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Happy Tuesday, m' dears! It's been awhile since we last touched base. Sorry 'bout that! I honestly never intended to take a two-week hiatus from m' blog, but I think I needed some time to digest Max's first birthday and my parents' recent trip to Texas. So. Many. Emotions. And SOOOOO much gratitude!!! I suppose sharing photos in a blog post means that I finally have to accept that the party is over and it's time I get back at the Swell Rio routine. But even as I sit here and attempt to summarize  what the past few weeks have meant to me in writing, I can't help but draw a blank. It may be awhile before I can eloquently express how it is that I'm feeling (MAX IS ONE!!!), so for now I'll let the photos do the talking and leave you with a few random thoughts...

  • I did a lot of useless planning for Max's birthday, and I learned the details were mostly for my own benefit. He could have cared less about the personalized papel picado banners, fringed party horns (that never arrived), or the catchy hashtags I concocted in his honor. Ha Ha! It was all about the cake, wrapping paper, and talking birthday cards. In this age of Pinterest and Instagram, it's only human to be wooed by all of the picturesque party images. However, in the end we were lucky to capture the moment with a few decent photos. Bonus points if Max wasn't crying or moving!
  • On the morning of Max's birthday, Flyboy and I took the babe to the clinic for his one-year wellness exam. Getting all three of us out the door by 9 am is a bit tricky, so I opted NOT to wash my hair and threw it up in a messy bun. BIG mistake. Later that afternoon after holding back a flood of tears, it was time for cake and pictures. I was all "Waaaaaah, my baby is turning one!!" and the proof is in the photo outtakes. Trust me. My hair is a greasy mess and my makeup is atrocious (hence the black and white images). Thank goodness the rest of our posse proved to be photogenic that day.
  • On the bright side, Max must have known I was due to wash my hair because as soon as I passed my camera to my mom and posed for a quick pic, he took his frosting smothered fingers and went straight for my unsightly weave and schoolboy blazer. I had NO idea that frosting could stink so bad because hours later a gross stench lingered. A shower and trip to the dry cleaner were in my immediate future. Oh, memories...
  • In an effort to spread a little party cheer, I mailed a dozen boxes (filled with piñatas, balloons, maracas, etc.) to members of our family so they could help celebrate Max's first birthday. I never envisioned they would be such a hit!! Throughout the day, we received emails and text messages with photos of our relatives donning their party sombreros and mustaches while enjoying their very own #TEXMAX feasts. I'm excited to print all of the photos and make a book with the pictures. One day Max will look back on the images and he'll be reminded that he's SO very loved.
  • My parents left Texas a week ago and I'm just now at a point where I can (kind of) talk about them without getting all choked up, so I'll keep this next part short and sweet. With each visit and the more time they're able to spend with Max, I feel blessed beyond measure. We're a pretty close-knit family, so I didn't think it was possible to love them any more. However, adding Max to the equation has only intensified my adoration and respect for my mom and dad. Seeing them interact with my baby is one of life's greatest gifts. I'm eternally grateful for the love and support they've shown me these past thirty years, but there's something incredibly special about watching them give that same love to my child.

Alright, enough about me. Tell me what's been going on with YOU! I'm a little bit rusty at this blogging bit, but it's nice to be back.

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