Monday, December 22, 2014


Sweet freedom! A small purse feels like such a luxury when you have a baby. 
Just when I thought I was in a wrapping rut, I was instantly inspired by Emily Rickard's adorable packaging.
Over Christmas break, I plan to do super exciting things like hang shelves in my bathroom. Naturally, quirky art work is a must.
Sometimes when Max has his meltdowns, I make him wear an adorable hat. I might as well get some enjoyment from the colicky cries.
This frog puppet is a riot. He hangs out in Max's stocking, and I'm obsessed with his cuteness. That being said, his eyes kind of creep me out when it's dark.
The gallery wall above my desk got a few cheerful updates. The punchy pick-me-up and ode to Eames are just what the doctor ordered.
This Emily Rickard abstract perfectly illustrates the joy I feel in my heart.
Max, you make loving fun—especially when you choose to smile instead of sob. 
When the sun comes out and the baby sleeps, you savor the afternoon by grabbing a notebook, magazine, and a bottle of fizzy water.
Bust out the tape and tinsel because there's been some hard core wrapping going on around here.
Doodle updates to the chalkboard with a merry and bright holiday reminder.
This might be one of my favorite ornaments. Okay, I say that about all of them. I just really adore the fringe.
How precious are these mocs for Max handmade by my father-in-law?!

Happy Monday, m' dears! The closer we get to Christmas, the more I feel this need to slow down and be still. I want to soak up every minute with my sweet little family. Our time together feels more precious than ever since Max came into our lives this past October. In fact, as I prep today's post, I can't seem to focus. You see, my dear bebe has discovered his fingers. While he rocks away in his swing, I watch as he curiously gazes at his phalanges and excitedly coos about life. Occasionally, I'll catch him smile at shadows and kick his feet with delight. How did I get so lucky to call him mine?! Moments like these are such a precious gift, and I feel incredibly blessed. As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season surrounds me, my twelve pound baby with such a ferocious spirit reminds me to stop and appreciate the simplest joys. That's precisely what Christmas is all about. 

Now how was your weekend? Are you jazzed about the holidays? I'm dying to know.

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