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THINKING ABOUT: It was sixty degrees on Tuesday morning, so Max and I decided it was time for another friendly Nerf war outside. Based on my number of hits, I think my aim has improved tremendously because at one point he shouted from atop his playhouse: "Aww man, you hit me in the peanuts!!!" Yep, go ahead and file this under #boymomquotes.

FEELING: If you asked me a few years ago if I thought they should ever remake Jane Austen's Emma on the big screen, I would have told you that wasn't necessary. My girl, Gwyneth, nailed it back in 1996. It remains one of my top-ten favorite films of all time. It's perfection personified. But, the previews for this new flick have me thinking I could open my heart to another option. Can you ever have enough Emma?? I'm not sure when I'm going to see it just yet (it's released in theaters nationwide tomorrow), but I may have to take myself on a little movie date in the coming weeks to see what this version is all about. Based on the snippets I've seen, the costumes and cast look DREAMY.   

THANKFUL FOR: Next Monday we'll go to Arlington Cemetery to see Flyboy's friend laid to rest. Several of his coworkers are flying into Washington DC from various bases to honor this man's legacy as well. Despite the circumstances, it will be nice to reunite with old friends. As many of you are aware, Swell Rio wasn't the easiest base to be stationed at, but with the remote location came close-knit bonds that will be cherished forever.          

WATCHING: This weekend we binge-watched The Outsider on HBO, and now we're all caught up waiting in anticipation for the finale. You guys!! I still don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to watch something Stephen King related with Flyboy. BIG. MISTAKE. HUUUUGE! I'm equal parts frightened and intrigued by the story. How will they put an end to the madness?? I can't take it anymore. Make it stop. Also, more Jason Bateman would have been nice. Just sayin'.

READING: A few nights ago at bedtime, I read Max a book entitled Grandpa's Stories. When I picked it up at the library, I thought the illustrations looked sweet—admittedly that was my primary reason for choosing it. I wasn't prepared for how moving this story would be for both children and adults. As the little girl and her grandpa make their way through the various seasons, I got a lump in my throat when the story took a sudden turn. It was heartbreaking, but a beautiful reminder about how we can remember those we've lost and the comfort that comes with our memories of them.  
EATING: Next week I plan on whipping up a recipe my sister's boyfriend shared with me. He made this salmon for my parents back in December, and they raved about the great flavor. Per Justin's recommendation, it's best to use Inglehoffer Creamy Dill Mustard in lieu of the dijon and mayo mixture used by chef Andrew Rea. It's an easy hack that amps up the seasoning. He also suggests roasted potatoes or asparagus as potential sides with the tasty entree. 

LISTENING: After my last Audible book, I asked for recommendations and ended up choosing Jojo Moyes' The Giver of Stars. If it's good enough for Reese Witherspoon (and my mom), then it's good enough for me, right?? So far I'm enjoying the story, but I've learned that it takes a few hours of tuning into a book before I feel super committed. I've never been the best auditory learner, but podcasts have helped me hone in on this skill and I've noticed there are some major perks to audiobooks as well. Right now I'm still trying to determine who I would cast as Alice if the bestseller became a movie. Perhaps Emily Blunt? Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? 

LOVING: My mom brought the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush with her to Missouri and now I know why it gets such rave reviews. I've used it a few times since and I'm impressed with the way it smooths my hair, which is usually pretty frizzy and requires a straightener or curling iron afterward. I try to rough dry my hair with a blow dryer prior to using this and then finish styling with the Revlon tool. Have you tried this dryer/volumizer?       

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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