Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A sweet moment captured by my mom. It was taken one week after we brought Max home from the hospital.
The weather in Swell Rio has been divine. I've had the opportunity to bust out my favorite coats and cashmere.
Sleepless nights with Max make me relish quiet moments that consist of a cocktail and a beautiful book.
I decided some garden boxes might be nice. Just days after they were built and flowers/herbs were planted, it froze. But of course...
I'm absolutely smitten with this kid's feet. How could they possibly be so soft?!
I thought I had an impressive sweater collection, but Max's wardrobe is quickly putting mine to shame.
Sometimes Beesly likes to reminisce about the old days when she was the baby of the family.
This past week, I made my first trip to J.Crew since last March. Oh, the horror! I'm almost embarrassed to share that nugget of info with you.
Every day I strive to achieve balance. Type-A(shley) wants to be productive and make lists, but baby snuggles are pretty fantastic.
I hope Max never grows out of these fuzzy bear slippers. They're the epitome of adorable.
Howdy! My name is Ashley Fine, and I used to blog on a regular basis. Then Max, the time bandit, graced us with his presence and any free time I've had has consisted of sanitizing bottles and working pesky stains out of onesies. Yep, I'm talking about the glamorous life. Cue m' girl Fergie Ferg. "Ooh, the flossy flossy, the glamorous, the glamorous glamorous..." 

It's been almost six weeks since Max made his debut. Oddly enough, this is our first full week without visitors. Part of me feels nervous to do it on our own, but also a little relieved to get on with our new normal. We don't have a routine (if that's even possible with a newborn). We're learning what life's like as a family of five—I'm looking at you, Tripp and Beez! As I continue to navigate this new phase, please bear with me. As someone who likes to get it all figured out, I'm learning to set little goals for myself. This week I've decided I'm going to create and publish three blog posts. Having been out of the bloggie groove for almost a month, I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the idea of writing or designing content. Hitting the publish button again made me incredibly anxious. In an effort to get back into the creative swing of things, I figured I'd keep things simple today. You've got to start somewhere, right?!

Thanks for delighting in some of my favorite details from the past few weeks. 
Now, tell me what I've missed. What have you been up to?!
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