this past year. Here's hoping the delicacy will make a comeback!

: When I picked Max up from preschool on Monday, he came running out of his classroom fastening his little plastic pilot's wings to his t-shirt. I asked him how his day went and was surprised by his giddy response.

"I made a girlfriend today."
"Oh, you mean your friend that's a girl?"
"Yes, I let her touch my pilot's wings."
"Easy does it, Maverick!"

I wouldn't be surprised if he went on to tell her that he was a "naval aviator" just like Pete Mitchell. Ha Ha! Six weeks into pre-k and it feels like the kid is practically getting married. This is all escalating so quickly. I can't deal.

LOVING: The sixty-degree temps make me *think* Fall is here to stay, which means I finally get to wear this Schoolboy Sweater Blazer. The tipped edges make this preppy staple a momsemble no-brainer. Something tells me this little guy is going to be a workhorse with its ability to make any old t-shirt and jeans look polished with minimal effort involved.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! Long time, no see. Let's jump straight to the details...
  • Since we last touched base, Flyboy was out of town for work, Max and I visited my parents in VA, and then our favorite guy returned from his civilian training a few days earlier than we expected. You could say it was an October miracle! In his absence, the child and I were struggling BIG time, so help from my family and FB's premature return was clutch. No one reads a book called The Explosive Child for funsies. Ha!
  • As evident from the photos in today's post, I've done my best to inject as much fun and color into the past few weeks as possible. Even when things felt rough around here—and it did— I found solace in working out, getting dressed, watering the freshly aerated lawn (per Mr. Mow It All's detailed instructions), planting mums and celosia, visiting a local pumpkin patch, checking out the latest at J.Crew with my mom, and visiting a few NoVA trails with my parents. The sanity checks helped split up this bout of solo parenting. 
  • Upon FB's return, the boys spent some quality time together this weekend attending a workshop at Home Depot along with the Dover NASCAR race on Sunday afternoon. After FB's deployment earlier this year, we've noticed that Max has been greatly affected every time he has to leave again for work. He has no real sense of time and tends to act out in his dad's absence. It's rough but understandable.
  • Yesterday was Maxwell's FIFTH birthday. How did we get here? Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that I tried to soothe a colicky baby and the next minute he's sharing cupcakes with his preschool class with newfound confidence and joy. Everyone likes to say the days are long and the years are short, and honestly, it's the truth! Some days are REALLY long, and I'm just grateful we actually made it to five years. Hehe! Some of you have been following the blog since I was pregnant in 2014 and I sincerely thank you for humoring and encouraging me throughout this journey. It's made all the difference!

Alright, enough about me. How the heck are YOU? I'm dying to know.

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Friday, September 27, 2019


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Space Explorer // Minted has the cutest artwork for kids. How adorable would this be in a playroom?
  • Polka-Dot Tote // I think I'll file this one under "Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget." She's pretty though.
  • Dome Crystal Necklace // Eek! The perfect accessory can be the exclamation point to any great outfit. 
  • Del Mar Cotton Throw // I'd like to snuggle up under a throw this weekend and read. Or maybe just nap.
  • Pencil Ornament // It might be too early for ornament shopping, but Anthro's selection makes it tempting.
  • Strawberry Table Lamp // I think we can all agree this might be the most precious item on today's list. 
  • Gem Cluster Circular Earrings // I love that we're seeing hints of old J.Crew in the jewelry category. Bring it!
  • McCall Stacked Heel // It's fun to think about all of the places you might skip around while wearing these.
  • Stripes // I want this made into a wallpaper. But seriously, how dreamy would this be in my house?
  • Mockneck Sweater in Supersoft Yarn // The only way to stay on the sunny side this Fall/Winter.
  • Verdigris Green // Just when my mom and I were complaining about Farrow & Ball's selection of greens.
  • Fleabags Sardine Pouch // I've been a longtime fan of the brand and was delighted to see it at West Elm.
  • Let Things Go // My, what a lovely sentiment! Who doesn't love a fresh start to a new season?!
  • Abstract by Ashley Mary // I troll Ashley's work on the regular for some serious color inspiration. 
  • Artwork by Isabella Cotier // A new-to-me artist that I'm obsessed with following on Instagram. Gorgeous!!
  • Embroidered Dot Lumbar Pillow // I'm going to need to see these cuties in person. The texture is divine.

Have a fabulous weekend, m' dears! Make it count.
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