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THINKING ABOUT: Over the weekend Max was being Max, and let's just say Flyboy and I had no choice BUT to get creative with our discipline. Again. You see, there's an ugly ball pendant light (Thanks base housing!) that hangs above my desk. I'm sensitive to light and it's aesthetically hideous, so we rarely turn the thing on. Anywho, we told our toddler that the giant white ball is a surveillance camera. In the event he acts up and we need the police to come pick him up, all we need to do is flip the light switch four times and a cop car will be on the way. Because Max is a kid who craves ALL the information, Flyboy flipped his phone camera so our toddler could have a better idea of what it is the police see when they're "watching" us. At one point on Sunday, FB even walked up to the pendant light and started "speaking" to an officer. Whenever the camera is mentioned, Max's eyes get HUGE and it nips the bad behavior in the bud for maybe five minutes. Hey, we'll take whatever victories we can get whenever we can get them! 

FEELINGIf you want to feel good about yourself, get a toddler in your life. (Note: I don't ACTUALLY believe that, but for the sake of today's post just roll with it.) For instance, last Friday on the way to the grocery store, I told Max he looked handsome. He was having a particularly good hair day and replied, "Thanks, ma! You are handsome too!" Not gonna lie, I found myself walking around the HEB a little taller. Haha! The *almost* three year old is right. I am a ridiculously handsome mother. Don't forget it, Ash!

THANKFUL FOR: After five days of nonstop rain, I contemplated building an ark to escape the drizzling madness or volunteer to be committed into an insane asylum. Woof! I was reminded this week why Max and I NEEEEEEEED to be outdoors. It's absolutely necessary for our survival together! This whole trapped inside with a stir-crazy toddler and a neurotic dog (Beesly is petrified of thunder and lightning) thing is for the birds. Needless to say, I'm SO ready to get out of Dodge this afternoon and start making our way to Round Top. Since everything in Tejas seems like it's a four-hour driving minimum, we've opted to stay in San Antone this evening and break up the drive a bit. A change of scenery should benefit all of us—preferably sans wet weather

LISTENING TO: I got a manicure last Saturday and I'm not proud of the conversation I had with my nail lady. Nope! We were discussing toddler television options (she's a proud aunt) and we ended up on the topic of Paw Patrol. Apparently her nephew is a BIG fan (like Max, much to my dismay!), so I felt the need to enlighten her about the fact that the kid who does the voice for Daniel Tiger ALSO is the voice behind Rubble. Gulp! The more you know, right?? As I listened to myself excitedly spew out this useless factoid, I went on to admit that my curiosity led to me Googling this a few weeks ago—just for funsies! Now I'm starting to wonder if this is something I should be proud of (mom street-cred level 12 unlocked!) or if it's just another sign I've hit rock bottom??

WATCHING: My mom, sister, and I went in on a gift and bought my godson a 3-D printer for his birthday this year. Because Aubrey lives about an hour away, she delivered the surprise on Tuesday night and I can't stop watching the video she sent us of him opening it. The reaction is so pure and sweet! You guys, this kid is absolute perfection. I swear he's EVERYTHING that's good in this world. Surprising him like this was the real treat because he's wanted a 3-D printer for several years now and he's SO deserving! 

EATING: If the Fine fam is ATX bound, then the priority will probably be food-oriented. Since it's the final hurrah in our beloved city, there's been oodles of intense discussions about whether we visit old favorites or dabble with something new. Maybe both??

READING: I wish I could offer you a book or article recommendation, but I've spent most of my free time reading up on Amazon's policy regarding "missing packages that show as delivered." Insert deep sigh here. Because the Capri Blue Volcano Candle (signature Anthro scent) manages to distract me from sticky toddler surfaces and the constant truck clutter, I typically order the item on Amazon to save a few pennies and receive the product quickly. Huzzah! Last week it was finally time to order a replacement and although it shows that it was delivered, I have NO clue where it went. Per Amazon's suggestion, I waited 36 hours to see if it would surface and I looked everywhere around our house. My scented sanctuary is NOWHERE to be found!!  Go on and call me Julia Roberts in Notting Hill because I'm just a girl standing in front of my mailman asking him where in the world is my candle??

LOVING: We technically have a little bar cart in this stand from West Elm, but something tells me it could be repurposed at our next place and I should snag this Round Bar Cart (from the Oh Joy! Collection at Target) and STAT. Has anyone seen it in person?? It gets five-star reviews from all of the online customers that offered feedback, and that never happens! This must be flipping fabulous.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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