You know how much I love lists. About a year ago, I stumbled upon Maggie from the Mighty Girl blog and her bucket list. It got me thinking about my life list and what I might include specifically. Last year, Flyboy was away at training in Oklahoma. I was bored one Friday night, so I got out a Moleskine and started jotting down my ideas. I intended to keep my working list to myself, but after I read about Nicole Balch at Making it Lovely who unabashedly made her list public, I thought that was a great idea! Perhaps by sharing this list, I might hold myself accountable to fulfilling these various goals. This list is meant to keep me focused on what I love and what I'd like to achieve. As Nicole stated quite perfectly, it's not meant to make you feel guilty. "It should serve as a compass, opening you up to experiences that you may have discounted otherwise." I expect for this list to change with time. That's the most exciting part! And since this original list was drafted in October 2010, I went ahead and made a few additions. Anything noted in a dark green font has been checked off the list. Here it goes...  
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  1. Hey Ashley, How is your list coming a long!? Looks like you got some stuff done and Oh Wicked is here in Honolulu! Hope you got tickets to the shows.