Monday, December 8, 2014


It's official! We've got a smiling maniac on our hands, and I LOVE it!!
A card too pretty to send. Okay, I'm definitely going to hoard it, frame it, and display it in the house. I'm sorry, I'm not sorry.
Because even the Christmas tree deserves a little J.Crew lovin'... Hey, we don't discriminate around here!
Flyboy has gone all Clark Griswold on our base housing unit. Every nook and cranny of the yard is bedecked with white twinkle lights.
I know I've mentioned this print ad nauseum, but Charles and Ray Eames make me incredibly giddy. Always and forever.
Sometimes he makes me want to pull out my hair and sometimes he's REALLY sweet. I prefer moments like these.
Max occasionally humors me and we discuss things like Pantone colors. Last week, we concluded that Marsala is no bueno.
Waking up early comes with the territory of being new parents, but I don't mind if it means I get the Christmas lights all to myself.
Flyboy and his dad created this adorable T-6 to adorn the front yard for the holidays. It looks pretty darn close to the aircraft he currently flies.
Very rarely will Tripp allow me to snap a quick pic of him. Thankfully, I was able to sneak up on him this weekend in mid-snooze. Score!!
I had to add a little Christmas cheer to Max's nursery. In case you're wondering, the zebra on his gallery wall is totally sporting a Santa hat.

Happy Monday, m' dears! I hope your weekend was just as fabulous as you are. 
Max and I are off to get his first round of shots this afternoon. Wish us luck! We're going to need it.

Now spill the beans, how the heck was your weekend? What made you bust out in a happy dance? I'm just dying to know.
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