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FEELING: While Flyboy was deployed earlier this year, he came up with a goal to run in the USMC Marathon in Washington DC, which will take place this Sunday. To sweeten the deal, he'll get to race alongside one of his dearest friends from Swell Rio. It's been fun watching him (did you notice my word choice there?) work toward this goal and helping him carb load along the way. Haha! Despite a few issues with his knee and the occasional stiff neck, his training has gone fairly well and I'm incredibly proud of his commitment. Stay tuned for lots of pictures!!

THINKING ABOUT: Max is obsessed with getting to use the book return slot whenever we visit the library. The last few times we've gone, he proceeds to give EVERY book a good-bye kiss. Germaphobes will probably disagree, but it might be one of the sweetest things to watch. I LOVE that he loves books and that he has a strong immune system.

THANKFUL FOR: I hate typing this because it will probably backfire, but it's been THREE weeks since I had to take a migraine pill. I can't remember the last time that happened. It's been years, honestly! While the Botox has helped tremendously, I think magnesium in the evenings, CBD salve, and staying hydrated have played a huge role as well.

READING: Morgan Harper Nichols is such a beautiful writer. At least once a week, I find myself scribbling one of her poems or inspirational quotes down on a piece of paper. Last week it was this passage spoke to my soul:
"Some people only tell the stories of their struggles in past test. They only speak of all that was conquered and overcome. But I hope you know it is okay if you are the kind who is still traveling slow in the desert sun. It's okay to search for hope when you still feel undone. You are free to thrive and be at peace even when there are not answers for everything. Come alive, dear friend, come alive, in whatever way that looks like."
WATCHING: Last Sunday night my sister and I started watching Modern Love on Amazon. I texted her after watching the first episode only to find out that she was streaming it at the same time. Haha! Great minds, right?! The consensus is that the concept is precious, the cast is insane, and each story is a beautiful representation of real-life love. Have you given the new series a shot? I especially like that each episode is a different story so you can watch one in the evening and you don't feel the need to binge-watch. Melatonin and #momlife aren't always conducive to that.

EATING:  Because Flyboy was going to be away for my birthday, the boys made me a Dump Cake last weekend. With all the Fall celebrations, I think we've had every cake flavor under the sun in two month's time, so this comfort food sounded especially satisfying. The fact that it's a super simple recipe that Max could do mostly on his own was the best part. The end result was delicious paired with some vanilla bean ice cream and took me back to my childhood. It's also the primary reason my pants are fitting a bit tighter this week. Totally worth it, right?? 

: While spinning Sunday afternoon, my Bluetooth disabled just as Max walked into my closet during his quiet time and Lizzo's "Phone" was playing. He's getting to the age where I have to be "responsible" and somewhat choosy in what I let him hear, which is a real joy killer. Ha Ha! The timing wasn't ideal when he started asking why the singer kept asking about the location of her phone, but we agreed that it's a super catchy tune as most of her songs are. "Hey mom, that sounds like a really fun song you were listening to! Can we sing it in the car together sometime?" To which I replied, "Maybe?" and then proceeded to pray that he forget about this jingle and if he does sing anything from it at school maybe it's just the "How I'm 'posed to get home?" part. It sounds like something a preschooler might say.

LOVING: My dad always includes extra fun money in my birthday card and getting to spend it makes me feel like a kid again. I typically end up taking it to Ulta and Sephora to splurge on a new lipstick or hair product. This year I opted for this gorgeous NARS Star Scene Cheek Palette. After two days of use, I'm convinced it was cash well spent because it makes me feel like a glowy queen. I'm already panicking over what I'll do when I run out of the limited-edition palette, which is probably months from now, but that's a pretty good sign I'm obsessed with my purchase. Thanks again, dad!!

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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