Thursday, August 6, 2015


THINKING ABOUT: Upon finding out I was pregnant with a boy last year, this J.Crew fanatic was elated to add a few of their baby items to Max's wardrobe. Sure I was smitten with the miniature gingham button-downs and colorful wool sweaters, but I didn't realize how much I'd adore their onesies. They're perfect! Since Max inherited my long torso, we quickly learned that it doesn't take him very long to outgrow his onesies. He needs the added length, and that's precisely what J.Crew's basics had to offer. Although a tad bit snug in the belly, there are still a few 3-6 month onesies that Max can wear from m' fave store. Eager to add more to his closet, I hopped on the website a few weeks ago and was heartbroken when I realized there's no longer a baby section. What the what?! I really hope they plan to bring the collection back because their basics were some of my favorite purchases—well worth the money!

FEELINGLast Wednesday while waiting for Max's doctor to see us, I got a glimpse of what things might look like on the plane this Saturday. All I can say is, YIKES! Up until this point, I wasn't too worried about traveling solo with the babe. I'm not sure what I was thinking; I tend to worry about everything. In fact, I probably should have worried about NOT worrying. Sure kids are unpredictable, but I figured as long as I packed a sense of humor and armed myself with ALL the baby gear, I would show up as prepared as possible for our trip. What I failed to remember is that the baby I'm flying with this time around is not the same Max I flew with four months ago. Nope. This nine month old is active and has no concept of what it means to sit still. Perhaps it would have been smart to practice this lesson in the weeks leading up to our departure. TOO LATE! Ugh, I guess this is what I get for encouraging him to jump, walk, crawl, etc. in an effort to wear him out each day. And since tranquilizing babies is frowned upon, I can only pray we're seated next to patient passengers. We're all in for a very memorable flight and a round of stiff drinks at our end destination.

THANKFUL FOR: Just as my dad promised, all of Max's crawling and cruising has resulted in some pretty lengthy naps. I'm going to try my best not to get too used to it, but I'll definitely enjoy one of the few perks to a curious and mobile baby for now.

EATING: This Grilled Corn Salad recipe featured on A Cup of Jo!! It's happening tonight and I'm all sorts of giddy. Someone tell me, is there anything better than a good char on fresh corn? Clearly I'm ready for ten days in Iowa...

LISTENING TO: Because Max struggles with digestion, his doctor recommended I make him a daily Droopy Poopy Smoothie (her words, not mine). So immediately after the appointment, we headed off to Wally World in the 102-degree heat to load up on ground flaxseed and a special organic yogurt that's chock-full of probiotics. Seems easy enough, right?! WRONG. Max refuses to drink out of anything but his bottle. Let's rewind to a few months ago, shall we? Flyboy was drinking from his own water bottle and Max was intrigued. FB proceeded to squeeze his bottle making a poof sound and Max flinched. Since then, our neurotic babe has remained leery of any bottle that doesn't require a nipple. We've tried straws, sippy cups, regular drinking glasses, etc. Nothing works. So imagine my dilemma when I whip up a batch of Droopy Poopy Smoothies and Max refuses to drink out of any of the cups and bottles he's presented. After dirtying seven different drinking vessels, I opted to pour the Droopy Poopy Smoothie into his bottle and cut an opening in the nipple. Ah-ha! Unfortunately, my genius plan was a flop because Max got ticked off and chucked the entire smoothie across the kitchen. Droopy Poopy Smoothie was everywhere. A week has passed since we received the doctor's orders and this stubborn child continues to refuse the fruity drink. I just want him to successfully down some of the concoction (it's delicious, I swear!) at least once so I don't have to hear myself say Droopy Poopy Smoothie ever again. What has my life come to? Honestly.

WATCHING: All aboard the fun bus! This last week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County had me rolling. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard at a TV show. In fact, I think my obnoxious cackling managed to wake Flyboy. Oops! Please tell me someone out there tuned in. Let's dish! Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon were hammered beyond belief, which I found hysterical. And what about when Vicki commandeered the golf cart to dinner? I lost it, you guys. Somewhere deep down I want to believe that Vacation Ashley could totally "whoop it up" with the OG of the OC, but I just know I wouldn't stand a chance.

READING: My sister found the quote featured above on Instagram and tagged my mom and me. After reading it, I was overcome with joy and excitement. It's all SO true! Growing up in the military, we had no choice but to get used to missing our people. Whether it be friends or family members, you learn how to say good bye often (almost 30 years of experience and it never gets easier), and you eagerly count the days until you're reunited next. While a big part of me wishes my dad and Flyboy could join us for this upcoming trip, I know our Iowa reunion with family will be brimming with memories. Bring on the hugging, the stories, and togetherness.

LOVING: I have very flat and fine hair so I'm always looking for new ways to get some volume and texture. After reading a ton of rave reviews, I decided to give Amika Un.Done Texture Spray a whirl and I love the results! It's giving all kinds of life to my messy topknot. Oh, and it smells fantabulous, too—a HUGE win when you wash your hair twice a week! I definitely won't hesitate to buy this again.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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