Thursday, January 31, 2019


FEELING: We visited a toy store in Lewes back in December and it resulted in four adults enamored by a bucket of Floof. Are you familiar with this "indoor snow" because it was the first time I'd seen or heard of it?? The texture is hard to explain, but it's so satisfying to play with. I ended up ordering a tub on Amazon "for Max" and we've had the best time sitting around and playing with it. I highly recommend! Also, the clean-up is easy for those interested.

THANKFUL FOR: I woke up Sunday morning with a really bad migraine (no tot soccer updates, unfortunately...) and spent most of the day in bed. The Botox has helped tremendously, but I'm two weeks away from my next appointment so the injections I got back in November have more than likely worn off at this point. Max was a total trooper and essentially took care of himself. He played around me with his Legos while Beesly and Netflix acted as his babysitter.

Max continues to blow holes through the knees of his pants and it's driving me bonkers. Is it normal for boys this age? I noticed most of his knit pants were reinforced in that area when he was a baby and just learning to walk. He would fly around the house on his knees at age one and there wasn't a hole to be found. Now he pretends to surf on throw pillows and perform ninja kicks that typically result in him landing on the floor. It's crazy! I may look into iron-on patches to place inside his pants to help reinforce the pairs still in tact because I feel like I'm buying pants nonstop and the selection for boys isn't great to begin with. Fellow moms, help a sister out.

READING: I realize that Nanny Poppins would be so disappointed in my approach to finding books at the library, but I'm more of an aesthete than bookworm or bibliophile, so let me live my life Mary!! No, a cover is NOT the book (such a great song!!), but the illustrations in these beauties led me to a few adorable reads worth sharing. In fact, I will more than likely end up buying the following titles because we loved them so much.

LISTENING TO: Max likes to wake up each morning and tell us about how he had to "work the night shift" again and keep an eye out for a pesky T-Rex that roams around the neighborhood named "T-Bone." This storyline has gone on for several months now. It's one of my favorite things to discuss with him in the A.M. because he gets really detailed and animated once he describes the previous night's shift and the specific duties it entailed. I occasionally ask him if I can join him on the night shift sometime, but apparently this isn't even an option because I haven't been properly trained. Perhaps he knows about this blog and is afraid ol' jabberjaws over here will dish all his dino secrets??

WATCHING: Bravo fans everywhere had a serious case of FOMO when footage began to surface of Andy Cohen's epic baby shower this past Saturday. While OGs like Bethenny and LVP were MIA, Rinna dancing on the table and Kyle doing the splits was everything I needed from the event and more. I don't follow many of the housewives on Instagram, but you better believe I was stalking ALL of them closely when I caught wind of what was going down at The Palm.

My parents are coming to town this weekend (HALLELUJAH!), so mom and I might head to PA on Saturday to visit Terrain and make a pit stop at Trader Joe's on our way back. I'm eager to load up on some essentials because we're only two weeks into this deployment and I have no clue how to cook for one person. My diet is absolute crap. I essentially devour whatever Max eats, and I wouldn't consider the four year old's "meal plan" fuel for my body.

: I swear Madewell's Reid Ballet Flat in Leopard Calf Hair has been backordered since September. I know this because I used a birthday gift card THREE MONTHS AGO on a pair and waited patiently for them to arrive at the beginning of the month. I considered canceling the order several times, but I'm glad I didn't because these flats are so stinking comfortable. I wore them for the first time last Friday while we were running errands and they required zero breaking in. This is rarely the case with most flats, so I was impressed and very glad that I opted to wait.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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