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THINKING ABOUT: Last week I posted a picture on Instagram of two brave men who died in a plane crash in Afghanistan on January 27th. While their story isn't mine to tell, I felt it was important to share their faces and names in an effort to honor both pilots and ask for prayers for their families. From time to time, you see stuff like this on the news; however, this one hit close to home—as one of the guys was a friend and coworker of Flyboy's from when we were stationed together at Laughlin AFB. Because the dignified transfer (a procedure honoring the return of a service member's remains) is conducted at Dover AFB, Flyboy had the honor of attending the solemn movement alongside some of his friends last Thursday evening. While I stayed home and put Max to bed, my heart ached for these families as they reunited with their loved ones. I felt grateful that my husband came home safely from his deployment last year, but I also felt guilty the same wasn't the case for these two spouses and countless others. For every joyful homecoming, the kind that's complete with homemade signs and happy tears, let us not forget about the fallen. Situations like this certainly put everything into perspective and remind us to hold one another a little tighter. 

FEELING: We visited Wilmington over the weekend for a quick jaunt to Trader Joe's, which just really meant I had an excuse to hop on over to Terrain. Ha! While we were at the beloved store, I got to see my favorite associate (she's got the cutest bob hairstyle, dons adorable black specs, and she's SUPER helpful to boot!) who gave our clearance purchase her seal of approval, which is the ultimate considering she's got great taste. Now, don't get too disappointed when I tell you what we came home with, okay? No, it wasn't some fabulous brass pot or mossy terrarium, but a Christmas tree stand that was seventy percent off. If that's not a sign we're getting boring, I don't know what is! But in our defense, the sweet associate said this German contraption will make life so much easier in the event I have to set up the tree again on my own. It was like the hot mess express over here last December, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about our bargain. I'll be sure to share a full review with you in ten months.

THANKFUL FOR: Beesly has had a stomach bug this past week, complete with diarrhea and vomiting. Ugh! We didn't have plans to take her to the vet, but after a few days of feeding her a bland diet, it just wasn't getting any better and we got worried. We typically take her to the base veterinary clinic (namely for her annual), but they didn't have any availability, so we saw someone in town on Monday evening instead. As silly as it sounds, the visit was a blessing for us. After we had to put Tripp down three years ago (the same day Beesly threw out her other ACL), unplanned visits to the vet make us uneasy and fear for the worst, especially considering Queen Bee's age. This experience was wonderful and reassured us that we have a great option close by in the event we have an emergency in the future. Based on the doctor's feedback and test results, our best girl is in great shape for being 11 years old. Yesssss! 

WATCHING: Have you heard of MasterClass? Have you "attended" any of the online courses? This weekend I plan on checking out lectures by Anna Wintour and David Sedaris. If you've got a favorite that you think I should check out, please share. I'm excited to see what it's all about and grateful to my sister for sharing her login info. Haha!  

READING: Here's are a handful of random articles I've got open on my iPhone browser that I think you'll enjoy... 

EATING: For Super Bowl Sunday, I whipped up this Cowboy Queso Dip and it was CRAZY good! I felt SO confident in how it turned out, I even had Flyboy deliver some to our neighbors across the street and they were equally impressed with the tasty factor. If you have any events or potlucks on the horizon, this recipe is a winner (just like the Chiefs!).

: I brought home a bunch of plants from Produce Junction yesterday to jazz things up indoors and add a little Spring to our house. While transplanting Hyacinth bulbs to a planter on our dining table, Max asked: "Why do you get to make messes with dirt inside the house?" Not entertained by his "curiosity," I whipped out the old "BECAUSE I'M THE MOM!" card and it felt so good to shut him down. I now understand why phrases like this are pure gold for parents. 

LOVING: Because Beesly has had a few unfortunate accidents (thanks to said stomach bug), we decided it was time to finally replace the jute rug under our dining table. The one we got from West Elm a few years ago was great, but I ended up finding something similar on Amazon for a lower price and I'm pleased with the quality (not to mention Prime shipping). The glowing reviews make me think this update was a good move and will certainly freshen up the space.   

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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