Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Fever

Sweater // Boots // Scarf // Lip Pencil // Mini Skirt // Socks // Earrings // Nail Polish // Pumpkin Spice Latte
I'm going to cut to the chase and admit it already -- I'm one bitter apple! For the past few years, we've lived in areas where we've had to forgo the season of fall (i.e. Texas and Hawaii). It just isn't right, folks! My blog reader is brimming with posts of Autumnal goodness, and I'm forced to wear a light sweater with shorts in an effort to "fake" fall. It's a balmy 85 degrees at Lil' Puna, and I'll begin to perspire in my sweater if I start to move around too much. I know what you're thinking -- insert hashtag and punaproblems here -- but the curmudgeon in me has to vent. Now that I got that off my chest, you can find me seated at my computer, where I'll inevitably pin another sweater, or a pair of boots I have no business wearing this year. In addition to all these darling fall looks, I'll end up bookmarking endless recipes that include pumpkins and crock pots. When the day comes and we depart this lovely island, I hope we move somewhere in which we can experience the year's last, loveliest smile -- Autumn.

Note: Is it just me, or does it feel like Andy Rooney took over and wrote today's post? My goodness! I guess that's what a lack of fall weather will do to a girl.

Fall Fashion Flashback: On a funnier note, I thought I'd share something slightly embarrassing with you. I chose this top image because it made me grin from ear to ear. Ever the loyalist, I asked for a pair of Hunter Wellington Boots for my birthday in 1997 -- kinda like the ones in the photo. My dears, that means I was in the 7th grade. What business does a 13-year-old girl have with a pair of $100+ rubber rain boots? I'm not exactly sure, but I asked for them, and my parents bought them for me. I was absolutely ecstatic! We were living in Germany at the time, and I had every intention of wearing them to school with a plaid wool skirt -- just like the models in the J.Crew catalog. Yeesh! The day came and the boots arrived in the mail. I'll never forget the look on my mom's face as I tried them on. I could tell the "look" I was going for just wasn't working. I struggled to pull the boots over my monstrous calves. In our family, we have a build similar to that of German peasant stock. We're naturally bigger on the bottom. My mom often jokes that we were meant to carry the king up the hill to his castle. I think it makes complete sense! Now, whenever I tell this story, someone inevitably interjects and says something like, "Oh it couldn't have been THAT bad..." Believe me, it wasn't good. You see, my ankle-to-calf-to-thigh ratio has always been rather wonky. I tried to be like Tim Gunn and make it work, but I ended up returning them instead. When I see a pair of Hunter wellies today, I usually end up shaking my head and smiling. I guess this is one look I'll leave to the Duchess of Cambridge; she has it perfected.

Enough about me, how about you? 
Have you experienced a crisp fall day? Partaken in any Autumn activities?
Guilty of a fall fashion Faux pas or blunder?
Do tell.

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I love your fall picks! Sadly, I live in Louisiana and we don't experience fall either. I feel your pain! I've been known to turn the AC up so that we can have a fire in the house and it feels like fall/winter (it's terrible, I know, haha). Also, I'm glad you're back! I missed reading every morning.

  2. I hear you on the lack of fall! It's one of the highlights of our current middle of nowhere NM base. Though, it's still in the 90's during the day here!

  3. I agree with Katie...I'm glad you're back. My morning cups of coffee weren't the same without you. I had to try an enjoy the MSN home page.

    In CA we have most of the seasons, but they're all shifting ahead a few months. I think Fall hits here in early November.

    My fashion faux pas that makes me cringe today: high wasted pants. They're simply not a good look on anyone! I have two teenage daughters trying to pull it off now! Help me help them.


  4. I love this post and can agree with you that every fall except for the past year (when I moved to NYC) I was in Texas and there is absolutely no transition to fall, which on a different note, you lived in Texas? Where? Love that!

    And you were absolutely one stylish 13 year old back in 1997, wow I had no clue what Hunter Boots, or anything even somewhat stylish, were back then!:)

  5. EEEK! I love all things fall. I made a vegetable beef soup to cuddle up with tonight... then it happened to be 85 degrees. Oh well! I still ate the soup in my sweats. :)

  6. This post is so endearing. *sigh* We have about three days of fall weather here in TN. And they're usually late November, I'd guess. :) This sweater/boot/apple spice kick always ticks me off, too, because it's still rather warm here.