Thursday, June 10, 2021



We spent last weekend in New York City with my sister and her boyfriend while my parents graciously watched the kids in Delaware. I'll share snippets from the city in tomorrow's post, but for now it's all about The Color Factory. A visit to this gem—the brain child of Jordan Ferney—has been a long-time coming for yours truly. As dramatic as this sounds, I've wanted to visit the space for years! From the moment we entered, it felt like the closest I'd come to heaven. What's not to love about being welcomed with a glitter toilet seat, confetti strewn all over a white satin floor, and macarons served from a conveyor belt? I literally squealed at the sight of it all and knew that things were only going to get better and brighter as we traveled from room to room. I just didn't realize HOW magical it would feel as you got to interact with each exhibition. I believe color is therapy and a visit here only reinforced that notion for me. For all the unknowns and disappointment I've felt over the past year, this seemed to heal all of it and acted as a salve to my soul. I'm forever grateful for this trip and the ways it made life feel normal again—a future filled with hope and the boldest of hues.

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