Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Since Max graced us with his presence, my snail-mail game has become pretty lame. After missing the boat on Christmas cards last December, I promised myself I would get Valentines out to family and friends. While I'd love to create snazzy personalized cards, I was crushed when I realized on Monday that February is HERE and I have a rambunctious tot on my hands. Yowzah! Thankfully, I found a handful of keepers at Greer — a fabulous stationery shop that offers a variety of cards from familiar brands like Rifle Paper Co. and Sugar Paper, in addition to less-known indie makers like Elum and Hello Lucky. Because my list of recipients vary in age and snark, it's nice to have some colorful options ALL in one place. Within ten minutes, I was able to cross another item from my to-do list. Now if I could just teach the babe to address and stamp envelopes! I'm sure we'll master that sometime this morning... Right?!

In search of the perfect Valentine? Look no further. Greer is your one-stop shop.

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post. I'm just thrilled with my Greer experience and eager to share with readers.

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