Thursday, January 16, 2020


FEELING: I'm not going to lie, 2020 was looking bleak there for a bit. Headlines regarding Iran, wildfires in Australia, along with Meghan and Harry stepping down from their official royal duties—it felt like A LOT to digest for the first week of January! But then Jenna Lyons decided to start posting to her Instagram last Friday and a sense of hope was restored. Call me dramatic if you'd like, but so many of us have been waiting YEARS for this very moment. My heart about burst when I saw footage of her at a photo shoot and an inaugural post complete with #shinyponies.

THINKING ABOUT: I've yet to watch Cheer on Netflix, and I feel so behind. Have you watched the series? I can assure you it's on the top of my weekend to-do list. I promise to report back. From what I've heard, Monica is everything.    

THANKFUL FOR: We're headed to the airport today to pick up Flyboy. Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen? This obviously isn't the end of his coming and going, but it will be nice to have this training box checked. Who knows, maybe we'll get a full week of routine and home-cooked meals as well? Alright, I don't want to be greedy here. I'd totally go for some takeout in exchange for a little help brushing a certain five-year-old's teeth.

WATCHING: If you're looking for a film everyone will love, look no further than The Biggest Little Farm. When I rented it on Amazon, I could tell Flyboy and Max were a bit skeptical by my decision, but it turns out those two knuckleheads loved the documentary the most. Go figure! Then again, how could you not? The earthy film follows two dreamers and their dog over a period of eight years as they struggle to revive a farm in California. I guarantee you'll fall hard John and Molly; their tenacity is inspiring. Oh, and if you're like FB, you might even ask your wife and kid if they'd ever like to have a farm of their own. Erm. That's going to be a no for me! Let's leave that to the Chester family.

READING: According to Max, our latest haul of children's books from the library was pretty great! Here are the hits:

EATING: In an effort to get Max to "eat the rainbow" like all of the good moms, I challenged my kid to eat some broccoli with his mac n' cheese on Sunday night. Y'all, the horror! It took him thirty minutes to work up the courage to eat one little stalk. Sigh. He was such a good eater when he was a baby. I'm sure we'll get there, eventually.  

: Gaby Burger has led me to some of the BEST finds. I mean, the woman is responsible for this amazing cake recipe (need I say more?!), so why wouldn't I love her podcast recommendations as well? This past week, she encouraged all of her IG followers to listen to this podcast featuring Mel Robbins and her five-second rule. I immediately added it to my list and proceeded to give it a listen while Max was at preschool. You guys, Gaby was right! This was exactly what I needed to hear. With the holidays behind us and the start of a new year and decade ahead of us, I noticed I've been worrying about everything again and I've been giving in to a lot of negative self-talk. After a few weeks of being out of my routine, it's more important than ever that I reestablish my good habits (spinning, drinking water, listening to the Headspace app, etc.). Obviously, I didn't need a podcast to tell me all of this, but it did help me understand why I defer to bad habits when my brain is in autopilot. It's a learned behavior and Mel's rule gives you a way to stop yourself from giving in to the worrying and self-doubt and instead engage the prefrontal cortex, which puts a halt to some of these learned habits. Please, do me a favor and listen to this one!   

LOVING: While my sister was visiting for Christmas, I got her hooked on one of my favorite finds from 2019. I'm talking about this Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer. Yes, the packaging is hokey as hell, but don't let that deter you. In my quest to get that subtle sun-kissed glow, I've tried A LOT of different products over the years and this drugstore find has officially replaced my old go-to, which was on the spendy side (like four times the amount of this one).

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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