Thursday, June 13, 2019



FEELING: In less than 24 hours, I became one of "those" annoying Apple Watch owners. Apparently my life revolves around closing my rings these days. I wake up and the first thing I do is start my device because I refuse to miss out on any steps, dammit. Then, when the weekend rolls around, I can't be okay with relaxing anymore because I'm too fixated on my activity. I used to make fun of my mom and Flyboy for these shenanigans; now I'm just as guilty!

Last Friday was one of the first days FB actually worked a full day since he's been home (Yes, we've been very spoiled!). By 4 PM, Max and I were struggling and I felt like time was crawling at a snail's pace. It made me wonder how we did it for four months. Haha! It clearly didn't take us long to become dependent on the guy again. 

THINKING ABOUT: Okay, gang! Are you good at following instructions? Here's a little test. Find out if your local nail salon uses the brand Perfect Match (new to me, as well). Then, cross your fingers and toes they have the shade Heatwave. I promise you, this color is like Clambake on crack. You will be pleased as punch with your mani/pedi.

LISTENING TO: It's no secret that Max has listened to a lot of Jay-Z and George Strait from day one. Since he was in the womb, I'd get the bass bumpin' with Hova or belt my favorite country classic a la King George on Highway 90. Some might consider the past 4.5 years as "prep work" in hopes it might amount to a love of either artist (hopefully both!). Over the past month or so, Max has taken to Old Town Road and lovingly refers to it as the "cowboy song." In a roundabout way it makes a lot of sense considering the music he was exposed to from the start. Then again, the lyrics "can't nobody tell me nothing" might be the part he relates to the most—it's like a four-year-old's anthem.

WATCHING: The last two weeks on Bravo have stressed me out, and we have a chef Mila to thank. Are you watching Below Deck? Did anyone review her resume before hiring her? Warming the steaks in the microwave is sacrilegious, but those pitiful nachos had me shouting at the TV. It's moments like these I wish I could be on The People's Couch.

EATINGMax and I went to a nearby town in Maryland this past Saturday morning for more touch-up paint while Nick rode in a bike race. After a pit stop at the hardware store, we ran into Tatiana of Flora and Fauna fame at a bakery she told me about recently. Thanks to Instagram, we’ve “known” one another for five years now, but we’ve never actually met. Her adorable and sweet family lived up to every Insta-expectation I had and more. They were warm and gracious, despite my nervous rambling and Max hiding the ENTIRE time. Meeting people from IG is nerve wracking to me on so many levels, but they were SO nice!! That being said, if you ever get the chance to witness Team Fine in the wild, we will fulfill every awkward expectation you can imagine and more. Sorry about that, Tatiana! Seriously, NOTHING can prepare you for our level of nutty; those curated squares are misleading folks. Thank God for the people who welcome our crazy with kindness and for bakeries that create tasty S'Mores Croissants so you can eat your feelings.

: I've been on the hunt for a new curling iron for awhile, but was hesitant about investing in the T3 because of its steep price tag. After reading a handful of glowing reviews and one convincing recommendation from Sara Mueller (who was underwhelmed with her T3 and returned it), I bought the Kristin Ess Beach Wave Curling Wand from Target last week and I'm obsessed with it. I actually enjoy curling my hair now because the curl holds for most of the day, and that's saying a lot as someone with very fine hair who used to think adding a little wave to her hair was worthless.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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