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THANKFUL FORThis is going to make me sound like a giant dork, but every morning I water our plants and I get incredibly tickled by the mist option on the hose nozzle. I'm not even completely sure what plants require "misting" on a regular basis, but it's fun and makes me feel like I'm in tune with my inner gardening goddess. Not to mention, it doesn't appear to be killing them, so I think I'll chalk that up as a win. The instant I roll out the hose and start watering the shrubs and foliage, a smirk of accomplishment imminently follows. Yet another reminder that it really is the little things in life... 

EATING: If given the choice, I could eat salmon EVERY night. In fact, my enthusiasm for the fish is enough to convince the gentleman at the HEB meat market that he's my biffy (AKA bestie, BFF, etc.). On Fridays, I make my way to the grocery store. I typically order a pound, but he usually cuts me off a generous slab that's closer to 1.5 lbs. When he weighs it, he looks at me and asks if it's okay. I give him two thumbs up; it's a happy accident! We part ways and I mosey over to the dairy aisle beaming like I just received a gold medal. I suppose I could go ahead and order 1.5 lbs. on my own, but this is more fun and it feels like I'm getting a special hookup.    

LISTENING TO: When I'm at home during the day, it's pretty quiet (for now... Ha!). I occasionally listen to iTunes radio, but I never turn on the boob tube. Lately, I've made an exception to the rule because I've found it helps drown out the nutty voices chattering about in m' head. Also, our Internet connection has been rather shoddy and I get tired of listening to T.Swift and Maroon 5 buffer every ten minutes. Oddly enough, I've found solace in listening to the wise words of Phaedra Parks and Patti Stanger as they rattle on in Bravo reruns. It keeps the mood light around here and that's greatly appreciated. Once again, it's Andy Cohen to the rescue!

FEELING: At this point in my pregnancy, I completely understand if each and every one of you wants to slap me if I discuss how "real" it all feels and how "scared" I am. Heck, I want to slap myself every five minutes when my feelings flip-flop from a state of excitement to anxiety. It all seems SO ridiculous, but they're honest feelings that I can't seem to escape. I won't pretend to. Ten days shy of D-Day, I truly feel like a walking question mark. I wake up every morning wondering if today will be THE day. I feel pain in new places and think, "Oh boy, what could that be?" Then I usually brush it off because I'm not exactly what you'd call ready. "It's nothing. Definitely nothing." I get a little antsy whenever Flyboy leaves for work. I hate being needy, but I can't help but ponder how it will all work out if I go into labor and he's up in the air. Um, yikes! I nervously giggle about the idea of having one of his students pick me up and take me to the hospital in case of an emergency. Ha Ha! This is honestly our back-up plan for the time being, and the idea of making small talk with someone I've never met during such a tense moment has all the makings to be grade-A awkward. "Hi, nice to meet you! Thanks for picking me up. Where are you from? Do you like it here? Did they say when my husband might land?" It's kind of the ultimate reminder that I have absolutely NO control over how this will all go down. My only choice is to let go and let God.     

THINKING ABOUT: You girdle, gurrrrl! Laugh it up, but I'm seriously considering a postpartum girdle. As old-fashioned as it sounds, I've read a ton of reviews and people RAVE about the benefits. A quick Pinterest search and an hour of research later, I'm more intrigued than ever. Have you heard anything? I mean, it can't hurt! Here are a few of the options that I'm looking at: Bellefit, Gabrialla Abdominal Binder, and The Belly Bandit. Is this certified crazy? Wait, don't answer that. Would YOU try one?!

WATCHING: On Monday morning, I waddled into the bathroom after the alarm went off at 4:20 am and I glanced at myself in the mirror. I looked at Flyboy, pointed to my belly, and asked "Does it look smaller to you?" I watched him squirm in an effort to find the right words to answer me without offending me. The expression on his face said, "Is this a trap?" His lengthy pause cracked me up, and I realized the way I worded my question wasn't quite right. No, I don't believe I've shrunk in any way—I'm 38 weeks pregnant. It's just clear my bump has dropped quite a bit and the bulk of the weight has shifted. I guess Max is getting ready for his big entrance.

READING: My mom continues to send us books to add to Max's growing library. I was especially touched by the recent addition, Henri's Scissors by Jeanette Winter. It's no secret that Matisse is one of my all-time favorite artists, and this sweet story makes you feel as though you're seated next to him spending an afternoon in his colorful and captivating world of paper cut-outs. 

LOVING: You guys, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I will get to wear NORMAL clothes again and that makes me want to do cartwheels!! Obviously, a lot of work has to be done before I can fit into the bulk of my wardrobe, but the idea of expanding my options thrills me. I'm currently alternating three different outfits, and I'm bored beyond belief. When I found out I was pregnant, I swore I'd wear polka dots to EVERY baby appointment—because spots and dots make me happy, of course! I'm proud to say that I've kept my vow, but I've had to get kind of creative with the ways in which I incorporate those polka dots into my appointment ensemble, especially as I've expanded. These days I turn to a set of bangles or ballet flats, but I'm more than determined to finish with a bang. I may not know a thing about bringing up baby, but I know how to stick to my stylish guns. Yay for little victories!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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