Thursday, August 18, 2016


THINKING ABOUT: Last week, while parked at a stop sign, I went searching through my bag to make sure I didn't forget the grocery list when I stumbled upon a random Milkbone and a large toy plane (definitely NOT of the Matchbox variety). I can only imagine that when I put the dogs up before we boarded The Rig, the treat Max was supposed to give to the dogs ended up in my mom bag along with his beloved toy. Because, you know, I don't haul enough of this kid's necessities around with me anyway...

THANKFUL FOR: On Saturday Max and I are headed to DC to spend some time with my parents. Hooray! Since Max turns two in less than two months (what the what?!), we figured it wouldn't hurt to arrange one more trip in which we don't have to pay for our tot's airfare. And since we had some extra points to use toward a plane ticket (thanks hail damage!), we figured this would be a great opportunity for us to get away and see family out east. Because, um, this mama needs a break... To say I'm overjoyed would be a giant understatement! However, I do feel a little guilty leaving Flyboy behind on the border, but he's assured me that he'll keep busy with the help of work, our sweet pups, weekend cycling, and copious amounts of frozen pizza. Phew! And so begins the next 72 hours of pep talks, which will convince me I'll own this whole traveling solo with a toddler thing. Gulp. 

EATING: I can't even remember the last time I penned a Thursday's Thoughts post, but I do know that I tried the world's easiest recipe and it resulted in the tastiest marinara sauce. Ever. With only FOUR INGREDIENTS, I didn't expect much from this tomato sauce recipe by The Faux Martha, but it was a big hit at our house. In fact, I've made it four different times since I originally tried it and the feedback from my family (well, Flyboy and Max...) is the same as the first time I made it because it's just that DELICIOUS! 

WATCHING: Bravo peeps! What's your opinion on the new OC housewife, Kelly? I really wanted to like her, but this latest confrontation with Shannon at Meghan's dinner is making it difficult. Yowzah! Also, what about all of the drama surrounding Luann's beau on RHONY? How's it possible for the Countess to overlook a tiny detail like that? Is she that desperate to be hitched?!

LISTENING TO: We had a tornado warning yesterday afternoon. Conveniently the siren began blaring right after Max went down for a nap, so I grabbed the half-pint, both hounds, and we hunkered down in Flyboy's bathroom until the base area was cleared. For those of you interested, I was not able to coax my sleepy toddler into hitting his crib for an encore snooze as I hoped. Fat chance!

READING: Since I'll soon have the luxury of passing Max off to m' rents (air five, anyone??), I think I might download Shauna Niequist's recent best seller, Present Over Perfect, and devour her latest batch of essays while I'm away. Have any of you read it yet? I've heard nothing but rave reviews, but I think that's because the topic resonates with so many people like myself. Who wouldn't want to leave busyness behind and embrace the person we were made to be? I'm excited to see what she has to say.

LOVING: Let's talk about the return of pink at J.Crew. Excuse me, what I meant to say was that bold hue my favorite store is so lovingly referring to as WILD FLAMINGO! Cue the happy dance, y'all! Yaaaaaaaaaas Jenna and Mickey, yaaaaaaaaas! THIS is what I'm talking about, my friends. And as if all the new goodies aren't fabulous enough, I find myself wishing now, more than ever, that I was part of the official color cataloging crew at 770 because you know a gig like that has got to be the BEST. JOB. EVER.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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