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Hello, LOVELY! It's been awhile, hasn't it?! Sorry 'bout that! Would you believe the day I plan to make my grand blog return Max comes down with a terrible cold and is more needy than ever? Because of course... Thankfully I've decided to break our trip recap into a few parts (I hope you don't mind the massive photo dump!), and it just so happens the pictures in today's post are pretty self-explanatory. That being said, there are a few little details I thought I'd jot down because I really don't want to forget them...

  • Do you see the bag up top? That puppy was chock-full of snacks to get Max to MO. It was by far the heaviest bag we took with us, and by the time we arrived in Sedalia most of the contents were gone. Mom skills on fleek.
  • Even with a pesky toddler in tow, road trips with my husband are the absolute best! In fact, the second image is one of my favorite photos on the camera roll because it's quintessential Flyboy. I've seen this reaction countless times and it's probably the very reason I married the guy. In this particular moment The Rig's gas light went off and I fllllllllllllipped out. FB knows that this is enough to make my skin crawl, so if I'm not paying attention he will allow it to happen to get a rise out of me. I would NEVER in my life walk on the wild side like that. What's the point? And since I was too busy operating my nifty gopher reaching tool (picking up whatever it was that Max opted to chuck) and passing out snacks, I forgot to check our diesel situation. Good grief! While I frantically pointed to the next gas station, somebody laughed his head off. That right there is the stuff that memorable road trips are made of. Trust me on this one.
  • Every time we travel with Max we find that his needs are completely different than the last. Driving sixteen hours with a 21-month-old child isn't the smartest decision we've made, but we survived thanks to a few pit stops, Sesame Street songs, and snacks. We knew the haul to the Show-Me State wasn't going to be easy, so we decided to break it up into two days of driving. I'm not going to lie, there were times I stared at my cup of water and wished so badly there was a fizzy cocktail inside. The constant screaming, crying, and throwing was enough to make us go BONKERS! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! To curb some of the travel insanity, we made sure to take quick breaks in San Antonio and Waco the first day based on the time we arrived in both cities and Max's activity level (sky high in the morning and late afternoon). Anyone familiar with I-35 knows traveling that stretch is the worst, so we were more than ecstatic to get past Austin and stretch our legs at THE Magnolia Market and dine at In and Out. Oh hey, Chip and JoJo!!
  • As longtime fans of Fixer Upper visiting the Gaines family's silos was everything we thought it would be and MORE. The space is cozy and quaint enough to feel at home, but large enough to accommodate the giddy crowd of fans—even on a bustling and steamy market day as we experienced. Because our first visit was more rushed than we wanted it to be, we're already plotting our next trip. The city of Waco is an absolute delight, and I'd love to spend more time exploring the college town. Not to mention, I could have done some SERIOUS damage at Magnolia Market. I spent so much time gawking at the gorgeous displays and overwhelming group of visitors I didn't even leave with any treasures or treats.

Alright, that's enough rambling for now. Duty calls! Somebody needs another Boogie Wipe. More to come tomorrow.

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