Friday, September 21, 2018



Happy Friday! I decided to shake up the ol' blog routine this week and bring you a splash of unpredictable content I thought you might enjoy in lieu of my go-to Love List and Thursday's Thoughts. Instead, I've been itching to share a new-to-me shop called Closed on Mondays—a textile brand that makes baskets and bags out of rope and thread from a studio based in Brooklyn. And in case you were wondering, they are indeed closed on Mondays. Here's why:
"We feel as though the traditional Monday through Friday nine to five isn't necessary in the modern world. We believe that if people have a great life outside of work, they bring more energy into their work. "Great life" means different things to different people, but we think that having extra time to take care of life stuff (whether it's family, self-care, doctors appointments, or just a whole day to binge watch TV) allows people to fully focus on work stuff while at work."
While browsing West Elm's latest selection in hopes of spending my beloved reward dollars (because I'm so great at being a customer—natch!), I learned about Closed on Mondays a few weeks ago. I was instantly drawn to the idea of organization mixed with the most delightful colors and textures. It was only when I read about the maker behind the baskets that I realized I was already a huge fan of founder Bekka Palmer's work. Thanks to her feature in Design Crush a few years ago, I've followed her blog for awhile. Go on and feast your eyes on her paintings, sketchbook, and Thread on Film series. While you're at it, take a look at this interview with Palmer on Front + Main —West Elm's blog. I definitely snagged this basket after laying eyes on it (the punchy combo!), and I loved learning about the process used in making the pieces in addition to getting an inside look into Bekka's studio.

 Have a fabulous Friday! Make this weekend count.

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