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THINKING ABOUT: I know I discussed Dieselgate awhile back, but this past week we found out we're in the final stages of completing the emissions settlement in which Volkswagen has agreed to buyback The Rig (for more than the original purchase price). Sigh. I honestly wish it didn't make so much fiscal sense to hand over the keys because this car—as silly as it may seem—has served as a backdrop for the past three years. I remember opening the back door of the car on October 12, 2013 (the day we purchased it) and I nervously asked my father-in-law if he thought there was enough room for a car seat. Um, why do I always feel the need to blurt out exactly what it is I'm thinking?! Gulp. Little did I know, that chapter of our life was coming a lot sooner than we'd ever planned. Phew, deep breaths, Ashley. Now fast-forward to the weeks leading up to Max's due date (October 12, 2014), and I'd watch Flyboy install the car seat as the two of us shared mixed emotions about parenthood. On that Sunday afternoon, it all felt so real. Ha! We had NO clue. Even today, when I start up the family wagon and listen to the familiar sound of the diesel, I can still see myself sitting in the back seat with Max as we came home from the hospital for the first time. And despite the pride I take in keeping our car sparkly and shiny, there are still splatters of formula that cover the sun roof. They've been there for over 1.5 years, but I just can't bring myself to clean up the mess. I suppose the random spots remind me of the countless meltdowns (from both of us) this vehicle has witnessed over the past two years. The thought of saying good-bye to The Rig is certainly bittersweet.

THANKFUL FOR: The introvert in me was hoping we wouldn't be able to find a babysitter for Flyboy's squadron Christmas party on Friday night, but the green lace pencil skirt I bought kept begging me for a night on the town and we found childcare anyway. Here's hoping Max likes his babysitter, and I don't make things too awkward over conversation and cocktails!

WATCHING: Part of the reason I wanted to take a break from gift guides this week was so we could discuss Gilmore Girls. Did you watch the revival on Netflix?! Thoughts?? Are you at odds like my mom and me?! OMG!!! I really don't want to ruin the ending for those of you who have yet to watch (what's wrong with you??), so maybe it's best if we discuss specifics in the comments section below. Pretty please!! I've spent too much time talking with a toddler (about trash AGAIN), so humor me with your opinions.

EATING: Since Flyboy headed to Missouri days after my family left Texas, Max and I have been eating a lot of leftovers—namely soup and sandwiches. On our third consecutive day of boring meals and dreary weather, I remembered my parents left a container of Trader Joe's Jingle Jangle in our pantry. JACKPOT!! No, I really had NO business opening the tin of chocolate-covered candy, but I did it anyway in an act of Swell Rio survival. Fitting into the aforementioned pencil skirt could be problematic. Oops!

LISTENING TO: Are you familiar with Walmart's holiday commercial that features a bunch of pajama-clad children wigging out over their presents to the sweet tune of Chic's Le Freak? Well, the ad managed to grab one Maxwell Fine's attention over Thanksgiving and our tot has become OBSESSED with the song. True to the catchy lyrics, Max quite literally FREAKS OUT when he hears it.

READING: Even though he's a munchkin on the move, Max has grown to really love the time we spend sitting in his reading chair while cycling through his beloved collection of board books. Yessssssss! Since this low-key activity has been such a hit recently, I added a bunch of Christmas books to the mix, but our angry elf just isn't having it with the festive reading material. Instead, he wants to read the same book OVER and OVER entitled I Am A Garbage Truck. Because of course...

LOVING: As some of you are already aware, Flyboy moonlights as Captain Christmas each December and covers our base housing unit in ALL the white lights you can imagine. Because we're the lame parents of a wily two year old and we go to bed reeeeeeeealllly early, we typically leave the light display on over night for everyone to enjoy. That being said, I need to wear a sleep mask to block out the Clark Griswold light that shines into our bedroom window. Yikes! The one I donned last year at this time finally fell apart, so I picked up this one from J.Crew and it's super soft AND cute. Clearly Jenna likes to help a girlfriend out...

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
Also, GILMORE GIRLS. Ready. Goooooo!
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