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FEELING: In ten days, Flyboy and Max will head to Missouri for a special boys' trip. Yes, my kid drives me bonkers most days, so you'd think this six-day child-free break would be warmly welcomed; however, it will be the first time in over four years that I've been away from our child for more than eight hours and it's making me a little anxious. You see, for the last 1,500 days, we've been a constant for one another. He's kind of my job, a built-in bestie, the Frick to my Frack. The fact that he'll be with FB making memories with family and friends in the Midwest makes this separation a whole lot easier, but I think most moms would agree that it's hard to give up control—especially for  the first "real" time. It symbolizes something much bigger like kindergarten and college (hold me!). Keeping him close is all I've ever known, but the two of us could use a little change for the sake of growth—or at least that's how I try to sell it to myself. Anywho, when I came up with the idea of my favorites heading to MO earlier this Fall, I was hesitant to share the idea with FB because I wasn't sure I was ready to commit. But after giving it some thought and learning about the upcoming deployment, I suggested the idea and knew deep down that facilitating these kinds of memories for my guys was more important than ever. Getting quality family time is a huge priority for us at this point, but ensuring Max gets some one-on-one time with his dad is equally imperative. Getting to do so in FB's hometown surrounded by relatives is the cherry on top.

THANKFUL FOR: After last week's post where I shared Max's dental debacle, many of you responded with the kindest and most reassuring messages. Thank you! In instances of uncertainty, this online community comes in clutch. I'm feeling mentally prepared for next Monday's appointment and I'm certain your encouragement and sharing personal experiences has everything to do with it.

THINKING ABOUT: We fall under the no decorating for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving bunch, but this year it feels harder than ever. Gah! I can't freaking wait to deck the halls and it's taking everything inside me to show restraint and follow the family rules. Quite honestly, I blame my internal struggle on this house and Target. I'm so stinking giddy to make our first home festive and Tar-zhay's adorable holiday decor is making me weak in the knees. Send help! I don't know how much longer I can last.

READING: It's no secret I love me some Jen Hatmaker. For this reason, I revisited something she wrote on Instagram a few weeks ago and I thought it was worth sharing. After briefly discussing the midterm elections on my blog and Instagram, I got several cruddy emails in response to how I voted and I lost a handful of followers as a result of me getting "too political"—which really just meant they were disappointed I voted for someone they disagree with. Simply put, it sucked. I can tell you where to find a cute pair of shoes or a basket, but the moment I say I'm excited about an opposing candidate (I didn't even delve into the issues.), you're done with me? Since when did it become so hard to politely disagree ("Good for you, not for me.") and scroll on? Below the Of Mess and Moxie author offers some healthy insight on the polarizing political climate we're living in and how we can be better:  
"My dad sends me looooong prayer texts from home when I travel. To date, he does not think A SINGLE ONE OF YOU who has ever criticized me "knows a bloomin' thing about jacksh*t." None. No critique of me in my life has ever been accurate.
Me & dad don't vote the same, watch the same news channels, we think about church differently, & have vastly divergent ideas about stuff. He would thrive in a big ol' southern baptist church but hangs in with our little band of weirdos at ANC out of sheer love & loyalty.
And he is the best man I know.
This is why we can’t demonize a whole people group in this awful political climate. It's just not fair or true, no matter how easy it is. Social media doesn't tell us the truth.
Humans of New York was in Rwanda last week, & one story stuck with me:
"This is a picture of my father before the genocide. He’s surrounded by his Hutu friends. They’re sharing beer. They’re talking. They always viewed him as a good person. They’d even come to our home and flatter us. They’d tell my sisters and me how good of children we were. And that one day we’d marry their sons. Many of these men would later help kill my family...Before the genocide, there were doctors taking care of their patients. Priests were taking care of their followers. Neighbors were taking care of each other. But none of that stopped them from killing each other."
Neighbors can become murderers by simple group dehumanization. When "all of them" are evil, dangerous, "cockroaches"...or insert the names our 2 sides call each other is not a long road to societal catastrophe.
So in our fierce disagreement, we must resist the temptation to name call, to mock, to post conspiracy theories & propaganda, & do the harder work of dialogue, critical thinking, & engagement.
Note: Do not confuse fierce disagreement with “hating.” That is intellectually lazy. I disagree SO STRONGLY with so much right now, I feel it in my bones & it will indeed come out of my mouth. But fierce resistance does not have to equal dehumanization."  
LISTENING TO: In this edition of #fromthemouthofbabes, I give you five funny things Max has said to me this past week:

1.) "Stop being adorable."
2.) "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
3.) While taking off his slippers, "Time to let these puppies breathe."
4.) "Being a kid is hard work."
5.) Points to a map of the USA and says, "I just love the country of Texas, don't you?"

WATCHING: If I have to listen to one more episode of Paw Patrol, I might just lose it. Don't even get me started on that whole Mighty Pups crap. Any other parents feel me on this one? StoryBots is one of the few cartoons I enjoy watching with Max. Then again, any series geared for kids that uses Snoop Dogg to explain how a computer works is fine with me.

EATING: We're a week out from Thanksgiving. What are you making? We'll be joining my parents in DC for the holiday and I'm in charge of desserts. I *think* I'm going to go with The Perfect Apple Crisp (Christy isn't lying.) and this Pumpkin Slab Pie that I made last year (because polka dots...), but I'm open to suggestions. Gimme all you got!

LOVING: I plan on getting my hair cut while the boys are out of town. Woo hoo! Despite the excitement and my dire need to get a trim, I'm a little bit embarrassed to face my stylist considering the sad state of these fried ends. Woof! Thankfully, I've been using Trader Joe's Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Hair Mask religiously for the past two weeks in addition to Davine's Ol Oil and this combination has me feeling a lot better about my mop. I've tried a boat load of hair masks at various price points and this bargain buy takes the cake. As for the oil, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? It adds just the right amount of moisture and shine.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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