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Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! I'm so excited to be reunited with my dear family this Saturday. As a result, I can't seem to focus on much of anything at the moment. Perhaps it's best for all of us if we get on with the snazzy details already...

  • I bought these striped sneakers for Max last March when we visited a H&M store in Washington D.C. Unsure of his shoe size at the time, I opted for the largest pair I could find. Certainly it would be awhile before he'd fit into them, right?! Um, not quite... I guess I forgot about the puffy factor. You see, my sweet babe has some thick hooves that I rarely have to think about when he's sporting his trusty moccasins. So while organizing his closet last week, I pulled the striped sneakers out to try on—you know, just for "kicks" and giggles. I was certain they would be much too big and we'd have to wait a few more months before Max could strut around in them. Like a scene straight from Cinderella, I struggled to get them on his feet. How could he possibly outgrow them already? With great determination to see them grace his feet at least once, I managed to get them on with just enough time for a quick photo op and he proceeded to tear them off.
  • When you look up the definition of mischief, you will find the faces in the second photo. These days I can't look away for a second or I'll find the adorable duo into some sort of trouble, but I guess that's what you get when you choose the name Max. It's the curse of the Wild Thing. Most of my day is spent following the babe and Bees around the house saying the word "no." Whether he's crawling or cruising around in his walker, we make countless trips around the apartment. You'd think this place would get old by the third or fourth trip, but Max always manages to discover something new.
  • It didn't take long for me to pull the trigger on this purchase, but hear me out on this one... The Uptown Tote is the PERFECT bag for schlepping around all of Max's necessities. Okay, and maybe some of my stuff too! But that color? Gah! I'm certain this was what John Denver meant when he penned the lyrics, "sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy."
  • Rachel of Pencil Shavings Studio fame sent me a box of gorgeous pillows with the intent to be styled. Is this a dream? After fawning over these colorful beauties for weeks, it's been so much fun sprucing up drab corners inside and outside of the house! I still can't believe all of the color and print options offered via PSS; it's absolutely dreamy! Oh, and the fact that the pillows can be utilized outdoors is a HUGE bonus when you spend as much time living outside as we do. It's just too bad I'm stingy and want the pillows to follow me from room to room throughout the day. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out an exact spot for each pillow, but for now I'll continue to stare at all of the happy hues and designs.
  • Max managed to kill my snail mail game in a really big way. After months of sending very few notes (the horror!), I've made it a point these past two weeks to sit down on Sunday afternoon and send an envelope or two out to family and friends. I forgot how therapeutic it is for me to sit with a blank notecard, a set of stamps, some washi tape, and a pen. I think I ought to make this a habit! Of course, cute new stationery from Sugar Paper is the perfect motivation.
  • One of my sister's friends is a co-owner of Logboat Brewing Co.—a craft brewery in our beloved college town, Columbia, Missouri. Since Aubrey's friend was celebrating his birthday, we figured it was time for Max to get in on the celebration and flaunt his favorite brew, Snapper IPA. The expressions from this particular series of photos just crack me up.
  • Since Max kicked back an entire six-pack of Snappers, I had no choice but to indulge in an iced coffee. This afternoon treat has become something I look forward to every day. Thank goodness for nap time and Crest Whitestrips!

Enough about me. What are some of YOUR highlights from this past week?

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