Monday, September 24, 2012

Life's Little Details

"The details are not the details. They make the design." -- Charles Eames
Can I just start off by telling you how much I missed you?! Interaction with YOU makes this a fun endeavor; it's the writing and creating of posts that can be somewhat tedious at times. When I take a bloggie vacation, I rarely miss the posting, but I do miss hearing from you! How have you been? What have I missed?

I put this post together on Sunday afternoon, and I'll be honest -- I needed A LOT of motivation. Thankfully, a Pumpkin-Spice Latte from SBUX, a clean house, and a call from my mom and dad got the creative juices flowing. As with most things, it's always a little rough to get back into the swing of the ol' routine. I opened my laptop and it felt a little awkward at first. I went one week without blogging and suddenly my wrists were stiff, and I couldn't find a way to get comfy. Do you ever have this problem? The time I'd set aside to work on m' blog wasn't going as smoothly as I'd hoped; I was fussy and restless. After a few deep breaths and a brief Pinterest intermission, I started sorting through recent photos. I couldn't help but smile as I relived moments from this past week. We had such an amazing time with my father-in-law; it was both action packed and relaxing (if that's even possible)! Take a gander at some of my favorite memories -- they're the details that make this life a whole lot sweeter.

Warning: I had a hard time editing this batch of photos. Get ready for a whole lotta fun and festivities in one post! I guess I can thank Mae West for reminding us that "Too much of a good thing is wonderful."

Can you tell I was excited to leave the island? I had a reason to pack! // Two (actually three) tickets to paradise... //
Ready to board the plane for the 30-minute flight. // C-17s parked on the ramp at Hickam AFB. I thought I'd snap a quick pic.
My view from the backseat of the rental car. It was fun to listen to these two and their banter. // Flyboy at Volcanoes National Park
// We were so excited to experience a chill and wear jackets. Can you tell? // Taking in the beautiful landscape. It's a geological dream!
The sign said it was only a 1.4 mile jaunt to the petroglyphs, but it felt longer. Perhaps we were just hot and hungry. // A sea arch.
// We wanted a picture next to the ocean and got some random man in a kayak. Bonus! // A colorful Hawaiian Hibiscus.
We took my FIL to Boot's & Kimo's for Macadamia Nut Pancakes. He managed to eat an omelet in addition to the pancakes. Woah! // We spent one afternoon "dropping bows" AKA archery. // I made myself useful by carrying the arrows. This duty and braiding my hair are as close as I come to Katniss. // I was told I needed to wear closed-toed shoes that weren't ballet flats, so I turned to my trusty Tretorns. 
When partaking in activities such as archery and a trip to the Pacific Aviation Museum, it's natural for my mind to wander. I caught myself snapping photos of aged metal numbers, plane details, etc. This proved to be quite dangerous at the Aviation Museum when a docent cornered me and proceeded to tell me about every plane in the hangar. Flyboy and FIL were nowhere to be found.
I thought this "Remove Before Flight" tab was cool, but the docent explained to me that this was from the enemy's jet and it was ludicrous to take a picture of such a thing.  Ah, to learn the power of a gracious exit... // I love an afternoon at the beach, nose-deep in a good book. Be sure to check out Blog Inc.! // The view from Kualoa Beach Park. // My colorful ensemble for a day at the museum.
Most evenings ended with a gimlet and time spent in the backyard. It doesn't get much better than that! // While Beesly went to the groomer, Tripp joined us at the beach. Flyboy and FIL went fly fishing at Hickam Harbor. Despite Tripp's glum expression, he was actually quite happy. I promise! It was a morning of Frisbee and fishing bliss. // FIL said he drank his way across the island. Here's proof! // After a busy week, it was nice to sleep in a little. Of course, this charming sleep mask makes it that much sweeter!
Welp, there you have it... the last week's events compiled into one lengthy post! Tired yet?
Not to worry, I've got a bunch of fun things lined up for the week ahead.

I hope your Monday is marvy.
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  1. Your trip looks amazing!! I hope this week is just as grand!

  2. Ashley, so glad you're back! Your posts were greatly missed last week. I just had to take this chance to tell you that I am a new reader, and I'm totally obsessed! Your fabulous blog always brings a smile to my face and inspires me throughout my hum-drum work day. Also, my mom and I (also separated by an ocean) basically think of Tripp and Beesley as celebrities! Every time they make an appearance, we text each other. Doggy stalkers? Maybe. But we too are owners of the GR/Berner combo, and can't resist your pups. Thanks so much for all the smiles :)

  3. Those superga spots get me every time!!!!

  4. Let's see. I LOVE FIL's glasses. The Emmys were sort of a bust, in my opinion. And The New Normal is rocking my socks. Thoughts?