Friday, January 29, 2021


Wow! It's been a while. Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Rainbow Azalea // Punchy artwork that gets a seal of approval from THE Nathan Turner. Need I say more?
  • Peridot Heart Studs // It's not "technically" my birthstone, but we don't have to tell that to Opal. Mmkay?!
  • Dotted Terracotta Planter // Patiently (or as patient as I can be) waiting on this pot to be in stock again.
  • Canary Yellow Shoes // Ann Mashburn is one of my many muses. I can totally see her wearing these!
  • Scalloped Jute Rug // I desperately want to find a place for this CUSTOMIZABLE cutie in our house. That's right, CUSTOMIZE! The color and size selection is impressive. You can thank me later for this Etsy treasure.
  • Orange Table Piece // Australian artist, Alice Oehr, draws for business and pleasure. Her shop is dreamy! 
  • W&P Porter Bag // I'm a big fan of W&P products. I'm interested to see how this compares to Stasher Bags.
  • Oyster Petite Leather Wallet // I troll Leif shop often and naturally the color of this wallet caught my eye!
  • Long-Sleeve Slub Cotton Tee // This has been my go-to lately. You can't beat stripes and it layers nicely.
  • Quilted Field Jacket // Gah! I keep kicking myself for not buying this when it was on major sale a few weeks ago. The clover color is a slam dunk for me. Not to mention, the weight is perfect for the in-between weather that seems to be the norm around here. What's a girl gotta do to get a promo, J.Crew?!
  • You Got This // You're going to freak when you see this selection of free wallpapers by Poppy Deyes.
  • Full of Heart Notebook // This would be an adorable Valentine's Day gift. What the heck, treat YOURSELF!
  • Stabilo 3-in-1 Pencils // I've been a die hard Stabilo fan since grade school, so the thought of a 3-in-1 colored pencil that combines elements of a wax crayon AND watercolor paint is absolutely insane to me. This purchase could totally be justified for virtual school. *Adds to shopping cart and hits purchase.*
  • Plateau Sweetgrass Basket // You know it's that neon portion that got me good on this one. Holy swoon!
  • Haden Silt Green Drip Coffee Maker // We're not going anywhere, so we might as well bring that cozy coffee shop vibe home. Am I right?! I look forward to my morning coffee ritual as soon as I wake up.
  • Partners Coffee // But seriously though, how YOU brewin'? I'm partial to the Elevate and El Ramo blends.
  • Geometric Triangle Hook Pillow // Not another throw pillow... But this one is in the shape of a TRIANGLE!

Have a fabulous weekend, m' dears! Make it count.


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