Friday, September 14, 2018


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Minaret Wall Sconce // I'm currently on the hunt for sconces. We need a set for our bedroom and all the bathrooms. 
  • Dots Vale Pouch // I love how K.Slade paired with other local designers to create simple statement pieces.
  • Lucky Draw // I'm not sure how much hurricane prep is needed, but we have gin, water, and playing cards.
  • Sapphire Lake by Suz Shippey Borski // The artist's use of dark blue is enough to take my breath away. Swoon!
  • Ca Suffit! Sweatshirt // I've added this to my birthday wish list because Clare V. sweatshirts are my weakness.
  • Swear Jar // Something tells me we're going to need one of these very soon because ALL EYES ARE WATCHING. Gulp!
  • Fresa Pendant // Stray Dog Designs debuted a handful of new pendants and I'm over here in Delaware drooling. Big. Time. Owning one of their lights or chandeliers is on my bucket list. The color and whimsy gets me every single time.
  • RAINS Trench Rain Jacket // Is there anything quite as classic as a slicker that screams SUNSHINE on a dreary day??
  • The Harper Mini Satchel // The size of this bag is tiny but oh-so sweet! I've got my eye on you, Harper!
  • Dino Tail // We snagged a few of these for Max's upcoming birthday party. Can you believe he'll be FOUR-rocious?
  • The Frances Loafer in Velvet // Sleek and plush slip-ons. Thanks for the no-brainer, Madewell! I'm in LOVE!!!
  • Orange Is The New Blue // The type and colors used in this poster were a huge source of inspiration for me this week.
  • We Are Closed Mondays // Founded by Bekka Palmer, this textile brand makes baskets and bags out of rope and thread.
  • Tokyo Dream Sunglasses // Come back, sun! We miss you. I don't even remember what it's like to don sunnies. Sigh.
  • Polite AF Thank You Card // Ghost Academy might be one of my new favorite places to shop for letterpress. 
  • Works of Frederik Krogh // This illustration has made its rounds on Pinterest countless times, but I can find very little about the Danish graphic designer I believe is responsible for the work. If this is your area of expertise, please dish.
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