Friday, September 22, 2017


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • The Juliette Oxford // Borrowed from the boys, the Brogue has been one of m' fave shoes since middle school.
  • Telegram Postcards and Pencil Set // Just when I thought Mr. Boddington couldn't create anything more adorable. Et VOILA! I think I need a set of each. Oh, and if you're not following the mister on Insta, you're missing out! Color lovers will be obsessed with his hue-naming series. I dream about entering the contest and winning for my quirky color title.
  • Illustrations by Charlotte Trounce // This week's whimsical muse can be attributed to the lovely Charlotte Trounce. 
  • Bonita Drop Earrings // Fridays were made for frills and fringe. This playful POC is shouting HELLO, WEEKEND!!
  • Hold It! Magnetic Keepers // What's better than organization whose aesthetic is both bold and cheeky?! Not much.
  • RMS Lip2Cheek // The ideal rosy red to make you feel put-together, no matter how much the day gets away from you.
  • Striped Smile Sweatshirt // A pint-sized Breton that's hard to beat. Something tells me Max is going to need one.
  • Amour Sweatshirt // This supersoft layer was made with The Love List in mind.  You're welcome for the inspo, J.Crew.
  • Birthday Decisions // We're still a month out from my b-day, but it's never too early for this bag lady to start considering her options. On one hand, it's hard to deny the Mimi Tote by Parker Thatch—such a practical and fun staple . Then again, how fabulous is this sunny Clare V. Foldover Clutch? This could be the prettiest predicament I've faced in awhile!
  • On-The-Dot Clipboard // I don't think I'll ever tire of KSNY's microdot. It's chic, simple, and never goes out of style.
  • Mateo Hardwood Bench // I'm constantly impressed with the fabulous selection at CB2. They're kind of killing it!
  • Pink Large Scarf // Humidity and triple-digits be damned, I simply can't wait to don a scarf this Fall and Winter. Woo Hoo!

Happy Friday, m' dears! Make this weekend count. 
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