Thursday, November 8, 2018


FEELING: The Texas senate election didn't go as I hoped and the results on Tuesday night felt like a gut punch, but I know it won't be the last we see of Beto. I don't delve into politics much on here, but I want to express how refreshing it was to cast my vote for someone who ran a very clean and civil campaign. Over the past 15 years, I've voted for both Democrats and Republicans and it really comes down to a candidate's character. So much about O' Rourke made me REALLY proud to participate in this election as a Texas resident. Shaun King summed it up quite perfectly when he said that Beto "electrified the state of Texas and sparked the imagination of the entire country" and he did so "with a message of hope, integrity, and equality for all." We need more of that!

THANKFUL FOR: I'm getting my second round of Botox today and I'm so relieved! Just as the doctor and several of you suggested, I could definitely tell when it wore off. About three weeks ago the frequency of migraines returned with a vengeance and I noticed my prescription wasn't quite effective as it has been with the injections. I'm so thankful to have found something that works!

THINKING ABOUT: I've contemplated whether or not I would share this on here for awhile (because opinions and mom guilt), but in the spirit of transparency and connecting with others going through something similar, here we go. In late September we learned Max has several cavities and he will be getting some work done in the next two weeks. If you've been hanging around this corner for awhile, you know I have a complicated past with dental work and visits in general. I'm anxious for my kid and ashamed that it happened. This has to make me a bad mom, right?! Gulp. I've spent a lot of time crying over it, thinking about the last four years and how we could have done better (Too much juice? Did we ditch the sippy cup too late? Why weren't we flossing more? The dentist in Swell Rio never said anything about his teeth. Yada, yada, yada.). I don't know many friends with kids who have experienced anything similar, so I've looked for help online—which is mostly articles about how kids today ingest too much sugar and how lax parents have become in terms of hygiene and discipline. Woof! Both our dentist and pediatrician have reassured us that sometimes there's not a lot you can do based on genetics, how the teeth come in, etc., but this recovering perfectionist feels like we failed another parenting test. Thankfully, Max has been a total trooper thus far and finds his visits enjoyable (mostly because of the treasure box). I have no recollection of flossing, using a Water Pik, or gargling fluoride mouthwash at age four, but Max is DOING IT ALL these days. We're fortunate they're just his baby teeth and we'll get a clean slate (Hopefully!) to work with as he gets older, but as shallow as it sounds, I'm worried about how it's going to look (there's a tricky cavity up front), and I don't want my little boy to be teased or judged as though it was his fault. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. Just when you think you've hit a groove and you've got everything under control, you're smacked in the face with another lesson learned. I thought I was paranoid about my own dental hygiene, but now it's going to be on a whole new level for our son. Lord help us!

READING: On Sunday morning, I sent a text to my mom with a picture of my gross chipped nails and I joked it was a sign of my current state. I always know when things are chaotic based on my abandoned gel manicure and the cleanliness of the wagon's interior. Up until yesterday, BOTH were in sorry shape. But after a week full of change, details regarding Flyboy's deployment up in the air, Max's dental work, and to add insult to injury a section of my bangs that are badly fried, I felt overwhelmed. In this season of trying to remain present but also plan ahead for his absence, it can build up and feel like A LOT some times. The closer we get to the holidays and his departure, the more I try so hard to control things to give life structure and it backfires. It reminded me of one of my favorite poems by Morgan Harper Nichols and the idea of finding strength in each stage of our story:

For the highs and lows
and moments between,
mountains and valleys
and rivers and streams, 
for where you are now
and where you will go,
For “I’ve always known,”
And “I told you so,"
For “nothing is happening,”
And “all has gone wrong,”
It is all in this journey
You'll learn to be strong.
And to get where you're headed,
You're right where you belong.

LISTENING TO: Max likes it when we get out his dinosaur figurines and I blast We Will Rock You on my phone. We pretend the prehistoric posse is dancing with us, but a certain someone insists we change up the lyrics to "we will chomp you" instead. 

: Has anyone watched the new season of House of Cards yet? I can't say I've heard many reviews, but it's on the top of our rainy weekend to-do list. Also, unrelated but appropriate for the category, what are your thoughts on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? I'm excited about this season, but can't help but wonder what Nene was thinking with that gold head piece. Did she learn anything from Dorit's tragic golden goose episode? If not, can we get a not-so-subtle but witty reminder from Rinna. 

EATING: We forgot to set the only clock that really matters for Daylight Saving Time and that would be Max's OK to Wake Clock. Oops! Just when we thought we'd cash in on an extra hour of snoozing Sunday morning, Max flew into our bedroom at 6:05 AM. Erm. Once we realized what we had done, I rolled out of bed and started Googling breakfast ideas based on the ingredients we had in our pantry. It led me to this Easy Cinnamon Roll Cake via Cookies & Cups, which turned out far tastier than I imagined. I already have plans to repeat the recipe again whenever family comes to visit next. I highly recommend it! 

LOVING: I got this Satin Hair Bow Scrunchie for my birthday and I'm obsessed! I love it so much, I'm willing to overlook the fact that the nurse at my doctor's appointment said the gold bow reminded her of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Despite the Disney vibes I was giving off, I promise this accessory
 is THE easiest way to up your ponytail game (and helps distract from fried bangs).

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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