Thursday, July 19, 2018


Built in 1886 and home to the Friendship Baptist Congregation for almost a century, this colorful explosion called The Blind Whino in Southwest Washington D.C. now acts as an arts collective and community hotspot. Sweet readers, if you're ever in the area and you consider yourself a fellow color lover, I can assure you it's worth the stop! Interest piqued? Here's a little background info courtesy of Elliot Carter of Atlas Obscura:
During the 1950s, urban planners saw the neighborhood as “blighted” and bulldozed nearly the entire thing to make way for freeways and public housing projects. 
According to a 1960 Washington Post article, the District Redevelopment Land Agency bought up 98.5 percent of the area in the mid 1950s, evicted residents and tore down nearly everything, including more than 20 African-American churches. According to the Historic American Building Survey, Friendship Baptist was spared the wrecking ball because “the church’s pastor, Reverend Benjamin H. Whiting, argued that the church was a bedrock neighborhood institution,” and they had just completed an educational center addition. 
Historic walls notwithstanding, the Friendship Baptist congregation ended up relocating to more spacious facilities nearby within a decade, and the aging religious house passed through a number of owners before finally closing in 2001. A real estate developer purchased the storied building with the intention of building condominiums and office space, but a 2004 Historic Preservation Board designation blocked the project. 
Legally prevented from tearing down the century-old walls, the developer went back to the drawing board and commissioned Atlanta-based painter HENSE to enliven the facade with an artistic intervention. A colorful mural now wraps around the building like a Basquiat meets Jackson Pollock billboard. The psychedelic-looking graffiti continues throughout the interior and has transformed the former nave into a ravey performance space. Downstairs there is space for a gallery of rotating art exhibits, and a portion of the grounds are now used as a community garden. Going strong 130 years in, the newly renamed Blind Whino serves the neighborhood once again, though it now attracts a younger, more bohemian flock.

Not sure when you'll be able to visit this hue-riffic gem in our nation's capital, but you're hungry for more? 
Feast your eyes on more of Alex Brewer's work here!! It's the mental escape you deserve on Friday Jr.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


About 75% of the time you'll find me in a getup similar to this. It's been my go-to mom ensemble this Summer because the outfit formula is a no-brainer. Sure it's simple, but the snazzy factor is still there with a blend of my favorite patterns, a punchy lip, and accessories that add a little personality to the mix. It's an easy look that says "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."


*I have the J.Crew crops (more fitted) along with the olive pair from Target. They're very comparable.
**This stuff is on the spendy side but it lasts FOREVER and gives you a bronze glow that's worth every penny. AMAZING!!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Adorable tees c/o Ramble & Co.

I'm so honored to be chosen to participate in Ramble and Company's "Live Simply + Have Fun" Blog Series. Read more from our Q&A here. I cover topics like traveling with toddlers, how my definition of "adventure" has changed since becoming a mother, and a whole lot more. For those interested in Ramble's adorable merch, One Fine Day readers get 20% off their order with the code ONEFINEA.

Shop to it!

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Friday, July 13, 2018


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Acrylic Painting on Paper: Pink & Red // Need an upper? Kayce Hughes' shop is brimming with inspiration. Hop to it.
  • You An Orchestra, You A Bomb // Kate Spade fans are pretty familiar with Cig Harvey's photos. This book is a MUST!
  • Biplane Shelf // Anyone catch that corny dose of Air Force humor, or are you just smitten with whimsy? This is CUTE!!
  • Pink Cloud Creme // With rockin' reviews like these (over 600 5-star reviews on Sephora), I'm going to give this a whirl.
  • Palm Pom Bag // I know we've been down this road countless times together, but I swear this tote is really SPECIAL!!
  • Turquoise Turban Lady // I got genuinely excited when I learned about Petra Börner's work this week. Stunning.
  • "Bring a Book" Print // I've already decided where this vivid yet simple piece will go in our bedroom. It's so happy.
  • Hallie Eyeglasses // It's no secret I have a serious design crush on Gen Sohr. She looks flipping adorable in these specs!!
  • Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter // Take a mental break with this intriguing collection straight from the creatives.
  • Ruffle-Neck Top in Stripe // Some might consider this one of my go-to pieces in the summertime. It's an easy classic.
  • Ballet Flats with Cutouts // A sassy set of orange skimmers that will surely make you want to skip into the sunset.
  • Industriell // The online photos of this chair do not do the product justice. This series from IKEA is too fab for words.
  • Confetti Beach Ball // It doesn't get any better than this, my friends!! Add a little sparkle to this Summer and have a BALL.
  • Gustave Eiffel FAF Desk Pad // Call me crazy, but this is just the kind of useful elegance every desk deserves.
  • Satin Powder Blush // Beautycounter's Raspberry rouge might replace my go-to NARS shade. How perfect is that pink?
  • Crinkle Cookies // With images this gorgeous, The Farmer's Daughter has convinced me I need to bake this weekend.

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018



FEELING: I know it's only natural to get caught up in the comparison game when it comes to social media, but after seven years of blogging, I see all of these people bringing in BIG incomes from their online platforms and I can't help but wonder what gives?! In terms of content, I'll admit that my consistency hasn't been all that reliable for the past six months, but I'm trying to cut myself a little slack because a lot of change has occurred for us since we left Texas in December. I just wish there was a healthy balance. I don't want to be schlepping products just to make a dime, but I feel pretty confident in the content I create and believe I'm worthy of blogging growth and a little online recognition without paying for followers. If anyone out there knows the secret to social media success without selling your soul to mustard or razor companies, I'm ALL ears. What am I doing wrong here??

THANKFUL FOR: Nothing like a fresh bounty of herbs to boost your confidence and convince you that you've reached Martha Stewart status in the backyard. Now I'm having delusions of garden grandeur and I've got my sights set on a vegetable or two next year. 

LISTENING TO: These days Maxwell moonlights as a comedian. Am I a bad mom if I say that his new hobby is equal parts adorable and excruciating? It's one thing if the punchline makes sense and his delivery is on point, but you can't force someone to laugh when you consider the following a knee-slapper: 

Max: "What does a shark eat?"
Me: "I don't know. What?"
Max: "A fish."
Me: *Silence*
Max: "Laugh mommy. You need to laugh at my joke."
Me: "That's not a joke. It's a fact."
Max: "Laugh. Right. Now."
Me: "Don't tell me what to do."

This isn't Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but I'm going to need all the caffeine I can get to survive this toddler stand-up phase.

WATCHING: I'm just SOOOOOO ready for it to be next week already. The Bravo Summer lineup is sizzling with Shahs, Savannah, and a trio of blonde besties ready to whoop it up in the OC. If Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki can reconcile as we witnessed at last year's reunion, can we at least get a return trip to Andales? Oh, and what about that awkward proposal between Lyle and Catherine on Southern Charm? Woof! If a wedding invite is in Andy Cohen's future, can we bet on Tommy and MJ?!

EATING: I've never been a dainty eater. Since I was little, you could find me nose deep in a rack of ribs just trying to keep up with my dad's stack of clean bones. If my cheeks appeared rosy, it was only because they were adorned in sticky barbecue sauce. I am a meat eater through and through, so the fact that a Fried CAULIFLOWER Sandwich served at Terrain's Garden Cafe now tops my list of favorite meals EVER is beside me. My mom and I split the sammy (Who am I? Rachael Ray??) ten days ago when we visited Glen Mills, and I seriously can't stop thinking about how amazing it was. Also, WHY the heck did we share?! Sigh. Now to convince Flyboy this cruciferous magic on a brioche bun is worth the return trip... A side of Truffle Fries ought to do the trick!!

READING: Max got a library card yesterday, and despite his shy and lukewarm appearance at our local book joint, I can assure you he was ECSTATIC by the entire sitch. I was hoping to leave with some cute illustrations and fiction options, but in true Max fashion we returned home with a bag of reading material covering topics like germs, sharks, frogs, and tractors. Because of course...       

THINKING ABOUT: Two weeks ago we had a few horrendous outings in public with Max, so I implemented a token system in which our wily wonder could earn twenty hearts for being kind and making good choices with a reward of his choice as the end goal. I mostly wanted to reinforce positive behavior, so I let him choose a prize to work toward. Without any hesitation, he decided that throwing a pie in my face would be the ultimate reward. Yes, I realize this is a pretty twisted prize for being kind, but it's what he wanted and I was happy to oblige if it meant his behavior improved. Within days he reached his goal and my mug was covered in whipped topping. We're on to our next goal of 30 hearts, but this time the reward is for an ice cream date, because I think both boys in this house enjoyed smashing my face and hosing me down a little too much. I deserve the sweet end of this next deal!

LOVING: We got a sunny set of yellow chairs from IKEA for our bedroom and the space is starting to feel really cozy. In my head I have oodles of ideas floating about and it makes me silly giddy. When we moved in, I wasn't sure how I'd break up the large space and make it feel nested, but I think we're well on our way. Call me Hannibal because I love it when a plan comes together.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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