Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's no secret I love the month of October. This year, it feels extra special as we welcome Max into the world and my family joins in on the celebration for a two-week stay in Swell Rio. Woo Hoo! There's so much goodness to look forward to, I'd be remiss if I didn't share it on m' blog. Here are just a few things that make me exceptionally giddy...

  • Sweater Weather & Fall Favorites // I'll be honest, I hate missing out on Fall weather; however, it's pretty much been the case for the past six years. I usually get jazzed if I there's at least ONE day in October where I throw on my favorite sweater and pretend there's a slight chill in the air. It feels like the best birthday present ever!  
  • Max's Arrival // Last week I made my follow-up appointment with my midwife and she asked "How does October 2nd sound?" I almost choked when I responded, "That's next week? That's ten days away from his due date!!" I honestly don't know how we got here, but as D-Day gets closer, I pray for the healthy arrival of our baby boy. 
  • My 29th Birthday // When my parents said they planned to visit for two whole weeks in October, I couldn't help but get a teensy bit excited when I realized they would be around for my birthday. Yahoo! The last time I celebrated my birthday with them was when I turned 18 years old. How crazy is that?! My goodness, a lot can happen in 11 years...
  • Quality Time with Family // Cue the confetti guns and whip me up a gin cocktail, I can't wait to be surrounded by my dear family! So many aspects of this next chapter freak me out, but knowing I'll be in the company of the people I love the most makes me feel incredibly blessed. The unknown seems more like a celebration and a little less scary.
  • Pumpkins and Mums Galore // October makes me eager to bust out the pumpkins and Mums, but I've had to hold off due to the warmer Texas temps. In a few days, I'll probably give in and display them around the house because it's my favorite month and I do what I want. I purposely waited until October to have my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. I guess a part of me believes Autumn officially begins during my birthday month. That sounds very Ashley-centric. Oops!

What's something exciting that you look forward to this month? Do tell. Pretty please...

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