Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Happy Wednesday, m' dears! I thought we'd return from Marfa last Saturday evening and I'd be the only one "changed" (Hello, massive concrete works by Donald Judd! Sigh.). However, it appears Max also experienced a spiritual awakening after our overnighter as he woke up Sunday morning and decided he no longer wanted to wear diapers. Gulp! Alright then, here we go...

Naturally, the comfort I've found in our little routine has been thrown upside down and we're currently operating off of 30-minute timers that act as courteous reminders for Max and me to visit the toilet frequently. I'm not sure what this means for the ol' blog schedule—today's post could be the first and last for the week—but I'm attempting to take it all in stride and act as chill as this Type-A control-freak mother can be. Internet, I have NO clue what I'm doing. Quite honestly, I aimed to attack this messy toddler milestone while Flyboy was away in Oklahoma for his C-17 requal training. Oy! Leave it to Max to call the shots when I'm not necessarily as prepared as I hoped to be. Then again, this has kind of been the theme of the past three years anyway. Ha!

So while I'm holed up in the bathroom for the next hour coaxing Maxwell to tinkle with a bag of Dollar Tree prizes, cleaning up accidents with ALL the bleach (because they ALWAYS happen within five minutes of us departing the bathroom), counting the hours until it's socially acceptable to sip on gin for moral support, and wondering if we'll EVER get to leave our house again, I hope you enjoy my Marfa photo dump (sorry, but the word choice seemed apropos). The colorful images will do their best to convey just how much this trip filled my heart with joy. The quirky nature of this desert oasis and an endless assortment of delectable carbs left me feeling incredibly grateful for my tribe and anxious for whatever adventures await—even the toilet training variety (sorta).

Note: I'm currently accepting any/all potty-training tips. Sweet readers, gimme errrrything you got. I can use all the help I can get with this kid! In exchange, I'll tell you whatever you want to know about Marfa and answer any questions you have about today's pics. Deal?? I also vow to never use the word "dump" unless I'm quoting Sisqo lyrics, ranch, or discussing an actual truck. Promise!

Alright, enough from me. How's your week?! 

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