Friday, February 17, 2017


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Seavees // Oh my gingham! These puppies are on their way to Swell Rio. Just call me the tracking number stalker!
  • Pom-Pom Clutch // They say it's the perfect SPRING accessory, but I say it's appropriate year round. Wont you agree?!
  • Herbert Green // I'm constantly inspired by the artist's color palette and cutouts. I wish he'd open the Etsy shop SOON.
  • Bananas For You Card // Because I can't thank you enough for sticking around this part of the web, I'd send you this.
  • Sugar Cookies // My grandma's cookies have yet to arrive. Don't be surprised if I jump on the mailman when they do.
  • Polka Dot Pillow Sham // It's not fair that the kids get all of the fun bedding. Have you seen Nod's great options?
  • Harper Wedges // You guys, V-Day has come and gone, but I will forever adore this punchy color combo. Eek!
  • Edit Bag // The warm jade hue and the price point have sucked me in. Now how about a snazzy promo?!
  • Poppy Drop Necklace // I don't wear as many chunky necklaces as I used to, but I could make an exception for this.
  • Striped Tee // I fell for the green stripes on this Crewcuts tee, so I ordered a size 16 and it fits like a women's XS. Boom!
  • Central Park Two // Isn't this print darling? Bekka Palmer's use of thread and film is quite literally a stroke of genius.
  • Sunshine Crystal Earrings // "Sunshine on my earlobes makes me happy..." I think I might have something here. Ha!
  • Blush and Gold Pyramid Bowl // This pottery collection will stop you dead in your tracks. The gold details. Swoooon!
  • Scout Design Studio // You guys, you've got to check out the selection of mod goodies. They're absolutely incredible.
  • Where Bartender's Drink // Take a tip from the experts and dog ear ALLLLLLL the pages in this book. I know I will.

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017



THINKING ABOUT: Yesterday I spent a good hour of my morning fretting over whether or not Max put a toothpick in his ear. Gulp! We had just gotten back from a long walk and he asked if he could play with Play-Doh. I happily obliged, as it would afford me the opportunity to hang out with him in the kitchen while I folded some laundry, sent a few text messages, and did some meal prep. After ten minutes of him playing independently, he came over to me frustrated with his snowman creation. The Play-Doh arms kept flopping and he insisted the snowman have stick arms. Desperate to complete the last few tasks on my to-do list, I grabbed two toothpicks, cut off the pointy ends, and handed them to Max. He was ecstatic. Toddler crisis averted, right?! WRONG! Approximately five minutes after my "mommy win," he came over to me with a blob of Play-Doh and one toothpick complaining his ear hurt. Confused and panicked, I asked him where the other toothpick was. He kept pointing to his ear and saying "Ow, ear hurts bad." I looked around the kitchen and dining room and found nothing. I dialed Flyboy's office but couldn't reach him, so I called my dad next. I just needed to talk to someone who could help me come up with a game plan. Should I rush him to Urgent Care? Also, what kind of mom lets their kid play with toothpicks anyway? Sigh. As my dad and I talked through the scenario, we decided that Max clearly wasn't in any pain, so I should continue to search for the rogue toothpick and keep an eye on my kid. Shortly after I hung up, my hunt continued until Max told me the "stick" was in his smoothie. Ah ha! Now we're getting somewhere, kid. I rinsed his cup, looked through the straw, and sifted through mushed up blueberries and bananas. I found nothing. What the what?! Ready for a break from the search, I moved on to the dirty dishes and let Max play with his tractor and farm animals. It was only when I went to grab the dish soap that I spotted the missing toothpick next to the poop bags. Ah ha! At one point Max came over and wanted to hand the Play-Doh to me referring to it as poop, but I was too busy stirring the soup that I just kind of brushed him off. He must have grabbed a Walmart sack from under the sink to pick up his imaginary poop. Because of course...

THANKFUL FOR: On Tuesday my grandma sent me a text saying she sent us some of her famous sugar cookies (paper thin, y'all) and I broke out in a happy dance. They're seriously the most amazing cookies. Ever. I went ahead and told Flyboy the good news that evening, but I'm starting to have some regrets. I should have been stingy and kept them all to myself. Hehe! They're THAT incredible.

FEELING: We finally made a decision as to when we'd go to the lake with Tripp's ashes and we decided this upcoming three-day weekend would be appropriate. Flyboy and I are both planners, so I think it was important that we set a date in our heads and then we could each mentally prepare for it—because let's face it, it's never going to get any easier. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we figured we would go as a family and honor our sweet pup as he would have wanted. We'll bring some of his remains along with thirteen tennis balls—one for each year he was alive—and toss them into our favorite spot. Just thinking about it makes me a little anxious and teary-eyed, but I really think it's time. This will give us some more closure

WATCHING: Let me preface by saying that I'm SO not a sci-fi fan, but I totally got sucked into the Stranger Things series. Have you seen it yet?! Flyboy and I watched all eight episodes in two days (that's pretty good for us) and now we feel such a loss that it's over. How are we going to wait until October for the next season? I have so many questions. I should also note that it took me approximately four episodes to really grasp what was going on and get into the show, but I'm hooked.

EATING: Remember earlier in today's post when I talked about meal prep and stirring soup in the midst of the whole MIA toothpick debacle? Yeah, well, I was whipping up a batch of Lasagna Soup via Skinnytaste, and it was a HUGE hit. Just as Gina promises, it's everything you love about lasagna—all in one bowl of soup! Since our temperature dropped to the low 60s, which feels pretty frigid for Texas, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the recipe. My goodness, that dollop of ricotta on top is errrything!

LISTENING TO: On our way home from getting groceries last Friday, James Arthur's Say You Won't Let Go came on Pandora and I felt ALL the feels. It was my first time listening to the single, but I knew I needed to download the lovey-dovey feel-good song ASAP.

READING: Occasionally it's good to keep some raunchy and witty reading material on your nightstand, am I right? If you agree with this DGAF sentiment, then you MUST add pop-artist Ashley Longshore's book to your collection. You Don't Look Fat, You Look Crazy was released last week and I'm obsessed!! It's no surprise her writing is just as quirky, fearless, and funny as her artwork.

LOVING: I could go on about the latest at J.Crew (I probably will eventually—duh!), but I want to take a moment to discuss these Gingham Seavees. Is this real life?! The print is incredible. They'd be a great "chase your nutty toddler around the park" shoe. Gimme.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! I hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day. When I sat down to compose today's post, I thought about starting it off by telling you that Max has been on one this past week, but then I realized that's kind of assumed at this point, isn't it?! Ha! We found out we had a baby on the way exactly three years ago yesterday, and it's pretty fun to look back on that life-changing moment and compare it to our new normal. Perhaps the hysterical phone call to my parents was actually foreshadowing? Because we all know this kid has definitely given me a run for my money and there have been plenty more of those hysterical phone calls since Max's debut in October 2014. And despite the grocery cart licking (what germs?!) and frequent truck chucking (the kid has a scary good arm), I remain incredibly grateful. Why? Well, moments like last Saturday night with Flyboy keep me in check. Max went to Give Parents A Break at the base daycare center for a few hours that evening and we opted to Netflix and grill at home. We had a chance to enjoy doing the things we love to do together without having to put a toddler in timeout or grab another bag of fruit snacks. The opportunity reminded me that I've got THE very best person sitting next to me to do this life with and also made me reflect on how much we've changed but grown together over the past three years especially. We sipped cocktails, devoured steaks, and binge watched a few episodes of Stranger Things—it was SO nice! While we both made jokes about "forgetting" to pick Max up at daycare, we were incredibly happy to retrieve our third musketeer, put him to bed, wake up, and do the whole parenthood thing over again the next day. What feels like monotony some days is actually the good stuff—the little details that make this life whole.

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Friday, February 10, 2017


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Found My Animal // It's time Beesly gets an upgrade in the accessory department so I ordered her a leash and collar.
  • Gemstone Tassel Earrings // These cobalt beauties are a steal as they're currently on sale for an impressive $23. Bravo!
  • Saskia Single Blanket // Want to know the best part about Valentine's Day? The excuse to pair pink and red together.
  • Birds and Hearts Mini Pouch // Matine's latest collab with one of my favorite artists, Elizabeth Graeber, is everything.
  • Kate Spade Fitness Tracker // You guys, I'm obsessed with my new fitness tracker. 10,000 steps or BUST!
  • Essie Sheers To You // After my last gel manicure, it's clear my nails could use a little TLC. Has anyone tried this magic?
  • Embellished Jackie // Where is this on J.Crew's website and why am I only seeing it at Nordstrom?? Mama likes!
  • Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses // I mean, if they're a staple for Olivia Palermo, then they've got to be pretty fabulous...
  • Sketch Pad // Morning art sessions with Max make me want to buy all the sketch pads. This one's almost too pretty.
  • Cocktail Computer // If this innovative tool doesn't lift your spirits, I don't know what will. Isn't it amazing?? 
  • Valentine's Heart Plates // Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a celebration with shimmering heart shaped plates.
  • Knotted Striped Sandals // Okay, I can practically feel the eye rolls through the computer screen but in the event one of you out there strikes it rich and can afford these bad boys, then please for the love of all the Love Lists BUY these.
  • Generation G Lipstick // Glossier did it again with this insanely wonderful and hydrating lipstick formula. 
  • Flat Clutch // I'm not sure what it is about this clutch, but I'm obsessed with the sunny color combination. Come hither!

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count.

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