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FEELING: We've been lucky to remain so healthy this Winter, but cold season caught up with me on Monday night and I had major regrets I didn't chug a daily Emergen-C while visiting my parents. Woof! Here's hoping I don't pass this mess on to Max and the cruddy feeling passes soon. I'm so over it already!! Sniffles and sore throat BE GONE.

THANKFUL FOR: We have this amazing place called Produce Junction and they have some of the cheapest flowers and plants. Max and I usually make a pit-stop once a week to load up on fresh blooms. This past Tuesday, I managed to leave the store with five bundles of Ranunculus, three bouquets of Hydrangeas, a potted Primrose plant, and a bag of Clementines—all for $28. Gone are the days of Swell Rio's glittery-dyed grocery store Carnations, but I do miss HEB.

THINKING ABOUT: Apparently they have a lot of rules about what you can and can't mail to the Middle East. Because I'm proactive, I didn't look into this until AFTER I sent Flyboy a package. Upon hearing some of the stipulations and the fact that they search everything, I'm fairly certain I just paid to have his box of goodies confiscated. Le sigh. I won't go into what I sent to him; however, I'll be surprised if it ever makes its way to him. Lesson learned. On to the next parcel.

READING: Since I started blogging, I haven't written in an actual journal in eight years. I know this because I came across my old notebook on Monday and some of the entries had me rolling. Around this time, Flyboy was in Oklahoma for four months of training and I was living in Swell Rio with the pups. I was working full-time, living in our base housing unit with nothing but an air mattress and TV. In my final journal entries, I contemplated topics like blogging (Imagine that?!), Justin Bieber as a guest editor at Vanity Fair (I was pretty ticked!), shipping two large dogs to Hawaii, ingesting A LOT of Subway, the night Tripp killed a dove, and a little boy named "Maxwell" who I saw each morning when I walked the pups. What the?! I totally forgot about this character. He was OBSESSED with Beesly and each morning while he waited for the bus, he insisted on petting her, which also led to him telling me "she has a lot of WOOF to her." This kid's mom was ALWAYS looking for him around dinner time and he was usually across the street from our house collecting rocks. Oh em gee. How did I forget about him? Clearly he must have been my Max muse.

LISTENING TO: Max got the Alpha Training Blue Dinosaur for Christmas and it's pretty hilarious to see him interact with the lifelike toy Velociraptor. I'm fairly certain he thinks he's Owen at this point, except for the fact that he doesn't own a vest (...yet). With this particular robotic toy, the more she's trained, the more she begins to respond to the commands of her owner. Because Maxwell has a sweet spot for his animatronic dino, it's one of the first items I take away when he's not making great choices. Since he's been on the struggle bus lately, he's spent a decent amount of time away from Blue and I know firsthand that she's NOT happy about it. I kind of forgot where I'd placed her last week, went to put away some linens in a closet I rarely open, and almost fell over when her eyes rolled back and she hissed at me. Apparently I didn't turn her off and this was the first interaction she'd had with a human in weeks and I paid for it big time. Holy crap, that caught me off guard!! I am NEVER making that mistake again.

WATCHING: Bravo fans, how do you feel about RHOBH? I'm thinking there's a snowball's chance in hell that LVP shows up for the reunion. Who's with me? Also, do you think Vanderpump set all of this up as Rinna suggested in this week's episode? They don't call her the side sniper for nothing. I'm interested to see what all of the text messages have to say. Oh, and the way Ken yells at Kyle. Yikes! Something tells me this will be LVP's final season. Thoughts??

EATING: More often than not, I'm eating soup or salad in the evenings right now because it's quick and easy. So imagine the joy I felt a few weeks ago on Sunday when I had steak leftovers to heat up for dinner. Jackpot! I looked forward to that meal from the moment I woke up; it was going to be the best part of my day. Max notified me that he wasn't hungry, but that he would like to learn more about the digestive system from a funny British duo on YouTube. This should have been a red flag, but I agreed to let him watch it in an effort to buy myself a little "me" time. I quickly regretted this decision upon sitting down at the table, looking up at the TV, and being totally grossed out by the subject matter. Yeah, the carne asada just wasn't very appetizing after Max's little science lesson. Dang it, kid!

: I recently got this Mid-Century Bench from The Inside for our living room and I'm beyond smitten with how it turned out. The emerald cabana stripes make me so happy every time I come downstairs and see them!! For those of you unfamiliar with The Inside, I learned about the company after reading about it in Domino Magazine. The furniture retailer sells a variety of headboards, pillows, chairs, benches, etc. that are all made from scratch in the USA in under three weeks (that NEVER happens!). The pieces come in a variety of fun patterns (a new one drops each week!) that have the ability to transform any space with the hope of encouraging people to go beyond the beige (You know I LOVE that!!). Nothing about this is sponsored as I paid for the piece myself, but I would recommend The Inside in a heartbeat to someone looking for a quality piece of furniture that's both reasonably priced AND unique at the same time. I was incredibly impressed with the process and how the company keeps you informed from the minute the fabric is cut to when the item will ship. Now to spray it with ALLLLL the Scotchgard because kids and pets. Ha!

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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