Thursday, May 30, 2019



FEELING: I got an Apple Watch this week (there was a really good deal going on at Walmart!) and I'm starting to think I have no business owning one after all. I mean, I'm super excited for the accountability portion, but I just feel way out of my league in terms of all the swiping and buttons. Everyone I know that has one is obsessed, so I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough. For now, I'm left feeling like an old lady. Where's my cane?? Technology be damned!

THANKFUL FOR: We came home this past Monday after spending Memorial Day Weekend in D.C. and were totally bummed to find out that one of the tall pine trees on the side of the house fell down in a storm while we were away. Thankfully, there was no damage to our house or the neighbor's. Phew! Shortly after we walked around the property and made this unfortunate discovery, a local tree service quoted us a mere $400 to take down the rest of the tree and remove the brush. Erm, how about NO?! So Flyboy grabbed the chainsaw and went to work, only to have two of the neighbors come over to help him remove everything (on an incredibly muggy HOLIDAY afternoon). Needless to say, we were absolutely blown away by their kindness! They not only saved us a pretty penny, but they helped get the job done a lot faster than we originally anticipated. We're truly blessed to have found this house and neighborhood.

THINKING ABOUT: All Max wanted this Spring was to grow something from seeds. After much deliberation (he talked about it NONSTOP for weeks until we finally took action), he decided he wanted to grow Sunflowers. I figured this should be easy enough, so we spread our pack of seeds in the garden boxes and let nature take its course. My mom reassured me this should be a slam dunk, as Sunflowers are very low-maintenance. Just as she promised, we began seeing sprouts almost instantly. Max was beside himself with pride until we began noticing the bunnies were eating his crop, and what started out as six flowers turned into two. Ha Ha! Bless his little heart. He's at odds with the situation because he absolutely ADORES the bunnies, but he's so disappointed in them for destroying his Sunflowers. 

READING: I was recently demoted from my duty of reading bedtime stories. I wish I could say it doesn't bother me, but it does. According to our resident four year old, "Daddy is better at reading." Insert eye roll and deep sigh here. Who out there agrees it's time I find a new kid? My creative read alouds should be appreciated, damn it. 

LISTENING TO: Flyboy is mowing outside while I type today's post, and I'm getting emotional again. I don't want to forget the gift we were given when we learned he'd come home early. Our quality of life has improved tremendously these past few weeks, and I've found myself taking stock in the littlest things like hearing the garage door open when he comes home from work, the sound of his boots hitting the steps before he walks into the house, or him firing up the lawnmower for an afternoon of yard work. What a privilege it is to pick up exactly where we left off.

WATCHING: Wednesday nights on Bravo are everything. I'm talking about our beloved RHONY chaos AND the return of Southern Charm sans T-Rav. Eek! A few random thoughts regarding both shows—who wants to slap the next person that says cabaret?? Lu went back to jail? Yikes! Barbara K should be on The King of Queens, not on the Housewives. WTF, Austen?? Naomi is DEFINITELY over Craig (sorry, buddy!). Eliza is a nut. What's Patricia's McD's order?

EATING: I got spoiled when Flyboy was gone and didn't have to do much in terms of meal planning. Now that he's back, here are a few recipes I've made or plan on making in the coming week:

: The "fun" part about getting older is just when you think you're over something—like acne, for instance—you start noticing that you're breaking out on your neck and jaw line. Why Lord, WHY??? Hormones, who?! I found a patch of blemishes in that area a few weeks ago and freaked. I haven't had to worry about acne since I was pregnant with Max. What gives? I began Googling ALLLLL the things immediately and opted to try this EradiKate Daily Cleanser because of the impressive reviews. No, I didn't want to initially spend that much on a face wash, but I can tell you that after using it religiously for the past two weeks, I'm very pleased with how effective the product is. A little goes a long way, so I can justify the price tag when something works as quickly as this has for me. I highly recommend it!

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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