Hello, sunshine! My name is Ashley Fine, and I'm a design and food blog junkie. I pine for a career at a shelter/lifestyle magazine. Editing and design make me feel twitterpated and grin from ear to ear. I started reading Real Simple in 10th grade (nerd alert), and I still mourn the passing of Blueprint and Domino. I'm a military spouse (thanks to Flyboy), so life is ever changing and not as conducive to a career as I'd hoped. Despite this minor detail, it's been a brilliant adventure! Here's my attempt at keeping in touch with family and friends while sharing random happy thoughts, memories, and fabulous finds! Take a gander at One Fine Day to see what inspires me most.

And while we're at it, here are a few of my favorite things, in no particular order...
Flyboy, Max, Tripp, and Beesly
Stripes & Polka Dots
A classic cardigan.
Peonies & Ranunculus
The perfect shade of green.
A day at a museum in the company of Matisse, Motherwell, Frankenthaler, etc.
The proper use of a semicolon.
An Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato (layered).
Spelling Bees
Old family videos.
The Missouri Tigers (M-I-Z!!!).
A stack of glossies.
Snazzy ballet flats.
Bravo TV
Colorful classics like J.Crew and Kate Spade.
Anything that provokes a double-barrel grin.
Fizzy Gimlets
Snail Mail

(The list continues...)
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