Friday, February 15, 2019


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Blue Mug // That dreamy shade of Yves Klein Blue gets me every single time. Now that's a pop of color!
  • Enamel Organic Shaped Tray // Are trays the new throw pillow? I can't seem to get enough these days.
  • Blossom Drop Earrings // So ecstatic to see they're offering my go-to earrings again in really fun colors.
  • Ellsworth Kelly Stamps // The cheapest work of Kelly's that I'll probably ever get my hands on. Eek!
  • Double Sconce // I'd like to make a few small updates to the master bathroom. These are  on my list!
  • The Crossing by Kathleen Markowitz // All of the rich colors in her work make me want to start painting.
  • Maison Deux Eyes Rug // You guys!! This is a rug. Yes, you read that correctly. How flipping adorable???
  • Paul's Dog Jumper // The price is a bit ridiculous, but sometimes you need a statement piece. Right??
  • Single Row Beaded Brooch // Would you believe me if I told you Ganch made this from a pill bottle cap?
  • Hair Scarves // You can always rely on H&M for one swell of a deal, wouldn't you agree?? Perfection.
  • Striped Washi Tape // I'm getting low on my favorite roll of washi tape and I'm kind of freaking out. 
  • If Not Now... // These inspirational graphics are a dime a dozen on Pinterest, but pink and red forever.
  • Raspberry Wall Decor // Awww, this piece by Fiona Walker reminds me of a toy Tripp used to play with.
  • Ankle Rain Boots // Take a hint from Maxwell and get yourself a set of sunny wellies for the Spring.
  • I Love You! Classic Striped Shirt // This classic and timeless piece gets a hint of whimsy with a heart.
  • Fluxus Sunglasses // Hot tip. These stellar Le Specs shades are half-price on Amazon. You're welcome.
  • Paintings by Scott Csoke // While browsing Scott's work, my eyes immediately went to the cerise splash.
  • Brass Bangle Set by Carli Holcomb // When my mom and I visited Quirk Gallery in Richmond last year, they had the most amazing selection of goodies for sale in their shop. Jewelry pieces like this too! Swoon.
  • Lime Crime Cherry Gloss // This beauty brand is new to me, but I'm loving the design. Have you tried it?
  • Oro Gold Dining Chair // Remember earlier this week when I dreamt about a vacay? Add these to my list.
  • Pom-Pom Natural Hamper // When it comes to pom-pom ANYTHING, you can count me in. Love this!!
  • Kid-O Glow In The Dark Magnatab // Have you ever played with one of these? They're so addicting.

Have a fabulous weekend, m' dears! Make it count.

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