Thursday, September 13, 2012

Color Collage

A fall-inspired color collage provoked by this Meg Gleason watercolor composition...
Sometimes it makes me laugh when I hear people talk about color and how it should vary in your home and wardrobe depending on the season. That's a load of hogwash! I warmly welcome the idea of a crisp fall day and pumpkin-spiced lattes, but please don't subject me to drab colors like grey and black with a hint of burgundy or mustard. I'm sorry, but that's never been my idea of a pop of color. It's boring! When I stumbled upon this watercolor, it instantly reminded me of autumn. I guess all of this fall talk in bloggie land has got me pining for cooler days. It made me feel a little closer to sweater-wearing weather and allowed me to mentally escape the predictable 88-degree Hawaiian weather. In this case, colors such as burgundy and mustard are complemented with punchy pops of pink, orange, and green. This piece epitomizes a fun and fabulous fall color palette.
Ruched Ballet Flat // Do what makes you happy... // Eraser // Makeup Bag // The Great Gatsby // Green Target
Love Love Me Do // Paint Samples // Fox Scarf // Colorblock Wallet // Dots & Spots // Leaf // Yellow
Blah Blah Blah Notebook // Orange // Plaid Swatch // Mid-Century Modern Chair // Bangle
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  1. so many happy colors!!:) And I do agree, orange is the happiest color!