Tuesday, September 21, 2021


At the beginning of August, my family met in Nashville to celebrate my dad’s birthday a little early. In fact, he actually turns SIXTY today (Happy Birthday, Dad!), so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some of my favorite snapshots from our time together. 

It was our first time visiting this incredible city and we had a blast!! We spent a few days enjoying slow mornings with the kids at the VRBO house my parents rented. We made trips downtown to sightsee and shop. In true Richardson fashion, our priority was mostly food driven, so there was hot chicken, pizza, and BBQ — just a few of my dad’s favorite things. We made silly matching t-shirts and wore my dad’s signature Wayfarer sunglasses to celebrate the momentous occasion and proudly sported them around the city so everyone knew who exactly we were celebrating. The icing on the cake? Taking my dad downtown to AJ’s Good Time Bar while my mom watched the kids so we could whoop it up with The Man. After seven G&Ts and a shot of Fireball, I don’t remember a lot about that night, but I do remember these three details that will stay tucked inside my heart forever:

  1. Paying $20 to request the band to play “Much Too Young” by Garth Brooks for my dad and watch/singalong with a crowd of strangers. PRICELESS. I held back happy tears and smiled. I could have gone home then and left a happy daughter, but those drinks kept multiplying…
  2. We made our way up to the karaoke floor of the bar and I told anyone who would listen that “It’s my dad’s birthday!!!!”
  3. Seeing my dad stand on stage with spotlights shining down on him in all his glory as he crushed “Friends In Low Places.” A sea of women from bachelorette parties were chanting “BIRTHDAY DAD!!!” The rest is history.

This trip reminded me how important it is to celebrate your people and how grateful I feel every time we get to spend time together and make memories. I also remembered what happens when I go a decade without really whooping it up. 

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