Friday, June 8, 2018


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Hugo Lounge Chair // It's nostalgic and modern all at once. This velvet piece would stand the test of time.
  • Twigs + Teeth by Demii Whiffin // More than amused with her work. Also the fact that the 22-year-old artist describes herself as someone who loves big dogs and exclamation points. Um, did we just become best friends?! 
  • Floral Cotton Bath Mat // I stick to white in the bathroom, but this sunny surprise might be just what I need instead.
  • Coin Fob // Clare V. killing it one colorful leather cutie at a time. Her words on Kate Spade this week made me smile.
  • Austen-tatious Tote Bag // The nerd in me thinks there's nothing like a literary LOL to kick-off the weekend.
  • Communitie Cooked Straw Hat // Handwoven in Marfa, Texas. What's not to adore about something like that?
  • Dotted Scoop Back Swimsuit // Let's face it, swimsuits can be spendy. This gem comes in at $55 and POLKA DOTS, baby!!
  • Self-Tanning Drops // Believe me when I tell you that this bottle is pure magic. You get the healthiest glow. I'm hooked.
  • Denim Shorts // Every Summer I hunt for a pair of jean shorts. The wash on these is marvy. How about that inseam?
  • Crisscross Sandals // I tried these a few weeks ago and regret not buying them. The color matches with everything.
  • Blue Velvet Whale // Artist Tamar Mogendorff mixes whimsy with a touch of darkness in all of her impeccable pieces.
  • Metal Basket with Handle // Zara Home doesn't get nearly enough credit for it's amazing selection of house goods.
  • Type-A Patch // I really feel like Katelyn designed this piece of flair with me in mind. It's just so fitting—a definite MUST!
  • Essential Leather Card Holder // Cut from buttery leather, this orange metallic number would jazz up any bag or clutch.
  • Tossed Letters Thank-You Note Set // Gratitude gets a graphic update with this fun set. Adding to my paper arsenal stat.
  • Skip 2 by Frea Buckler // How insanely wonderful is this punchy color combination? See more of Buckler's work here.
  • Cactus Wall Mount // Some days I miss Texas. This addition would certainly raise a Swell Rio smile at our new house.

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count.
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Thursday, June 7, 2018



FEELING: I'm still trying to process that THE Kate Spade is gone for good. Though I never had the honor of meeting her as I wished I would (it was on my bucket list and I really believed it might happen some day!), her tragic death this week feels very personal. She was a source of inspiration for so many of us and played an integral role in helping me define my own personal aesthetic. Kate brought a world of whimsy and life to fashion and she had this effortless way of encouraging us to find what it is that brings us joy in the form of simple objects and color. She was a light that went out too early, and my heart aches for her family. 

THANKFUL FOR: I wasn't sure if I really wanted to divulge this online yet, but after news broke of Kate Spade, and several friends had the courage to be open about their own mental health recently, I thought I'd share that I have my first appointment with a therapist later this month. I'd be remiss if I didn't say that I've thought about canceling it MANY times because the ego gets involved and my issues/fears/internal struggles seem minute compared to others, but when I learned that going to therapy is covered by our insurance and we're finally living in an area with options, I figured it was worth a shot. We all have room for improvement, but I think something happens when you have a child and you want to be able to give them the BEST version of yourself. I still haven't figured out what I want to accomplish by going, but I hope they can offer me some tools to let go of some of my fears along with this innate need to people please and Dorinda the hell out of life by making it nice. I suppose this Steinbeck quote has always hit close to home: "And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good." There's no better time than now to put that plan into action.   

LISTENING TO: Adam Levine does it again with his latest catchy hit Girl Like You. Are you as obsessed as I am? My sister messaged me last week and begged that I watch the star-studded video immediately and I'm so glad I did. It's brimming with powerful female role models from all walks of life making the single THAT much sweeter.  

WATCHING: If my mom is feeling up for it this weekend, I have every intention of taking her to see the RBG documentary. Have you seen it yet? I've heard that it's a touching and riveting tribute to the controversial and beloved supreme court justice.

EATING: If Summer is grass eating season, then look no further than Pinch of Yum's delightful Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Miso Dressing. Wowzers! I've never been one to get "full" from a salad per se, but this was flavorful and oddly filling. 

READING: Does anyone know if the latest edition of Domino (featuring the wondrous Cleo Wade and that stellar striped wallpaper!!) has hit newsstands yet? I thought it was supposed to be available this week, but I've checked a few stores and can't seem to find it.

THINKING ABOUT: Y'all, Southern Charm is BONKERS! It's trashy and chock-full of drama, but that's what makes it so good. Can I get an amen? That Ashley chick is bananas. Never in a million years would I have predicted that Kathryn would be the poised or sane one in the bunch, but here we are in Hilton Head. Just please don't make me watch T-Rav get a pedicure EVER again. Ew.

LOVING: I got a striped version of Rivet & Thread's Vintage Shrunken Tee at Madewell recently and something tells me I'll be returning for another very soon (preferably the classic white). The cut and fit make it well worth the price tag. I'm impressed! 

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Happy Wednesday, sweet readers! I thought I'd pop in and share a few sunny photos with you while Max and I chill at my parents' house this week. Flyboy is away on a work trip, so it seemed like the perfect excuse to head to the Beltway and clock in some quality time with MiMi and PaPa. Wouldn't you agree?! While we're museum-bound on a metro or seated at Strawberry Field for story time, here are a few notes about what we've been up to lately...

  • It's hard being a three year old. For instance, when Max wants something and we refuse to give in, he's taken up the hobby of crying so hard he forces himself to vomit. It happened again last week when we told him he couldn't watch any more of his favorite dinosaur show, and the whole throwing up debacle resulted in nine hours of soaking his bedding in Oxiclean to clean up the mess. Things get extra tricky when your kid's diet consists of 75% berries. 
  • The resident threenager decided it was time we throw his beloved T-Rex, Sue, a birthday party last Thursday. After a dozen or so dreary days in a row, I was down with the idea of an impromptu celebration. And in Sue's defense, she's been there for EVERY milestone; it was only fitting we acknowledge her birth as well! So we got some miniature cupcakes from the Target bakery section, made a banner with paper and markers, wrapped a few of Max's Legos to give as a gift, threw streamers up in the kitchen, and paid respects to this prehistoric peach.
  • I sent my bag to Clare V. for a small repair and since it was at the shop in Los Angeles for a few weeks, I figured it would be a grand opportunity to have my monogram hand-painted as well. As adorable as she looks, I can't help but chuckle whenever I see it. Go on and eat your heart out, millennials! I'm OG AF.
  • If there was a theme to the photos in today's post, it would have to be sunlight. There's more of it on the way, right? Summer, are you there?! Please tell me that Sue wished for more of it when she blew out those candles.

Alright, enough from me. How are YOU? I'm dying to know.

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Friday, May 25, 2018


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Halliday Sunglasses // I see you Madewell. Trying to make me do things like buy another pair of sunglasses I don't need.
  • Sundrenched Peony Nail Polish // When our bushes stop blooming, I'm going to have to douse myself with this stuff.
  • Calf-Length Cotton Skirt // Gen Sohr of Pencil & Paper Co. fame finds the best pieces from H&M. Follow here.
  • High-Block Heel // I got these from Target and wore them to my sister's graduation. They're cheap, versatile, and comfy.
  • Rosa Flower Drop Earrings // Bauble Bar is giving J.Crew a run for their money when it comes to cute earrings right now.
  • Original Autocorrect Eraser // This, along with a handful of other products, from Frankie & Claude made me giggle.
  • The Six Colors We're Obsessing Over // Shut the front door! But seriously though, that's kind of like the paint we chose. 
  • Mint Clock // Hay Design always gets it right. This simple timepiece is a stunner! I'd snag it in a minimalistic minute.
  • Woven Cube // What's not to love about this bin ($8.99 at Target) that manages to hold ALL the toddler crap?
  • Stay Humble // I keep seeing this quote on Instagram and it makes me think "Rut-roh!" and then I continue scrolling. "Your greatest contribution to the universe may not be something you do, but someone you raise." Insert poop emoji here. 
  • The Letter "M" // Speaking of which, remember that crepe paper "M" I made for Max's room? I think it needs an update.
  • Mint Truck // While we're on the topic of updates, I'm wondering if a Leslee Mitchell print above his bed would be cute??
  • Lacoste Striped Polo // OMGosh! I think I could just eat Maxwell up in a sherbet inspired color combo like this. Yum!
  • Sweatshirt // Pint-size perfection. I picked this up for the toddler at Paper Kite in Omaha, but I wish it came in my size. 
  • Slogan Sneakers // Okay, now these are adorable. Would it be too much to ask for Zara to make them in a size 10??
  • Gang // This list seems Max-centric. I hope I've listened to enough BeyoncĂ© and Kendrick Lamar for him to stay humble.
  • Hot Pink Fancy Matches // I'm starting to think there should be a rule that all matches have hot pink tips. Too much?!
  • Glossier Lash Slick // Is it worthy of the hype? I'll let you know in the coming weeks as I'm in the market for a new tube.
  • Metal Comb // Every Easy Tiger Co. creation makes me chuckle. Look at their site and keep a straight face. I dare you.
  • Dotted Off-The-Shoulder Top // Another fabulous find via Gen Sohr. Have you followed her yet? Do it now. Trust me.
  • Straw Crossbody // The 40% off promo is still going on at J.Crew, but what about this bag being excluded? C'mon now!

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this Memorial Day weekend count.
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Thursday, May 24, 2018



THINKING ABOUT: I never understood people who genuinely enjoyed hanging out in their bed, but after getting a Leesa mattress (not sponsored, I promise!) I think I know why. Because of the size of our bedroom, we upgraded to a king size bed a few months ago, and while I don't love how humongous it is (Flyboy, where are you?!), we're both obsessed with the comfort. Sometimes (alright, most nights), we'll head up to our room early so Max can sprawl out on the floor with his train set or Legos and we can just veg out.

FEELING: This past week has been plagued with more migraines. They've been manageable, but I'm just SO over feeling like crap. Luckily, I've got an appointment with a neurologist in mid-July (Boooo to waiting!), and I'm hoping we can find something to help because the medications I've tried over the years just don't seem to be as effective.

THANKFUL FOR: Tomorrow Flyboy and I will celebrate a whole decade of marriage. Cut. It. Out. No, but seriously, HOW have we been married for a whopping ten years?! It makes us feel really blessed, but also REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY old. I promise to spare you the mushy-gushy talk (We still need to discuss the Royal wedding, duh!), but I'm so excited we get to go out for a date on Saturday and celebrate sans Maxwell. SCORE! It will be a snazzy departure from our norm, which usually entails watching 'Jersey Shore: Family Reunion' together or mowing—although FB is proof that if you find the right one, stuff like that can be really fun too! 

LISTENING TO: As soon as we bought this house, I knew I needed to plant a bevy of Peony bushes, so I stalked the local nurseries like a hawk and came home with four plants of my own. Squeeeee! Tending to them and talking to them has been the gift that keeps on giving. They're my bloomin' besties and I'm not kidding when I say that checking on them is THE highlight of my day. Max has grown accustomed to this morning chore. He typically hops on his riding digger and follows me to the back garden. While he plows around the yard, I get some quality time with m' buds. This little routine has been going on for a few weeks now, so imagine my excitement when I discovered the flowers were starting to open last week. Huzzah! Our resident threenager drove by on his wheels and commented earnestly, "Those are some big 'panties' on that bush of yours!" He hit the gas pedal almost immediately and drove off while I was left laughing hysterically in the dust. Internet, the amount of tears shed as I cackled was unreal. When I finally regained my composure, Max drove by the garden box again and asked "Why ya laughing, cutie pie?" Hahahahaha! When I bought the plants, I thought fresh Peonies each May would be the real prize. I never imagined the purchase would result in a lifetime of bush jokes and Max referencing my bloomers on the regular. Something tells me he's not going to find this story very funny twenty years from now.

WATCHING: You guys! Can we discuss THE royal wedding and that Markle sparkle?! I was up early with the rest of the world on Saturday to watch the historic festivities. I just wasn't prepared to LOVE it as much as I did, and now that it's passed I'm feeling hungover from such a happy distraction. What did you think? For me, the feeling of true love filled the church and oozed out from my TV. It was intoxicating! Although Harry was an unexpected nervous ninny, it made him even more adorable in my book. And how in the world did Meghan maintain such a sophisticated chill vibe throughout the ceremony? I only wish her dress was just a bit more fitted in the bodice and sleeves—as it looked kind of loose—but that was my tiniest qualm about the wedding. That being said, the duchess killed it later on at the reception. Yowzah! Pair the Jag with Harry in that tux and it was like the Bond moment of my dreams. Sigh. Suddenly the royals have this refreshing and modern air about them, and I can't help but think that Diana is smiling from above.

EATING: Max and I went to Fifer Orchards yesterday to pick strawberries and now I'm scouring the web in search of recipes. With a little crust help from Flyboy, I definitely plan on baking a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Memorial Day weekend; however, that recipe won't make a dent in the buckets of berries we brought home. Do you have any recipes you love or ways in which we can use them?!

READING: This isn't the place where you come to get political, but here's a gut-wrenching article with stats that are hard to stomach.

LOVING: J.Crew just unveiled a boat load of super cute summer necessities and they're offering a 40% discount through May 28th. Shut. Up. This feels like a formal invite addressed from 770 to see what's new and stat. I plan on making a visit with my mom this weekend to see what the hubbub is about. I've got my eye on this skirt, these jeans, and this striped set of sandals.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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