Friday, October 30, 2015


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Large Cowbone Beads // When we visited Austin earlier this month with my parents, my mom and I wandered into one of our favorite boutiques. I still kind of kick myself for not picking up a set of these beads. While simple and unassuming, they make quite a statement! This is one necklace that is most definitely Iris approved. Layer 'em up, ladies!
  • Pink and White Juju Hat // Roll your eyes if you must, but I really think juju hats have therapeutic qualities. For instance, I've had mine for a year (Thanks, mom and dad!), and whenever I catch a quick glance of this plucky piece of artwork, I can't help but smile. One day when I hit the jackpot, I plan to outfit every room with at least one. I'll start with this...
  • Full-Size Halloween // Got any plans? Are you dressing up? We plan to keep it simple in Swell Rio. I'll pass out candy, and I've got my fingers crossed that Max cooperates for a quick photo op. Wish us luck!
  • Yellow Zig-Zag Bowl // How fabulous would this look on a gallery wall? We're talking about a serious pop of color, and I'm obsessed with the great texture. A purchase from Far and Wide Collective helps artisans like Quazi Designs, which supports women in Swaziland and small business growth, helping to improve their lives and the lives of their children.
  • June Beetle Rhinestones // In the event you feel the need to get your DIY on, look no further than For the Makers. This is the coolest craft store. Ever. Now which kit should I try first? I'm thinking this Azaelea Wrapped Bracelet Kit is a MUST.
  • Parker Crossbody Bag // Carrying a big tote is great and all, but I miss having the option to don something more compact. Now that Max is getting older and needs less stuff, I'm excited to dust off my favorite bags for quick trips.
  • Cable-Knit Sweater // I wouldn't say it's cold enough in Texas for chunky sweaters yet, but this cable-knit cutie has me dreaming about Winter weather. Coming in just under $50, this is a definite wardrobe staple.
  • Brass Pen // While doing some research for an upcoming project, I stumbled upon this brass beauty. Hubba hubba!
  • 12-Month Agenda // Fact: I'm fairly certain I'd buy anything that's smothered in Kate Spade green or gold foil.
  • Cat Ear Headband // With an accessory this adorable, I might just consider wearing cat ears. Gasp! Who am I?! No, really.
  • October // How is October (almost) already over?? As expected, my favorite month was once again one for the books.
  • Short Wrap Skirt // I cannot even. You guys, I think I just died and went to stripe jacquard heaven. She's a real beaut!
  • Bottle Opener // One magnet catches the bottle cap; the other allows the bottle opener to be kept on the fridge. Genius!
  • Pom-Pom Booties // These knitted slippers slay me! Eek! Oh, and I may have bought the matching jumpsuit for Max. Squeeeeee! Clearly, I'm bound and determined to make this little boy look like a baby forever. Sorry, I'm not sorry...
  • Mongolian Fur Bench // Has a piece of furniture ever reminded you of someone you know? Maybe that's just me. Anywho, this fabulous number has my mom's name written ALL over it. What a stunner!!

Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears! Make it count. Oh, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
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